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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    There is a 5000 pound gorilla in the room in the Florida mass murder perpetrated by Nikolas Cruz which no one is focusing upon, as the distractions are all meant to produce the debate about Gun Control again to divide the public.

    Instead the Lame Cherry wills to produce a thought in your minds as the focus comes on FBI Director Chris Wray, and now Donald Trump defending his choice, as it has been Wray's FBI stonewalling on the Russian fake collusion investigation and Wray's FBI which did absolutely nothing concerning Nikolas Cruz.

    What I desire each of you to ask yourself first in this demand of the FBI to do something, ask yourself if you want the FBI banging on your door for you posting something on Facebook or Twitter?
    We have all read the accounts of the cops showing up at this kids home and yet he was never arrested. So Cruz was doing nothing wrong. Do you want to be arrested just because the cops show up at your door?

    We have to tread carefully in this lynch mob attitude of what is legal and what rights you have, because you give away Cruz's rights, you give away your rights.

    The fact is in this, that until Nikolas Cruz fired shots at that high school, he had not engaged in anything criminal. He even paid his Uber driver and did not stiff the driver for the fee. You have to understand that he even purchased his weapon legally and after the shooting, he behaved himself, surrendered to police and was absolutely polite to the Judge arraigning him.
    Cruz's attorney defined it best in Cruz was just a shattered soul.

    None of that is an excuse for the violence he unleashed, but turn this around in, "Do you want to be placed on Homeland lists because of things you post online in venting or do you want to be denied a firearm or any other rights, just because you are having a bad time of it, because if everyone is honest, we all have hard emotional times in life where we make the right decisions and move on. Nikolas Cruz though having his parents die, being isolated and despondent made a wrong decision for which he is now going to pay for in a legal trial.

    With that understanding, I desire you to remember Jared Loughner, the shooter of Gabby Giffords and how Sarah Palin was smeared by the deep state over that. The Lame Cherry will remind you that Loughner was stopped by the authorities leading up to the shooting and they did absolutely nothing to stop him. In that, I desire to make the following points for each of you to consider in Chris Wray's FBI.

    • Robert Mueller turned the FBI into cult following of himself and James Comey where a Mueller following received the promotions.
    • The FBI is not one bureau, but has numerous offices, meaning there are different people politically running the Las Vegas division, the New York division, the Florida division.
    • The FBI has been politicized and as Eric Holder proved had contaminated the ATF to run Fast and Furious in giving guns to Mexican mafia to spike an Obama political agenda for gun control.

    The points above reveals something of the reality of a politicized FBI. We know under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch that the Las Vegas FBI was drawing bullseyes on the Bundy photographs in a most dangerous breach of ethics.
    We know in Oregon that the FBI there brought about the murder of LaVoy Finicum by Gregory Bretzing. So in reviewing the above points, what happens if the Florida FBI has people employed who were intimidated by the Obama regime to make it hands off of Muslims which all the FBI and Homeland was. What happens if some of those 5th column types like Andrew McCabe understand that if a slaughter is allowed to take place, that they will be later rewarded for this when a democrat takes office, because everyone understands in the Obama wing of the party that gun control is the deep state agenda to disarm Americans.

    No one is asking the question, because they are too moral to ever engage in this, but what if Florida was a case of Rahm Emanuel not wasting a crisis, but the FBI there creating a crisis by allowing people on the edge to keep operating as the Obama party knows sooner or later one of these psych med people is going to go postal.

    The gun control agenda is not driven, unless the left creates zombies who slaughter people in numbers. So who benefits from this, but the people who want societal gun control. This is not being brought up nor is it being mentioned to be examined, in what if the Florida division of the FBI, was like Oregon and Nevada in having gone rogue in a political understanding?

    I realize that Ann Coulter and Donald Trump have political hay to make in stating the FBI was too wrapped up on Russia collusion to look at Nikolas Cruz, but that is not the case, as the FBI an the federal police state has more than enough employees staffing every division to deal with Nikolas Cruz a hundred times over, and they do that job every day. So the issue is not FBI resources, but what was the Florida division of FBI engaged in, did they assess Nikolas Cruz was just another crank not worth the time of a visit to feed his ego and bring him to the next level, or did the Florida FBI figure that leaving an unbalanced kid out there who might go off would bring them a promotion when Joe Biden was president as Uncle Joe rewards his 5th column.

    That is the issue in this, as the reality is the Florida FBI did not drop the ball on this. They had a reason they did not act and each of us has to come to the reality that if we are going to rant for something to be done, the something which is intended is to throw a kid into a psych ward for the rest of his life for posting rants online. What happens when it is your rant and the FBI under Joe Biden hauls you away, the way John and Bobby Kennedy tried to put a US general into the nut house for challenging the in speeches.

    And now as you have been led to the Florida not dropping the ball, this Wiki quote provides you a stunning reality about the Mueller Comey FBI.

    On February 16, 2018, two days after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, the FBI released a statement detailing information the organization's Public Access Line had received a month prior, on January 5, from a person close to Nikolas Cruz, the suspected shooter. According to the statement, "The caller provided information about Cruz's gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting." After conducting an investigation, the FBI reported that it had not followed protocol when the tip was not forwarded to the Miami Field Office, where further investigative steps would have been taken

    The Florida Miami office NEVER RECEIVED THE ALERT on Nikolas Cruz, because those political operatives appointed by Mueller, Comey and Obama, did not alert the Miami office there was a potential problem.
    Remember the Texas Church shooting in those criminal records were not forwarded to ATF by the military. There is a deliberate reasoning behind this, and that reasoning is to allow unbalanced individuals to keep degrading until they act out in violence.

    The laws have changed but unless one is making terrorist threats, Americans for the most part can still engage in free speech, unless they are Paul Nehlen and the Shapirio Nazis are out to #NeverTrumper a White Christian.

    For almost a decade on, the FBI from Hutatree on has had a horrific record in certain divisions. That is why what took place in Florida is suspect in it appears the event was allowed to take place to set off another gun control fury, just in time for Charles Grassley to join with Diane Feinstein for gun control talks, as this all just is coincidence, again.

    Think about that, as your review the Liberty Daily headlines below as they are doing a very good job of following this, and as you are not now being drawn into the gun control debate which has appeared again, you can ponder the real question of what was taking place in Washington DC again, because the key element involved in Oregon, Nevada and Florida is the DC office was appointing these people or not forwarding information to field offices, EXACTLY as was the case in the Clinton FBI before 9 11. Director Wray is now reviewing this situation, for the President, and the President says he has full confidence in that review.

    After watching the Director stonewall Congress though, I do not have the same confidence, but with that review even taking place, means something is amiss as something was amiss in Nevada and Oregon.

    So do not make the mistake of lumping all the FBI into the same political barrel. Your regional offices are probably not politicized as New York does a very good job as do most localities and is why one never hears of them in the news.

    The question needs to be asked in if there is another secret society in the DC FBI which has decided not to warn field agents of problem individuals, in order to drive a political agenda, and in this case the anti gun debate.

    That it the 5000 pound gorilla in the room

    In the above, there is exposed the deep state political operatives who are on the payroll to go out and make this another gun debate issue, another call for ending your rights and diverting attention from the reality of why did the DC bureau of FBI not alert the Miami office of FBI?


