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  • When news broke today that Michael Cohen, long-time fixer and attorney for Donald Trump, had a secret recording of a discussion about hush money to a Playboy model Trump had had an affair with, Fox's Outnumbered show went right to work dismissing the news as unimportant and attacking Cohen.

    Guest Christopher Bedford of The Daily Caller said "the big problem" is whether Trump used campaign funds to pay off Playboy model Karen McDougal (or any woman) but he doubted that had happened.

    He thought a more important questions was whether Trump knew Cohen had recorded him. If so, Bedford wondered, how many more recordings are there between Trump and Cohen?

    Cohost Jessica Tarlov, the lone Democrat on the panel, said voters have already accepted Trump's cheating. "I don't think that Michael Cohen being a bit of a dirty dealer is also going to shock anyone," she added.

    Cohost Harris Faulkner, a devoted Trumper, murmured "Hmm," emphatically.

    Tarlov went on to speculate that the leak of this news could be a plea by Cohen for a pardon.

    Faulkner interrupted to change the subject. She said that Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani has said no payment was ever made and, therefore, Trump had done nothing wrong.

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  • Mike's Blog Round Up

    Happy Saturday, Crooks and Liars! Have a second slice of coffee cake and we'll pour some hot links for you!

    Every Goddamn Day hears an echo of Ethel and Julias Rosenberg in the way the Republicans are defending Comrade Trump.

    The Rogue Columnist argues that Donald Trump is a de facto agent of the Russian government and is a national security and constitutional crisis.

    The Daily Irritant asks the question we all ask: Why does Thomas Friedman still have a job?

    Bonus Track: Amusing Planet reminds us that before the Internet, people asked the librarians questions. The librarians kept copies of the questions!

    Round-up by Tengrain who blogs at Mock, Paper, Scissors. You can follow Tengrain on the Twitters, too. Send tips, requests, and suggestions to (with For MBRU in the subject line).

  • The short of this story is the long-term employee was let go after being subjected to racial abuse and not following proper protocol in dealing with irate racist customers. (Apparently a real thing at Home Depot). Then this story made the national news, of course, and wonderful Home Depot offered their former employee Maurice Rucker his job back. Rucker has declined, probably eyeing a potential lawsuit for unfair dismissal, and rightly so.

    (Incidentally, both co-founders of Home Depot, Ken Langone and Bernard Marcus are big Trump supporters, so don't ever shop at that shithole there.)

    'If Trump wasn't president, you wouldn't even have a job!' said the racist customer. I'd say the reverse is true. Maurice Rucker is now unemployed precisely because Trump has given racists even more license than they previously already had.

    Source: WNYT

    ALBANY - Is the customer always right? The Times Union reported Thursday morning that a Home Depot employee at the Central Avenue store in Albany was fired after what he considers pretty nasty verbal abuse from a customer.

    The employee in this case was a 60-year-old black man, who says the abuse was racist and unlike anything he'd ever experienced. He's still shocked he was fired over it.

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  • White Woman With History Of Calling Cops On Sleeping Black Students Says Her Life Is Ruined

    You might remember these stories from a few months ago, a White Yale Grad Student calling the cops when she encountered a student sleeping in a common area while black. She did that not once, but twice, the second time went viral. (Here's a report from the Yale Daily News.) Sarah Braasch got her deserved widespread ridicule but seems not to have learned anything, now complaining that "her life is over". She's not getting much sympathy.

    Source: City Pages

    Braasch, a 43-year-old graduate student at Yale University and two-degree graduate of the University of Minnesota, was planning to use a shared common space in her dorm late one May night. There, she encountered a young black woman sleeping.

    Braasch called campus police to report the woman's presence, marking the second time this year she'd asked for police to check on the presence of black students in the common room. In both cases, the black student in question was a fellow Yale student of Braasch's.

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  • This Is Not Normal: President Stupid Attacks Federal Reserve

    Above: The movers and the shakers at the White House...

    It was only a matter of time, I suppose, before Comrade Stupid decided to attack Jerome Powell, the Fed Chairman, you know, if nothing else than for the sake of form.

    As many economists observed, the Billions for Billionaires Bill was going to stimulate the already booming economy and ultimately lead towards inflation, and one of the Fed's bi-polar charter is that it must stop inflation at all costs (the other is that it must increase employment, so very schizophrenic). Powell is by law doing just that, and raised the interest rates accordingly, and Comrade Trump went full balls-out hammer-down mad-monkey terror dome crazy and attacked the Fed.

