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  • When they're not fact-checking Trump, the Morning Joe crew spends a lot of time pointing out his tactics, and why they work.

    First Scarborough gave a brief nod to Adolf Hitler, whose tactics also worked very well. Then he talked to Anthony Scaramucci about why he thinks Trump is so effective, despite his constant lies.

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  • Fox 'Error': Kamala Harris Picture Used In Murder Story

    This kind of crap happens all the time on Fox News.

    This morning Fox ran more than once, a sensationalist story (ALERT!) about a black (of course) shooter in Utah. The guy had already taken his own life but Fox and Friends ran this story as NEWS more than once during the hour.

    The first time they include in their footage a picture of Kamala Harris? Sitting US Senator Kamala Harris? Because her picture is "accidentally" filed under "black shooter"?

    And it is shown INSTEAD OF a convicted sex offender's mugshot. Oopsie.

    Fox News should be off the air for their repeated white supremacist BS. Running the story repeatedly is biased enough. They aren't fooling anyone except their stupid racist viewers, the end.

    Here's their "apology."

  • Pam Bondi: Children In Caravan Proves They're 'Not Here Peacefully'

    Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi wants us to believe that these migrants in the caravan from Honduras bringing their children along is proof that they're "not here peacefully."

    Once again, it's opposite-land over on State TV.

    DOOCY: Let's talk a little bit about the caravan. Democrats, not talking so much about it because they haven't really come up with, you know, in the past, Democrats have called for the abolishment of ICE. They would prefer to talk about a little bit about health care, and not about the caravan.

    But, you know, for people watching right now, they're thinking, what's going to happen with these people? What is going to happen Pam?

    BONDI: Well, ultimately, they're going to be arrested if they try to breach our country, and not... law and order. I'm a career prosecutor as you know Steve, and I've seen first hand what comes in to our country from Mexico, from China to Mexico, into our country, the heroin, the fentanyl, all the drugs, the gang members. I've seen this as a prosecutor in Florida for years and years, so, we have to protect our borders.

    And, you know, you're looking at these people breaking down that fence to get into Mexico. It's violent, and it's got to stop. And the fact that they would even risk children being out there with them, that shows that they are not here peacefully. We've seen them burning the American flag. They are here to cause turmoil... I can't say that for all of them, of course.

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  • Former Trump Voter In Texas Has Had Enough Of His 'Absolutely Insane' Rallies

    A former Trump voter told MSNBC on Tuesday that he had decided to vote for Democratic Senate nominee Beto O'Rourke because President Donald Trump's rhetoric had become "absolutely insane."

    Reporting from a polling place in Houston, Texas, MSNBC's Vaughn Hillyard spoke to one "conservative" voter about how Trump's rallies had influenced his vote.

    "Even last night, the president talking about how that caravan coming in to the United States is infiltrated with MS-13 members and, I don't know, like, ISIS operatives or something — just absolutely insane," the man said, shaking his head.

    "I just hope people understand that they're not going to come and just break down the doors and start wreaking havoc," the man added. "I just don't want people to vote based off of misinformation or a misconception [about] what's actually going to happen."

  • Mike Huckabee ranted on Fox News' America's Newsroom that the U.S. was being invaded by angry foreigners who will break into our homes!!1 9/11!!! And that Democrats are really excited they will all be illegally registering to vote as Democrats.

    Mike Huckabee despicably transmitted every immigration fear onto Fox News viewers in two minutes, hoping to ignite an outpouring of angry white supremacist voters during the midterm elections.

    Co-host Sandra Smith brought on Sarah Huckabee Sander's father, also a Fox News contributor, to discuss the latest conservative boogeyman.

    Huckabee did admit there were a few desperate people, women and children, in that [zombie] horde of people who are coming this way.

    He said, "What we are seeing here are people who are demanding that they're going to come in and nothing is gonna stop them. That's not an immigration, that's an invasion."

    And they are armed with poverty, desperation and wanting a better life for themselves. Make sure we've got the Green Berets lined up with mortars, hand grenades and M-16's to thwart those evil doers.

    Smith asked, "The last we heard it's grown to numbers greater than 7,000. And if this does happen, the president is vowing to send as many troops as necessary to stop this caravan from entering the country, what does that look like?"