  • I'm enough shemale for George Bush and Donald Trump

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


    Linking mental health to gun ownership follows on Mr. Trump depriving medical weed users being denied firearms.
    Trump says he'll visit Florida, emphasize mental health after school shooting
    On Thursday, President Donald J. Trump addressed the Nation and announced his plans to visit Florida after a gunman opened fire at a high school in Broward County, resulting in 17 deaths. President Trump's remarks underscored his commitment to "working with state and local leaders to help secure our schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health." The President also ordered U.S. flags to be flown at half-staff through sunset on Monday.
    Yes good intentions build homes and good feelings pay bills.
    U.S. homebuilder sentiment remains near highest level since 1999
    - Bloomberg Markets
    According to the latest data from the National Association of Home Builders and Wells Fargo, "confidence among American homebuilders held steady in February near the highest level since 1999." This new report signals that "home construction will continue to pick up as economic conditions remain favorable."
    The Federalist reported that America has no crumbling infrastructure problem, meaning this is another looting of the Treasury by the Nazi conglomerates.
    Building a stronger America
    "A Nation's infrastructure is a measure of its greatness," National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn writes. He breaks down the infrastructure plan that President Trump unveiled this week—a main goal of which is to stimulate state, local, and private investment. "Rather than telling governors and mayors what to do, we will partner with them as they invest in the most pressing projects," Cohn says.
    Dems did not anticipate bribes to distract that businesses will be taking these deductions for years to come.
    Democrats scramble on taxes as Republicans gain steam
    The Democrats have been caught "flat-footed by the suddenly increasing popularity of the GOP tax plan," CNN reports. Democratic leadership has been in a "scramble" trying to "reignite opposition to a tax plan . . . [that] is now seen favorably by about half of voters." Democrats did not anticipate that "businesses would quickly hand out sizable bonus checks in response to its implementation."

    I thought Trump Tax just solved all of this?
    Sen. Tim Scott: New tax law will spur opportunity in distressed communities
    - USA Today
    Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) met with President Trump, Ivanka Trump, and others in the Oval Office this week to discuss how "Opportunity Zones" could be a game-changer in confronting poverty in America. "The Investing in Opportunity Act gives investors incentive to put their sidelined capital gains into struggling areas in every zip code," Sen. Scott writes.
    This will jump electric rates another 40% as this is a battery subsidy, which will require your power company to us expensive battery power.
    FERC moves to help solar, wind power by removing barrier to energy storage
    - Washington Examiner
    In the Trump Administration's latest regulatory rollback, the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee removed "long-standing barriers to energy storage in power markets," a move that could help the country better utilize its solar and wind energy resources.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The current propaganda is that Obama's Rainbow Deviants are all a thing of sugar and spice. This post is about three Texas sodomites, homosexuals, gay males, pedophiles who carried out a spree of thee most heinous, series of murders in world history in Houston, Texas.

    In all of this, 28 boys were kidnapped, bound, tortured, raped and murdered which were confirmed, and the number could be higher.

    Dean Corll

    1970 - 19732828+Killed by accomplice Elmer Wayne HenleyCrimes referred to as the "Houston Mass Murders"

    Wiki provides enough of the details of the Candy Men, so those profiles are included.

    Dean Arnold Corll (December 24, 1939 -- August 8, 1973) was an American serial killer who, along with teenaged accomplices David Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley, Jr., abducted, raped, tortured, and murdered at least 28 boys in a series of killings spanning from 1970 to 1973 in Houston, Texas. The crimes, which became known as the Houston Mass Murders, came to light after Henley fatally shot Corll.
    Corll's victims were typically lured to a succession of addresses in which he resided between 1970 and 1973 with an offer of a party or a lift. They would then be restrained by either force or deception, and all were killed by either strangulation or shooting with a .22-caliber pistol. Corll and his accomplices buried 17 of their victims in a rented boat shed; four other victims were buried in woodland near Lake Sam Rayburn; one further victim was buried on a beach in Jefferson County; and at least six victims were buried on a beach on the Bolivar Peninsula.
    Corll was also known as the Candy Man and the Pied Piper, because he and his family had owned and operated a candy factory in Houston Heights, and he had been known to give free candy to local children.
    At the time of their discovery, the Houston Mass Murders were considered the worst example of serial murder in American history.

    Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. (born May 9, 1956) is a convicted American serial killer, incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) system. Henley was convicted in 1974 for his role in a series of murders in Houston, Texas, between 1970 and 1973 in which a minimum of 28 teenage boys were abducted, tortured, raped and murdered by Dean Corll. Many of the victims were lured to Corll's home by Henley or Corll's other teenage accomplice, David Brooks. Corll was shot dead by Henley, then 17 years old,on August 8, 1973.
    Henley is serving six consecutive life terms for his involvement in what came to be known as the Houston Mass Murders, which at the time were characterized as "the deadliest case of serial murders in American history"

    This is probably the first time you have ever heard of any of this and yet it has been in public files and before the public for years. The information though was censored, it was covered up, as you witness endless Hollywood glorification of white males murdering women to reinforce a stereotype, but never any movies or features of the known worst butchers of boys in America or the world.

    Homosexual pedophiles.

    Nuff Said



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The public from Frank Capra type movies and the way Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne conducted themselves always presumed that politicians would not be foul mouthed gutter trash in important meetings of state.
    Donald Trump in the shit hole, seemed to not be a President of a nation, but could not even conduct a meeting which was not filled with obscenities. That points to a most weak leader for all of his pastoral cleavage which spiritually advises him.

    President Gerald Ford was another frustrated and weak man, as he once said in a meeting as Ronald Reagan attempted to gain the GOP nomination for President, "I'm through with that son of a bitch".
    Ford though being weak had to put forward appearances and in that Ronald Reagan suggested that Bob Dole of Kansas would make an excellent Vice President as Ford was so weak, if he picked liberal the conservatives would bolt and if he picked east the people of the west would stay home and vice versa.

    After President Ford acquired the nomination, it had been agreed to between John Sears, Reagan's campaign adviser and Chief of Staff Dick Cheney for Gerald Ford, that the candidates would visit each other as a sign of unity.
    The Reagan family knew this because Maureen and Ron jr. were listening at the door.
    Ronald Reagan made Sears promise that President Ford would not be asking him to be Vice President as Ronald Reagan did not want the job, and he did not want to have to be in position of turning the President down.

    President Ford visited the Reagan's in the early morning and no mention of the VP slot was made, but that changed in the morning when Mike Deaver awoke Ronald Reagan and said "people" were there to talk to him about being Vice President.
    The trio was Holmes Tuttle, Justin Dart and William French Smith. Reagan climbed out of bed, and informed his powerful supporters that he was not interested in being Vice President and then the phone rang, and Ronald Reagan picked it up and said, "Terrific, you made the right choice".

    And with that Bob Dole was Vice President as Jerry Ford was on the other end of the phone.

    In the earlier meeting between Reagan and Ford, Gerald Ford had mentioned a list of six candidates that he asked Reagan's judgement on. They were Howard Baker, Elliot Richardson, John Connally, William Simon, William Ruckelshaus and Robert Dole.
    Most of those names are no longer remembered, but Ronald Reagan stated he thought very highly of Bob Dole of Kansas. Dole was a right choice for Ford as he was a war hero, honest, solid and would unite the Reagan people to a certain extent. Things did not prove out the way it was hoped though, and it makes one ponder if John Connally who had been shot with John Kennedy in Dallas, might have been a wiser choice for campaigning in the West and South, as Carter was very strong in the South being from Georgia.
    Equally good would have been from Tennessee, Howard Baker of Watergate fame who would become Reagan's Chief of Staff later. Baker could have impressed enough voters with his "What did the President know" and his being from the South, would contend in those states too.
    It was all mute though as if Jerry Ford had not lost, Ronald Reagan might never have been President due to the disaster of Jimmy Carter in the Oval Office.

    These are the histories which we would not have, if not for a wife of a President who was most honest in her memoirs about everyone and specific events. No one else could have described 1976 AD in the year of our Lord in Kansas City, the way Nancy Reagan did, in that hard fought campaign and how it did change the world, and revealed how the leaders of America mind's worked.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I sometimes forget in these private conversations with myself that people do not know sometimes what I am typing about. It was in that the subject came up in a note concerning time lines, so tonight I am going to do something I enjoy, without mentioning politics.....well politics will be mentioned, but as the example in what I mean when I mention time lines.

    Thank you for your Godly posts. It sounds very familiar to my life. But what is the timeline constructions that you mention? How does that work? I don't see that in Bible. Please explain further.