    This is not normal:

  • You really have to hand it to Michelle Wolf. She knows exactly how to push the buttons of right wing mutton-heads, here comparing the gestapo-like tactics used by ICE ( U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to the terrorist organization ISIS.

    Playing the role of Homeland Security secretary Kristjen Nielsen, Wolf said, "It's popular nowadays to say ICE is bad. But there's no better representation of American values right now than ICE is."


    Source: The Wrap

    Michelle Wolf mocks the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Sunday's episode of her Netflix show "The Break" in a sketch that compares the law enforcement agency to the terrorist organization ISIS.

    The sketch shows three ICE agents talking about the values of the institution by starting off sentences with the phrase "ICE is," but it quickly becomes clear that all of their statements also apply to ISIS.

    The sketch rips ICE for the practice of deporting people for minor legal infractions and the Trump administration's policy of separating children of immigrants from their parents when they cross the U.S. border.

    Naturally, this sort of truth crazy talk cannot stand for the good folks at State televison, who take predictable serious umbrage with Ms Wolf. You don't really have to watch this to know what they will say beforehand.

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  • News Flash. Russian citizens do not have gun rights. They never had gun rights. They don't need protection from anyone trying to take their guns, because they. do. not. own. guns. There aren't guns sold in their grocery stores. There aren't pawn shops selling guns. There aren't Outdoors and Camping stores selling guns for hunting. It is not a society that, like ours, had gun rights added to our Constitution as a right. So why, WHY would anyone believe that it needed an NRA-like organization to protect them?

    News Flash #2. No one DOES believe that. "The Right To Bear Arms" is a sham organization set up to funnel money back and forth between Russians and Republicans.

    REID: I'll start with you, Sarah. Maria Butina has been sort of getting involved with, since 2011, when a Russian banker and a Putin ally named Aleksandr Torshin developed a friendship with NRA president, David Keene. Shortly after that, Ms. Butina with the help of Mr. Torshin formed a Russian gun rights group called "The Right To Bear Arms," modeled after the NRA. Can you talk a little about how it came to be that the Russians took an interest in gun rights? I don't believe they had the equivalent of a second amendment in Russia.

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  • If it's Saturday it's a day for white folks to get on white folk television so they can fearmonger about black and brown folks voting and how citizens should be the only people allowed to vote because reasons.

    And so they sent Kayleigh McEnany out to Fox News, where she proceeded to make a fool of herself in front of Koch shill Pete Hegseth and Johns Hopkins professor Wendy Osefo.

    Raw Story:

    The segment went off the rails when McEnany, the national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, claimed "for a party that says they care so much about foreign influence in our election, they don't seem to care about illegal immigrants, non-citizens, voting."

    Oh yeah, and off the rails it definitely did go, in weird and bizarre directions.

    First, we have McEnany suggesting Democrats would like Vladimir Putin to send over a whole bunch of Russians to vote for Trump or something. Here, you figure it out.

    "What would you do, Wendy, if Vladimir Putin decides to send over a few hundred thousands to vote in our federal elections?" McEnany asked. "According to the left, that's exactly what you want."

    Um WUT? We're having apoplexy about Trump being Putin's puppet, but why would we possibly be excited about an influx of Putin-ordered Russians, again?

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  • C&L's Sat Nite Chiller Theater: Time Lapse (2014)

    Important safety tip: If you are helping to clean out your deceased neighbor's house and discover that they had a photographic time machine, best smash the damn thing.

    Time travel stories are trickier to juggle than most because to do them well, every plot point must sewn up and every paradox resolved or explained. For example, in one of my all-time favorites, "The Big Sleep", Famously Howard Hawks pulled all of his screenwriters together to figure our who exactly killed Owen Taylor. They finally sent a telegram to the author of the book, Raymond Chandler, asking him and, as Chandler tells it, "Dammit I didn't know either!"

    But it didn't matter because cackling dialogue, great characters and atmosphere drove "The Big Sleep". However with time travel, it's ALL plot and if you goof that up even a little, the whole thing falls apart.

    Time Lapse might have been made on a shoe-string budget, but they paid attention to the plot, and that it why it works.


  • Open Thread - Eat It, Sean Hannity

    The FBI had 412 pages to show the FISA judges on Carter Page, not the Steele Dossier, either.

    Sean Hannity looks like an idiot.

    Open thread below...

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