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  • We covered this stupid "middle-class tax cut promise" lie yesterday. There is no middle-class tax cut coming next week, even Kate "Both Sides" Boulduan says "this is easy" to dispute because Congress is out of session. But David Jolly won't let Kate Bolduan the term "fact-challenged" -- these are just lies, as usual.

    KATE BOLDUAN (HOST): You have fact-challenged assertions coming from the president when it comes to the caravan. You also have fact-challenged assertions when it comes to the what the president is talking about on a lot of other issues right now when it comes to things he cares about talking about in the last two weeks of the campaign, including a new tax plan he's talking about. [Plays a clip of Trump lying about a middle class tax cut] When it comes to a tax plan, the facts are really simple on this one. Congress is out. No lawmaker, republican or democrat, at this moment knows what this plan is. So what do you call this at this point? A misleading campaign promise or a figment of his imagination?

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  • Fox News has no shame and it looks like Bill Shine, Trump's new Communications Director, is still running the network as the midterms approach.

    Fox News' Griff Jenkins was hiding in the weeds like a troll, stalking a family of migrants trying to get to the U.S.

    And at the right moment, he jumped out and harassed them.

    Griff whispered to Fox and Friends, "We've been out here in the bushes waiting to witness one of these crossings."

    What a guy.

    The Honduran caravan is still 1100 miles away or so they say, but be very afraid because the invasion has begun and your children are not safe.

    They may have pink eye too.

    Griff had his moment in the sun and sprung his trap, "Why are you trying to cross in America, illegally?"

    The Fox News chyron blared: Griff Griff Foils Illegals' Attempt to Cross Border.

    Jenkins continued with his crackerjack reporting, "We seemed to have foiled this attempt. But officials tell us he's probably going to look for another spot."

    Then Jenkins caught up with a family and harassed them, " Why did you come, I'm asking."

    A woman responded, in not too bad English saying, "The situation of Honduran."

    "What are the conditions there?"

    She replied, "You cannot have work there cause the criminals always will get your money."

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  • Pretending to be ignorant of racism, i.e. "I don't see color!" is a racist excuse.

    And pretending you "don't get it" that blackface is racist and offensive and is NOT the same as an African-American woman dressing up as Diana Ross? Rascist and also stupid.

    But Megyn Kelly would like very much to not be fired from her hugely over-paid job at NBC and if she's going to be fired she sure would like that Fox News job back, thank you very much.

    As my colleague Heather pointed out, she is constantly auditioning for a return to Fox.

    And so she pretends blackface shouldn't be a big deal and other costumes are MORE offensive and really what's the big deal?

    Fellow panelist Melissa Rivers makes a plea for common sense. "If you think it's offensive, it probably is." And it's not good manners to dress up as a Nazi, anyway.

  • Stephen Colbert has a real gift for: a) Mocking Donald Trump; and b) coming up with awesome metaphors.

    Consider "burritos of doom" his latest. Is that perfect or what? And if that's where Trump is stuffing fear, let's eat tacos until this damned midterm election is behind us, okay? Because fear is not what we should be feeling right now. Determination, hope, patriotism, a sense of purpose? Those are all fine. Fear and doom, not so much.

    Colbert pulled up a clip of Trump, serving a large dollop of doom, hate and OtherFear. "Democrats want caravans," Trump lied. "They like the caravans. You look at what's pouring over in these caravans. I think some bad people started that caravan. You have some very tough criminal elements within the caravan. It's going to be an election of "the caravan," you know what I'm talking about."

    Colbert answered that with this (transcript, thanks to Heather!):

    Yeah, we know what you're talking about. You're not being subtle. It's not a dog whistle, that's a dog trombone! "Look, the 'brown people' are coming to 'steal your jobs' and 'murder your families' if you catch my drift."

    And today Trump kicked it up a notch, hinting that there might be even scarier elements hiding in the caravan.

    "Sadly, it looks like Mexico's police and military are unable to stop the caravan heading to the southern border of the United States. Criminals and unknown Middle Easterners are mixed in."

    He's just-- he's just stuffing all the fears into one burrito of doom.

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  • Andrew Gillum, Democrat running for governor in Florida, joined Chuck Todd today, who was there with an audience who'd submitted questions for Gillum. Todd picked several to discuss, including who paid for Gillum's tickets when he went to see "Hamilton," and how coordination of relief went during Hurricane Michael in the middle of a heated political campaign. Gillum was forthright and relaxed with his answers, even when he had pointed criticism for his opponent, Ron DeSantis.

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