    Sometime before 2015 I locked onto the time line which was to be Jeb Bus the nominee and Hillary Clinton the nominee for 2016. I posted on such, and about a year later the always experts online were stating that it was a done deal. I mentioned that nothing was not a done deal and laid out a possibility where that Wisconsin Governor could actually be the nominee for the GOP and defeat Hillary Clinton, as the Lame Cherry was not signing on to more Bushism or Clintonista globalism and lies.
    The Holy Ghost started mentioning to me Jehu from the Bible. I knew who this furious driver was and interpreted it to mean God had something and someone in mind to makes fools of people who thought they were in control.
    I knew Jehu was out there, hoped it was that Wisconsin guy, but as he faded, I became focused on Donald Trump, and began constructing a time line to make him President. Remember this was 2015 and everyone knew him to be a fool. His being in the White House now looks easy, but it was not easy placing him there as by God's Grace I could generate a time line on this scale, but it was necessary for someone to assemble the wetware, and that is where Maggie appeared. I would that I could introduce all of you to the most important person to elect Donald Trump, but I can not. If it were not for her though, Donald Trump would not have reached the White House, DIA help or not. She assembled the key people and I know I have ragged on Reince Priebus to be rid of him, but if it was not for Priebus and the Christian outreach he began before Trump was even in the race, that platform would not have brought the votes in those key states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

    At this point, you might look around at all of this chaos and realize that when someone writes a new time line and make someone President by God's Grace that satan and the rest of the time line convulses to the extreme. I was knew to this, and no one had ever attempted this before, except for hints when God made David or Jeroboam king, or other things He wrote the time lines for.

    All of us can affect time lines by our wills and choices. It is why lottery tickets are so variable as you have millions of people driving their will into the matrix. Some of us like Dick Algire the Remote Viewer watches the matrix and reports events. In 2016 he was engaged in a remarkable record in revealing terror events before they took place. In the summer of 2016, he was seeing a city in America being destroyed. A popular girl started observing the matrix and tracking this event in order to stop it. I posted on such things, in the location, the problems with the device and other such things to create a wave of people not wanting this event to take place. I was a bit to precise and that is why Homeland appeared and started interviewing me.
    This is why I do not post on things like this and do not become involved in event structures or time lines, as I do not want the hassle, my file expanding or to interfere with events, as I work for the return of Christ.

    My intention for electing Donald Trump was simple and that was to make peace with Russia, protect Christians east and west, to restore America and lessen the blow of Judgment. 2017 pretty well had the junta undoing what the best laid plans were and now it is a reality of the original time line of war re establishing with the President moulded into the time line.

    The specifics of what God moves me to do is not something that children can be expected to play with, so I do not provide the details. It does require a popular girl though as the armature to direct the current.

    If you remember the episode on Star Trek where Spock mentions that time is thought to be a river of eddies and currents, which sweep to specific locations and events bring them forward, that is close to what the matrix is. In studying Dick Algire he and his associates actually wear grooves into past time lines, so that lesser viewers will be swept to Algire's rut in the road. When I started undoing bad events, it was proven that the time line could be rewritten, but there is energy and events in the time line, and events do form again, and stopped enough they will produce an energy which needs to be released.
    Think of a bad event like you getting killed in a brick falling on your head. You or someone stops it in the matrix, but if you are supposed to die, that event might build to an entire city collapsing into a sink hole.

    There are many factors in this, like the Bible speaking of their iniquity was not yet full, meaning the evil had not generated enough negative energy to bring fire and brimstone from Heaven or the Israelite wiping out the Canaanites. Of course God is not going to place into the Bible a manual on how to write time lines, or people would try and change them, but all it would do would be to drive forward a surge in the current bursting the dam, as God's Will, will be done. Nineveh was to be judged as Jonah stated, God relented and the time line moved to another date of Judgment.

    The reality is that events good or bad are sort of like a souffle in a number of things have to happen to have a tornado form and it has to be a perfect set of events or it all collapses and has to start building again. That is the matrix, and God spoke, God through me revealed the plan, Maggie provided the wetware and Donald Trump was President.

    Of course no one wants to believe this, and people will scoff, but the evidence is in the archives here and while I did not change the time line, I set rules for Sarah Palin to be on the 2008 ticket by God's Grace and this blog by God's Grace told everyone that Romney was a straw man. People did not believe me until the events took place and Obama stole another election.

    I am by God's Grace once again working on something that I hope to share with Richard and Stephanie. I will not go into details, but it is the same God Light, or energy generation formed by will. All matter is energy at it's center in the God Light, it is there that God assembles the light into gold or a horse by Will. The mathematical equation would be Results = Thought (God's Will) + Matter (C2). R=TW + MC2.

    That is how you make Donald Trump President or how you write a time line.What intend to generate is goodness in spheres for people. satan sneering at God about building a hedge about Job for his prosperity and health.

    For me personally, once God accomplishes something through me or I learn something can be done, I lose interest in been there and done that.

    Oh I was going to write that a poodle was bred to be a hunting dog in France for waterfowl as their oil coat kept the dogs safe while retrieving. Could you imagine a red poodle Irish Setter fetching ducks. How pretty that would be.
    That has nothing to do with time lines, but I like pretty dogs and appreciate the hunting heritage of the poodle.

    Each of you affects your personal time lines, and sometimes national time lines by your wills. If you would as Christ states God's Will Done and not your will, the time line would run smoothly and not be in competition of where you are going to end up anyway. My life has been in such a shambles in spiritual attacks and being burned out that I have not the energy to have things rectified and rely upon God Who can do all things, which is a lesson in I am not as gung ho buster buster that I hoped to be, as I too need to be humble in God directs and not thinking I wrote time lines that make me wonderful. The wonderful part is the Holy Ghost in me accomplishing all things..

    That probably is not the full answer which was expected, but it is an overview of the work accomplished through me that all have forgotten as it is always what rabbit can you pull out of your hat tomorrow to save us.

    Everyone wants to be the one on top, but they never consider the costs. I sowed in the Lord a beautiful garden of peace and now it noxious war weeds again. God knows all of that and all anyone can do is the right thing and God will sort it all out, so goodness or good deeds are not lost as God remembers and rewards.

    That is about all there is as I have to do some things before the night comes and no man can work.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I could waste the time to inquire if Donald Trump is an adulterer, but Marla Maples proved that. The issue in this is Karen McDougal or Bubble Butt as her friends called her or as Donald called her on the phone as Melania was still looking like a wife that just dropped a Barron out of her uterus.

    During the Playboy party, which was thrown after an episode of The Apprentice was filmed there, Trump took an immediate liking to McDougal. They exchanged phone calls and started having regular phone conversations. They eventually went on their first date.

    "We talked for a couple hours -- then, it was "ON"! We got naked + had sex," McDougal wrote. Trump tried to pay her afterward, but she denied it. She also says that all of their encounters were consensual.

    McDougal was Playmate of the Year and it went nowhere. Each of us goes our separate ways, and instead of marrying some farmer or truck driver who would have idolized her, as she surrounded herself with a family, Bubs did the plastic, hung around with that old leftist Hefner, and that is where she disappointed her mother.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, McDougal sold her Trump affair story to National Enquirer for $150,000 but they never ran it. The payment meant that they owned the rights to her story and she couldn't contractually share it. American Media Inc. who own's the National Enquirer claims that they have "not paid people to kill damaging stories about Mr. Trump."
    The CEO of AMI, David Pecker is good friends with Trump and the National Enquirer supported him throughout his campaign. Trump's office says that McDougal's claims are "fake news."

    The thing is you don't pay 150,000 dollars for fake news. McDougal tells the tale that she regrets signing her non disclosure as being a homewrecker is a six figure salary while being a nation wrecker would have gotten her a ten figure payout.

    Rebecca Ferrati like most of Hefner's exploited women related enough of her life to make people sad, like the part about being married to some baseball player, being in Church, getting scoped by a faithful member who later tied her up and went psycho, before or after the Sultan of Brunei paid her for a Trump kind of date.

    These women built a billion dollar empire and for the most part were kept on comicon rations to make them pliable for the rich men and powerful lezbos. I have stated this before in most of the women who were the early centerfolds were from broken homes or military brats, that Hefner became a daddy figure to validate them and exploit them.

    For national security reasons, it is time that the FBI assess Mr. Pecker's portfolio in if there is a legitimate problem here in what if terrorists kidnap this growing portfolio of women to make an issue of them or if the Chicoms start blackmailing Mr. President in being a higher bidder. The point being what is the US response in ISIS posting naked American women online, telling the sex secrets of Donald Trump and threatening violence, which would be a nightmare for US policy.

    This is now a problem for the United States of America. It is now a growing problem for the laying on of the hands preachers and Tony Perkins as Evangelicals will primary Donald Trump, as this blog stated for a Kevin Sorbo who actually does not have women with protruding breasts all over the place in New York Valued.

    This blog's best political advice is for Donald Trump to lie as he has been engaged in that for all of 2017 to his base and say something like, "My Christian walk is personal. I have made regrettable mistakes in the Hollywood and 5th Avenue lifestyle which I am working to put behind me and never repeat. Who I was in Saul, I am not the same Paul now in my road to Damascus conversion in 2016 with Evangelicals praying over me."

    Mr. President has one chance to get this right, because if he does not sell it like George W. Bush sold he was born again, he will not get a do over. Granted the Evangelicals would be more ready to believe him, if Mr. President had not booted all the Christians in the ass out of Trump Trans. It would have helped if Donald Trump had not been reading Stephen Miller and Ivanka Jew speeches calling Jesus handiwork. Kind of hard to convince Faithful Christians you are one of them when you keep talking denial of Jesus and making Him out to be embroidery.

    There is a reason the #NeverTrumpers are on Bubble Butt. Trump knows he needs Evangelicals at all costs and they know they will bring him down by shattering Evangelical trust in the Donald.

    See the Lame Cherry has been bitching about this for a year, but no one paid attention to the Christian perspective as they are just Christians. But now Ben Shapiro with Texas billionaire Christians smearing Trump to the Florida massacre in just waiting to impeach him in the revenge of Ted Cruz.

    I can tell you right now that the fraud Mike Pence has no way to dig Trump out of this, and the moneychanger preachers Trump has tagging along with him, have no way to sell the message that Trump is in need of without sounding like Jimmy Swaggart fake.

    And for your sake Donald Trump do not let the Marionette spew out that she let you cheat as part of the Catholic mass.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In the saga of Nancy Reagan, her ordeals with other First Lady's was one of exposing what the public already knew. In the case of Betty Ford, she always came across as a piece of jagged glass and the woman was just that.

    In 1976 Ronald Reagan challenged President Jerry Ford for the nomination, and Ford pulled some of the most illegal electioneering up to that name to win the nomination. Betty was joined at the hip in this, and her antics at the convention in Kansas City were typical Ford crass.

    Both the Reagan's and the Ford's had skyboxes at the convention, but that was not enough for Betty Ford as she had her own personal box on the convention floor.

    The President's Daughter, Maureen spotting a fix, asked some of the Reagan Colorado delegates to switch out, so they could be on the convention floor. The delegates were enthused in the trade and Nancy Reagan was closer to the convention.

    One evening the band played "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" for Mrs. Reagan, and up popped Betty Ford to dance with Tony Orlando.
    Every instance the wives appeared the delegates went wild and demonstrated for their candidate.

    Another event, had Mrs. Reagan already undressed and ready for bed, as it was late, but who should appear but Betty Ford moving through the convention again. It was so bad that Ron jr. phoned up his mother and pleaded for her to come over as it was that bad in what the Ford's were up to.

    Betty Ford was not below being catty either, in the worst way. She told Time magazine the CIA rag, "When Nancy met Ronnie, that was it as far as her own life was concerned. She just fell apart at the seams".

    Nothing of the sort was true in that smear, but when one considers the non accomplishments of Mrs. Jerry Ford, except being an embarrassing drunk who had to go to detox as First Lady, there was the falling apart seam calling the cloth frayed.

    The Ford's even unleashed Vice President, Nelson Rockefeller who prowled the convention floor intimidating delegates. Nancy Reagan had a first hand view of Rockefeller accosting a Utah delegate for Reagan in grabbing his placard and breaking it.

    It all came down to the nomination in which Ford leveraged a win at 12:30 AM in the morning. It was not without problems though as Lyn Nofziger was watching the returns with the Reagans and Bob Nieson of the California delegation refused to have California vote for Jerry Ford.
    Nofziger ran to the floor to intercede by Bob Nieson was adamant in stating he came to the convention to vote for Ronald Reagan and he was going to vote for Ronald Reagan.

    John Rhodes the chairman of the convention realized what was taking place and immediately banged the gavel down and announced it was unanimous for Jerry Ford in California voted for Ford too. That did not sit well with the Californians or Reagan supporters, but it was the poison of the Fords, as their campaign ran a dirty operation of graft for delegates and Betty Ford was the ringleader on the convention floor.
    None of this helped the not so lustrous Ford as the party had no enthusiasm for him, the country was still smarting from Watergate and Jimmy Carter wanted to take America back to the stone ages for punishment, and that is what took place in 1976 AD in the year of our Lord.

    If one observes Nancy Reagan in all she dealt with from former First Ladies, she handled herself extremely well, while the other ladies were not so ladylike at all.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In this Holy Ghost Inspired reading from Psalm 127, I was all set to do a Hebrew word study to explore the intricacies of the reality that unless God is the One involved in every action of your life, it is worthless.
    Unless God preserves you, your life's goals, your city or your nation, it will all vanish.

    Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

    1 Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain.

    I do not post those realities to depress or hinder, but to make each of you aware that you can decide things, but if God is not the Author of that decision it is going nowhere.
    Each of us always has preached at us, that we just need to buckle down and try, try again, to never give up, because that is America, but there is a Wisdom from God that maybe before we decide how this life God gave us is going, that we should be asking His direction.

    Jesus gave an example of this in the disciples fishing all night and they caught nothing. Jesus appeared and told them to let down their nets and suddenly the nets burst with so many fish. That is the example for all of God's children. If things are empty in our nets, then maybe God is not going to prosper what we are doing as He knows something off in the future.

    I am reminded of a woman I knew in Ohio who got married to a divorced guy with kids, because she wanted a ready made family. In Biblical terms there was adultery, fornication, dope use etc.., and the point is, you just can not get married in a Church, slap Jesus Name on sinning and expect it to be blessed.

    The second verse is a mirror of the first verse in unless God is involved, nothing will come of it, and if you are plotting 24 hours a day and staying up worrying, that is not Faith, because God does have everything worked out, and you are not going to create success by worrying, because even mice get fed off your crumbs and they sleep in contentment.

    It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.

    2It is vain for you to rise up early, To retire late, To eat the bread of painful labors; For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep.

    In a broad statement, I would say my life, or the life that God gave me sucks. I can look back at all the disappointments, deaths and failures and not be pleased, yet if I was successful I would not be here helping those who do need help or pointing out realities which require being pointed out.
    In that, is God the Author of failure? Not in the least, but if I was successful in what I wanted to be a success at, the world would have turned out a great deal different. I do not want any of you thinking you have to be me or a president to not be changing the world, because none of us knows how God is really utilizing us. Some of us might be like the bag stacked at the bottom and if we were not there, the entire pile would collapse.
    Try taking a trip in a jet sometime if the guy at the airport didn't put the fuel tank cap back on.

    I have tried many things and they all collapsed. It took years of whispering by the Holy Ghost to post a blog and it was blessed for God's purpose. I have had disasters that I thought were the soul mate for me and as time passed, the disaster they were appeared.

    God does not always tell you what the project is, because sometimes you will not listen and if you knew the outcome you would not go along with it. I can point to God moving me to construct the time line of putting Donald Trump in the White House, and if I had known the outcome, I would not have wasted two years of this life in the exhaustion to end up with Obama's 3rd term with a Jewish daughter ruling instead of Val-erie Jarrett. It took 1000% to do this, and I would not have given that knowing the disappointments.

    In that, you can see that God expected me to give more than I was so that many things suffered and things fell apart and died, so it was try, try gain, but it worked because God was the Author of the work I was engaged in.

    The short of it all is, no special Hebrew meanings in this, as God is the center of all of our lives, and building lives, and it is His protection that keeps that life, and no worrying will solve anything, as God has it all worked out to the last detail, so you are better off to just pray for God's help and to sleep at night knowing that everything will work out as God intends.

    When Abraham was told to offer his son, Abraham obeyed in this extreme example because he trusted God that God would provide an offering or raise the child to life, as with God all things are possible. It was not Abraham though coming up with the fool idea and then blaming God when the cops appeared and arrested him for trying to murder his child.

    I would that things went without drama as my life seems to be a Jane Austin novel of Pride and Prejudice, in others have the pride and prejudice against me, with me being the idiot character.

    It was a revelation that for once Bible verses had not any deep meaning to explore like "Jesus wept", a sort of straight forward reality.

    Unless God is involved in building the life He gave you, and protects it, it is not a decision which will last, and no matter how hard you try to fix things crumbling around you, it will crumble if it is not of God, because God keeps things operating for those who sleep at night and are not worrying all the time.

    That is the lesson in this about trusting God and having Faith. It is all straightforward without any hidden meanings.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The Liberty Daily posted the following headline on Friday concerning the Florida school shooting and it requires an examination in this, as the Lame Cherry was the exclusive in matter anti matter which first alerted everyone that something was amiss on the reporting of Nicolas Cruz being connected to the Alt Right, more precisely connecting Cruz to Donald Trump in Making America Great Again, and in that connecting Nikolas Cruz to the publishers of Liberty Daily to smear them along with all Christian Conservatives.

    This is something that Liberty Daily and all Christian Conservatives must be aware of as there has been for the past two years an operation of linking groups on the right to the old smears of racism and anti semitism, and that expanded in a complete operation to smear Christians as pedophiles in the slanderous lies concerning the innocent Judge Roy Moore.
    In all of this there are patterns, just as the pattern was to get Donald Trump and if one examines the like qualities of the smears in Donald Trump, Roy Moore, and yes Paul Nehlen as he does matter in this as a crucial link and now what took place in the fake news of Nikolas Cruz, one name keeps popping up, and that is Ben Shapiro, now of the Texas Christian Wilks brothers out of Texas who fund the Daily Wire.

    This blog has stated that what Paul Nehlen was engaged in was trolling on Twitter. He was outing the fakes in the right, and in this Ben Shapiro with another Jew took it upon themselves to start a Jesus was a Jew fight on Twitter, and in this, this became a reality of the dripping venom of Shapiro in hating White Christians, which led to Twitter banning Nehlen.

    Yesterday in reading the reports on Nikolas Cruz, as this blog was leading the way again, as to what the headlines are now of the reason America has these shootings is our children do not have Christ in their homes and they have absolutely no protection from assault as if they ask for help they are either put on meds or locked up in juvie, that the normal Leave it to Beaver solutions have vanished and some teenagers are taken in by Antifa rhetoric and the end result is murderous violence. But I knew something was wrong immediately in the narrative when I began reading reports which were different from what Ben Shapiro was smearing 4Channers with, as he linked the Alt Right to Nikolas Cruz in the worst racist spew in media in years as covered by this blog.
    The stories conflicted in Republic of Florida was saying they sold the gun to Cruz, which no one would admit to, and the ATF traced the firearm to a gun dealer, along with Police stating there was not any association between Cruz and ROF. Whenever one sees different stories, there are lies involved and that means someone is up to something.

    This is surmising, but the 4Channers have a history of spoofing and the ROF decided a day after the event to have someone phone up the ADL and tell them what they wanted to hear that this Cruz was a Trump supporter, was from the Alt Right, was training with the Republic of Florida, and they began spoofing on 4Chan, KNOWING THAT THE ADL AND SHAPIRO MONITOR ALL POSTS THERE, ALONG WITH THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER.

    When the ADL phoned up the ROF, the leader confirmed everything in trolling them, and others repeated the same lie the ADL wanted to hear to get the Alt Right and Donald Trump, and posted it on their site, and their conduit in Christian media, Ben Shapiro bit hard, and posted on a news site a screed which was racist, bigoted, inflammatory hate speech, smearing an innocent group in the 4Channers and Alt Right as Shapiro thought he had the smoking gun.

    The ROF trolled these leftists in a perfect operation. They never lied to the police and when asked, they simply said they were "confused" as to who they were being asked about. It was a platform to gain them exposure and to expose the frauds who are stalking people on the right in America, and that includes Ben Shapiro who posts his pablum to the right to sucker people, and the first opportunity he gets he goes after Donald Trump an the Alt Right.

    Remember in this that Ben Shapiro was part of the Jew Triad of #NeverTrumpers in Jonah Goldberg of the CIA National Review, William Kristol of the Neocons and Shapiro who got plugged into the Steve Bannon Brietbart DIA operation, was fired, went leftist media, and then ended up suckering the Wilks brothers in Texas who are Ted Cruz supporters, as Shapiro was sent in to shepherd Cruz in the media, for Cruz' fall to Jeb Bush in the original docudrama to be replaced by sweaty Marco Rubio.

    If you look at the attacks on the Alt Right, Paul Nehlen, 4Chan and Donald Trump, it all has one viral source and that is the #NeverTrumpers, and Ben Shapiro is embedded at the DailyWire looking to acquire fake Glenn Beck's platform of the Blaze to resurrect what looks to be an impeachment campaign against Donald Trump if they can get enough democrats elected in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord.

    The President should be well aware of what Ben Shapiro is engaged in, as he just linked a Florida murder spree to Donald Trump again in "Trump's Alt Right" who Shapiro defines in the most race hate speech against Whites.

    This is organized and Shapiro is the pimp in this for this sleeper movement as the Wilks want revenge, so they hired Shapiro, who has been busy protecting Paul Ryan in stalking Paul Nehlen to silence him. For those who think Paul Nehlen does not matter, he matters because he has been trolling these groups exposing them, and it matters because this group just silenced an American on Twitter with Texas Evangelical billions used against an American Christian in Wisconsin.

    After the incendiary hate piece on the Daily Wire which Ben Shapiro did not issue an apology or retraction, the rest of the responsible media, led by Gorilla Mike Cernovich called bullshit on this, but instead named CBS as the source, when the source in this was the ADL and Ben Shapiro is the one who stoked tensions for further violence against children, all the while smearing White Christian America and Donald Trump again.

    Legally, Ben Shapiro on Thursday, February 15th, 2018 AD in the year of our Lord, linked all 4Channers and the Alt Right to the Florida shooter. While not naming the President, the links were all through media that this was one of Trump's Make America Great Again supporters. There is the legal reality in this that a Larry Klayman could file a billion dollar lawsuit on behalf of 4Chan and the Alt Right, against the Wilks brothers of Texas, the Daily Wire and Ben Shapiro, as the Wilks brothers did not disavow their editor nor did they fire Shapiro.
    So each of you get this, #NeverTrumper billionaires in Texas, are giving Ben Shapiro carte blanche to destroy Americans like Paul Nehlen and they just engaged in a civil rights violation of the 4Channers by smearing them in the worst sort of defamation and slander.
    If Larry Klayman would file his lawsuit in the proper venue, he would win this case easily, and if Donald Trump has the intelligence to utilize this incident, he could neutralize one of the most festering and rancid platforms on the internet which is designed to turn on Donald Trump in an impeachment at the first opportunity.

    What Ben Shapiro engaged in was absolutely without human decency. He descended into the same Nazi rhetoric of "rat Jews" of the 1930's as he spewed racial hatred and dehumanized White people on the pages of the Daily Wire. Ben Shapiro is absolutely not any different in what he did than what Kurt Eichenwald was engaged in at Newsweek in the fake Russian dossier smearing Donald Trump, as Shapiro took fake information at the ADL and joined the Daily Wire to all of the leftist hate America media outlets, because Ben Shapiro hates the White people on 4Chan.

    driving sad-sack young white men to justify bigotry by claiming "white solidarity."

    Those are Shapiros own words in cleverly calling White people "Niggers" as the White Solidarity is linked to Black Solidarity, and the sad sack young white men are the polite version of the racial epitaph CRACKER, whose Black linkage is lazy niggers.

    Consider the depravity of what Ben Shapiro engaged in, in a like incident in the assassination of Martin Luther King. When Bobby Kennedy rose to spoke to calm Black communities, no one was screaming at him like Jim Acosta did Donald Trump in this speech, and no one was in the role of Ben Shapiro posting that lazy niggers were the problem and they deserved it because they were stupid.
    What Ben Shapiro did and what he has been engaged in, is cyber bullying of 4Channers and Paul Nehlen for years, and on the day that emotions were high, Ben Shapiro weaponized his keyboard to attack these White people, to get a reaction out of them, and that reaction would be more violence.
    That is a crime and not just a civil lawsuit.

    For the #NeverTrumpers in the Wilks brothers, their vendetta against Donald Trump has brought them to this. They hired Ben Shapiro, have not monitored what he has been engaged in, in inflaming America, and now with the Florida shooting, their pet Jew, and yes they hired Ben Shapiro because he was Jewish and the Christian Right thinks that if they keep Jews around as pets and give them money that God will love them more, that their pet just chewed up the kids in the neighborhood and now the Wilks brothers should be facing Jeff Sessions inquiry from the Justice Department for this terrorism as their pet just linked the murder of children to President Donald Trump by deliberate coup design.

    As Sean Homo Hannity states, he does not want anyone silenced, nor do I no matter how much I do not agree with what they are saying, because it is better that people are venting on a keyboard than making bombs or loading weapons to vent. There is a difference though in what Ben Shapiro has been engaged in, as it is silencing Americans who have the right to believe whatever they want to believe be it Louis Farahkahn or Tony Perkins. It is when the lines are crossed in Birther Hussein organizing a coup against Donald Trump to undo an election or Ben Shapiro and George Soros going into Wisconsin to silence a political voice of Paul Nehlen, that is where the criminal lines are crossed.
    Americas is about the written word of ideals, and the public gathering of debating those ideals, where the public then votes on those ideas in candidates they agree with. When that process is interfered with in people no longer feel empowered, that is what creates Black kids shooting each other in Chicago or a White kid in Florida shooting more children.

    In a society of so many elite thinking they are the smartest people on the planet to decide how everyone should exist, it continues to amaze me how easily Russians trolled Adam Schiff and how easily the Republic of Florida trolled the ADL. All that is required apparently is to tell the smart people what they want to hear, and have some kid confirm it, and these smart people will make criminal fools of themselves.
    It must be stressed in this, that the Anti Defamation League nor CBS engaged in hate speech. The ADL was trolled and reported what they were told. It was Ben Shapiro who crossed the legal lines in engaging in incendiary rhetoric which he was well aware would bring a response from 4Chan as Ben Shapiro has been paid to troll them for years, and his last project got Paul Nehlen banned.
    That is the problem in this, which must be addressed by the Department of Justice and perhaps Larry Klayman in a civil suit, as the reality is there were real people murdered in Florida who had families who were in mourning, and Ben Shapiro's words could have triggered them to go out and shoot these White people of the Alt Right.
    As the Wilks brothers are too invested as #NeverTrumpers to reign in their pet attack dog, perhaps if enough embarrassing press is produced the Wilks brothers will reassess who they are handing money out to, as there is absolutely not any difference in Muslim billionaires handing out money to ISIS propaganda blaming Jews for violence in the Mideast than in the Wilks brothers handing out money to Ben Shapiro to blame White Christians for murderous rampages in Florida.

    When you have a problem with Trump policy, you refute the policy, you do not smear the President or innocent people just because you hate them.

    Nuff Said



  • Someone by body language does really not like Ted Cruz....

    I wonder if the Wilks brothers are aware of that fact?

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    When Ben Shapiro attacked White Christians over a fake ADL posting about 4Channers, it was absolutely not any different than Joy Behar saying that Mike Pence was nuts because he heard Jesus voice in smearing all Christians.

    'The View' responds to Christian backlash after
    Joy Behar's attack on Mike Pence. It's only
    fanning the flames.

    BizPac Review, by Scott Morefield Original Article
    Posted By: JoniTx- 2/16/2018 9:59:17 PM Post Reply
    o-host Joy Behar's Christian-bashing rant against Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday's The View drew scathing criticism from the Christian community and even Pence himself.But when The View hosts discussed the backlash on Thursday's show, it only fanned the flames.On Tuesday, Behar said, "It's one thing to talk to Jesus. It's another thing when Jesus talks to you. That's called mental illness, if I'm not correct, hearing voices."The show played part of Pence's response Thursday, then played the Tuesday View clip that drew all the backlash before launching into their conversation. (Video) "Well, I heard about it," Pence says in

    There is a reason what Ben Shapiro did matters in his hate speech against White Christians and it is the reality that REAL people had their children murdered and are in great distress as all people are in a situation like this.

    ´You killed my kid´: Emotional father
    screams at the funeral for his ´princess´
    Meadow Pollack, 18, while woman collapses
    at the service for Alyssa Alhadeff, 14,
    as Florida starts burying the dead

    Daily Mail [UK], by Hannah Parry Original Article
    Posted By: ScarletPimpernel- 2/16/2018 8:10:00 PM Post Reply
    A grieving father´s pain and rage at the loss of his daughter boiled over at the funeral for Florida high school shooting victim Meadow Pollack on Friday. The 18-year-old was among the 17 people shot dead when Nikolas Cruz, 19, opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, on Wednesday. On Friday, the first heartbreaking funerals were held for her and fellow victim Alyssa Alhadeff, 14, at the Star of David Memorial Gardens Chapel in North Lauderdale. At Pollack´s funeral, her distraught father Andrew looked down at his daughter´s coffin, from the altar above, and screamed: ´You killed my

    The reality is which Shapiro and his Texas billionaire backers are responsible for is what happens or could have happened if one of these parents or relatives in their emotional state read Shapiro calling the Alt Right as "deplorables" meaning sub human in the same rhetoric the Nazi typified Jewish Bolsheviks, and they happened to have a 4Chan kid next door, and decided to pick up a gun or run the kid over with a car for revenge as they were out of their minds with grief?

    That is criminal responsibility as Ben Shapiro after stalking and hounding Paul Nehlen off of Twitter, just screamed FIRE in a crowded movie theater, and his target was White Christians.

    Ben Shapiro has not apologized nor have the Wilks brothers denounced what their Daily Wire editor engaged in.

    The question in this is why does Ben Shapiro get a pass in this? Is it because he says he is Jewish and that holocaust of over 70 years ago allows him to start race, genocide and religicide wars in America, because he hates a segment of American society in Shapiro cleansing?

    It is absolutely disgraceful that no one on the right has stood up for White Christians and demanded Shapiro be fired for what he has been engaging in. Real innocent people could have been murdered by what Shapiro spewed in hatred.

    Paul Nehlen can not be stalked enough and smeared, but when it comes to Ben Shapiro endangering innocent people, there is a disgusting silence from the entire right in America in not taking a stand against this criminal endangerment of Americans.

    But somebody real likes the touch of sex freaks


  • I have indicted Jesus for raising Himself from the dead too....
    does anyone know how to serve a warrant for His arrest on the right hand of God?

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I wonder how absolutely deluded Americans are from their leaders to their bleaters in none will note what the Lame Cherry will in the Mueller indictments of 13 Russians in connection with influencing the American 2016 elections.

    Special Counsel Robert Mueller issued an indictment for 13 Russian nationals affiliated with three Russian companies suspected of interfering in the 2016 election. The goal of their campaign was to sow discord in the U.S. political process.

    The point in all of this is the absurd nature of this in an American, with only jurisdiction in America, went to an American Grand Jury with only jurisdiction in America, and an American Judge with only jurisdiction in America, indicted 13 Russians in Mother Russia.

    Mueller and the US courts in calling these Russians 'defendants' reveal how insane these mega maniacs are in Russia these people are defined correctly as HEROES, because it is their job to disrupt competitor nations who are at odds with Russia, just like the United States is always breaking the law in overthrowing other people's governments from Libya, Ukraine, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen etc...
    To indict a Russian protected by a thermonuclear arsenal is worthless, and it is criminal by these United States mega maniacs as they are declaring war on foreign powers by attempting to incarcerate their Citizens under US laws.

    This all started with HW Bush indicting President Manuel Noriega of Panama, over bad drug deals, and hauling him into US courts, where Noriega never broke any US laws, because he was in Panama. This is ridiculous as in 2016, there is evidence of the State of Israel, Australia, England, Canada all meddling in United States elections, but because George Soros wants Russian oil and gold, Mueller is indicting the Russians who have ever legal right as a people to meddle in elections just like the United States declares it can pick and choose who rules some shit hole.

    Robert Mueller in his witch hunt and kangaroo courts has the authority to indict Americans or even Russians who are inside America, but indicting Russians in Russia is beyond ridiculous as it opens the quid pro quo that North Korea can indict Herbert McMaster on war crimes while ISIS can indict Mad Dong Mattis on war crimes in Syria.

    Robert Mueller typifies what is absolutely wrong with America. You have an investigator committing an act of war against a nuclear power and the entire American population is to dense to comprehend the dangers in this, until of course nuclear missiles start striking American cities as Russia has had enough of being pushed.

    Gladly Donald Trump has now informed the American public by leaking that Russia began this in 2014, so at least we know that part of the situation, but when did the English, Jews and Chinese begin their we know the Clintons were taking Chicom money in 1996 and we know Obama took 300 million dollars from Muslim terrorists in 2008 which Americans got stuck in TARP bailouts in paying for that money laundering off credit cards.

    It is bizarre historically that Russia in order to save herself instituted the pogroms to rid herself of subversive leftist Jews in their nation in the late 1800's after their royals were murdered, and it was New York Ashkenaz who promoted the "give us your poor" prose to let all these radicals into the United States, and in 2016 their grandchildren were still raising hell in Ben Shapiro, Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg as #NeverTrumpers, and now their Robert Mueller is running their own pogrom against the Russians from American soil to holocaust the Russians and as of this week the Shapiro Pogrom was targeting White Christian Americans by fake news connecting those innocent groups with the Florida shooter.

    It is worthless to indict Russians, unless of course your purpose is to start a war. In that though, it would be wonderful if Robert Mueller would explain if indicting Russians is legal, then he could explain why:

    He has not indicted Benjamin Netanyahu for collusion with Jared Kushner in supporting Trump.

    He has not indicted Xi of China for attempting to bribe Jared Kuhner over beautiful chocolate cake.

    He has not indicted Theresa May of England for her Christopher Steele dossier.

    He has not indicted the King of Saudi Arabia in collusion with Jared Kushner.

    Those are four known foreign powers meddling in US elections with proof. Netanyahu, Saud and Xi are guilty of bribery, but May is guilty of an act of war. Yet it is only the Russians who bribed no one nor did they commit an act of war, because Russia was engaged in an INTELLIGENCE OPERATION doing thee exact same disruption that George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Bush family are guilty of.

    See in America if you are billionaire, you get to break the law, but when you are a billionaire in Russia like Vladimir Putin, you are indicted, because you have not like Bill Gates handed over all of your billions to the cartel so you obey their orders.

    That is what all of this is about and it is again too bad that Mr. President has not informed the public of what this is all about, as this is the same blackmail Obama was engaged in, pressuring Russia with penalties to get a hold of Russian investment.

    Russia Warns West Continued Election Meddling Will be Met by Hard Measures

    According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, it has facts showing attempts of the West to meddle in Russia's internal affairs amid presidential election campaign.
    "In contrast to the unfounded accusations about almighty Russian hackers and some Russian influence on elections in other countries, we have the precise facts of the attempts of destructive interference of a number of Western countries in our internal affairs in the context of the presidential election campaign," Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.
    She also warned that if such activities do not cease, Russia "will have to take tough countermeasures, including a public reaction."

    Nuff Said


  • You really mean it, I'm the smartest 6 year old at the Justice Department!!!

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Nom de Deus!!!!

    Seriously we have spent tens of millions of dollars in Robert Mueller witch hunts, have ruined innocent people in Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn and Rob Rosenstein took over a year to come out with that under Barack Hussein Obama, the Russians were funding both Republican and Democrat rallies in the United States.

    Who with any intelligence was not aware of that?

    Who was not aware that George Soros was funding the same groups. Who was not aware that Bush fam was not funding both sides in Hillary and #NeverTrumpers. Who was not aware that the Jews were not funding Kushner and Hillary Clinton in playing both sides.
    Seriously who did not know everyone from China to England did not have their dirty dollars dumping into American politics, just like ISIS laundered money was flowing into democrat and GOP coffers?

    See Darla was getting money from the KGB and Spanky was getting money from the FSB.

    The Russians are getting the blame, but it was not the Russians, it is the same globalist Tavistock Nazi conglomerates who have been dividing America to conquer her, that is why things are broken down to moral and immoral behavior, to create the friction as racism failed to start the Civil War in America.

    After hearing Rob Rosenstein, and yes it is Rob as he robs all semblance of integrity from Justice, two things require taking place.
    First Robert Mueller and his coven need to be put out to pasture in this all shut down in Russia collusion and the investigation of the coup plotters begin and second Rob Rosenstein needs to be retired to some 5 million dollar a year job in a law firm as it took him a year to figure out what the CIA and FBI told Ronald Reagan 35 years ago that the KGB was funding the American left in the anti nuke movement.

    Nom des Deus, what else can be said but Nom des Deus.

    Nuff Said


  • Guderian

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    For all of the propaganda about Adolf Hitler, one hears he was a mad man, that no one ever defied Adolf Hitler and if anyone ever did not agree with Hitler, he was sacked and shot.

    May I introduce to you information and reality in ,Guderian der Große, Guderian the Great, the German General, Colonel General to be exact in Heinz Wilhelm Guderian, the Vater of Blitzkrieg, of modern warfare in taking mechanized warfare of German tanks columns, placing in them 5 man tank crews, with a radio operator and coordinating them all with a signal corp answering to the field General in charge of the attack.

    This was the great secret and success of German warfare. Heinz Guderian in Tigerfibel, the defining war manual on modern tank warfare, before General George Patton.

    It was Guderian's Panzer corps, attacking on his formations, which shattered France, Poland and Russia. It is a fact that Guderian was uncontrollable by his superiors whose officers were often furious at Panzer corps slashing forward, running beyond the infantry reach, and progressing fronts so fast which had the enemy reeling.

    This is an exchange between Guderian and Hitler, where if his council would have been followed, the war in the east would have brought attrition to the Soviets, because as Guderian noted, no one knew what the east was or cared. It was useless to burn German resources and that is what Guderian informed the Fuhrer.

    The result would be a significant weakening of German panzer forces, forces that Guderian had been trying to rebuild. In a conversation with Hitler on 14 May 1943, Guderian pointed out the futility of the operation, asking, "My Führer, why do you want to attack in the East at all this year?" Hitler responded, "You are quite right. Whenever I think of this attack my stomach turns over." Guderian concluded, "In that case your reaction to the problem is the correct one. Leave it alone.
    The fact is Adolf Hitler dismissed this war genius twice, and the fact is, each time he survived and returned. It was Guderian who surrendered to the allies and remarkably, he would go on to be a favorite of British war Veterans and go on to found the West German Army to stand against the Soviets.

    Guderian was dismissed twice, first on 26 December 1941 and again on 28 March 1945. The last dismissal followed a shouting match with Hitler over the loss of the German forces encircled at Küstrin. The encircled forces were not allowed to break out, and the 9th Army was unable to relieve them. Guderian said he was informed that his "physical health requires that [he] immediately take six weeks convalescent leave"

    Adolf Hilter was in a difficult position in World War II, in facing the Gaulieters, his political operatives in Germany, which influenced military decisions. The fact is that Adolf Hitler was correct in his military assessments and attacks. His problem was war production for the eastern front, and the political objectives overshadowed the advice of General Guderian, which is what began the strategic defeat of Germany.

    Heinz Guderian exposes the propaganda lies about Adolf Hitler, as Guderian flourished and lived, even in contesting the Fuhrer. Guderian was and is the greatest military genius of the modern era in his utilization of modern technology by coordinating tactics. That is what the German Panzers excelled at. They were not better than those they faced in material, but the Germans reacted faster and struck more quickly with the assembled closed fist, before the French, Poles and Soviet could react.

    Colonel General, Heinz Guderian has earned his place in history, a greater than Rommel and Patton, the leopard of the field in a modern Alexander the Great.

    Gruß Guderian der Große!



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I remember Ronald Reagan once asking a friend, if they thought someone could be born evil. The subject of this exasperated search for an answer was his daughter Patti Reagan. That is the ordeal Ronald and Nancy Reagan dealt with, in like most famous parents of children, their cornucopia of what the stroke dropped off went from the chip of the old block in Maureen Reagan, the thoughtful son finding his own wrong way in Ron jr., the sycophant adoptive creation of Michael and the child who just did wicked things in Patti.

    My purpose in writing this is not about taking Patti Reagan down or setting an epitaph for her in generations to come. The purpose in this is teaching as most of you are going to have children and grandchildren or do, and it is my desire by example to make you look at yourselves, because when you have parents who are trying, are moral people, like Ronald and Nancy Reagan, they have to work, be embarrassed, take care of you, and deal with what you are doing and it hurts them. It affects the rest of the family, friends and relatives, and for poor people it is a struggle they do not need, and when it came to Ronald Reagan, it was a burden as he was trying to save the world he did not need to have to be distracted by.
    This should be a lesson for Ivanka Kushner in drama she creates, for President Trump for indulging a child who is wrong, to Bill and Hillary Clinton, where Chelsea is burdened by two parents who have absolutely no self control.

    Ronald Reagan made two statements about his daughter in the hope when she was born, he told Nancy that he was not disappointed in a girl as he got to what Nancy was like growing up and the above when she was grown up in asking if she was evil.

    In forensic psychology this very public Patti Reagan, has been termed an indulged child, spoiled, who always wanted to be the center of her mother's world and resented Ronald Reagan that position. Once Ronald Reagan died, Patti Reagan became the dolting daughter to her mother, and become responsible in a catharsis of defending the elderly in the condition her father was killed by.
    That is not a pretty psychology, but it mirrors what she acted out in, and her brother stated once in an interview, that he thought Patti would one day regret the things she did. That is what her mother wanted most in a relationship with her daughter.

    The interview was about a book Patti Reagan published which trashed her family. In the strange Patti world which she inhabited in never contacting her mother of father unless some Patti decision in life had blown up on her, she lamented to her brother Ron, "Why have not my parents contacted me after the book was published".
    Ron jr. was incredulous and blurted out the truth in, "You trashed all of us in a cartoon book. You made Mom and Dad look like cartoon characters! Did you expect them to call you up and tell you that it was great?"
    This was too much for Patti and would not speak to her brother again for years after this.

    Patti Reagan was the golden child of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. In turn she was indulged, as a bright child, she learned to exploit that just as Ivanka exploits this with the President. Her exploitation was throwing tantrums for hours like she was being killed. Refusing to eat green beans. The doctor told Mrs Reagan to not give in as she always did, and told her to go do other things. 90 minutes later Patti still had not swallowed those beans and grinning in triumph said, "Guess what I have in my mouth mommy?"

    It was an age where other American children would have gotten their butts spanked, but not Patti Reagan, she just went on and on defying her parents.

    In an event when she was away at school, Ronald Reagan had just won the Governorship of California. In the phone call to Patti, she responded with, "How could you do this to me!"
    Yes the self centered world of Patti Reagan and she went out to seek revenge on her parents in lewd and immoral misbehavior from living in sin to openly being a conduit of the Russian KGB in the peace movement.
    In what was one of the eye opening moments of just how far Patti would go, she conned the President into meeting with a peacenik named Dr. Helen Caldicot of the anti nuclear movement which the Soviets were funding against Ronald Reagan for global domination.
    The President for his daughter with the world in the balance, with hundreds of millions of people in Europe and Asia behind the Iron Curtain gave Patti 90 minutes of his time to meet with this leftist under the conditions that nothing would be leaked. Caldicot immediately smeared the President to the press. This is what Patti Reagan chose as her associates without an apology.

    Probably the worst slap Patti Reagan took at her parents was to become the exploited whore of Hugh Hefner of Playboy magazine. Patti had absolutely zero talent at anything like most California children of that era, and lived off their parent's success and contacts. In Patti's case she gained success by the left rewarding her being their bimbo to strike at her father.
    The degenerate Hugh Hefner had been in a fury ever since Attorney General Ed Meese had stepped up the focus that pornography was harmful to the societal population. Hefner the pervert swung hard jazz left and went after all things right wing and Reagan. The end result was pimping Patti Reagan in the pages of Playboy.
    It was the testament of Patti Reagan's political wedding to the left.

    It should not me lost the implication by Hefner in making Patti Davis the white whore of a nigger in heat by the flesh tone contrast, but as with all things Patti Reagan, it was not enough to degrade her family, as at age 58 she once again whored herself out much to the delight of the British press in showing a body to the world no one wanted to see the first time.

    'I've learned to respect my body': Ronald Reagan's daughter Patti Davis poses nude at 58

    58 years old and Patti Reagan still had not learned to respect her family. Still unable to be known by her father's name, and still defining herself by her self destructive feminism of Patti Davis and speaking for her dead mother, as the way Patti wanted it, as that way Patti Davis was always in control.

    The Reagans attempted in every way to give their children the best foot forward, to open any doors and welcomed the efforts of their friends. When Patti though had decided to become an actress, and we all know how that went in the zero movies she ever starred into zero box office, the legendary James Cagney offered to help her as he was a friend to the Reagans.
    Think of that story literally in a Hollywood legend offering to help in your career in what a dream that would be for every one else, but not Patti Reagan, as she blew off Jimmy Cagney and all of her parent's best efforts and she failed on what she was in becoming unable to play a roll beyond a brat daughter.

    Nancy Reagan always hoped that Patti would not be an "if only" child, in if only I had made peace with my parents. As Mrs. Reagan noted, Patti did phone her after her breast cancer operation, but when Patti's grandmother died shortly thereafter, there was not a call, no flowers not even a note. Mrs. Reagan was hurt by this and thought her Mother deserved better than to be treated that way in death.

    This is a wake up call to those who will not awaken as leopards never change their spots and always will find someone else to blame for their caustic natures. Those who read the words in the above, are the ones who have already reached out a hundred times and been rebuffed or ignored as all families have these problem people in them.

    As someone who never had one advantage, opportunity or chance afforded to them, I do resent the golden children, who grow up to be self centered and undeserving as they were born to be. If Patti Davis was ever moved in reviewing her life, it would all be about her and not about the people or nation she affected in absolutely horrid decisions.
    She is a born lesson in what not to be like and that is the lesson in all of this for every person, because every person decides to accept or reject a Christ centered life. No one can ever be perfect in it as all fail, but it is the point of not being a fake or a fraud, and actually considering how other people are affected by decisions which always end in more problems for the person or the family.

    Some children are just those you can turn to, and some children are the ones who it never dawns on them to extend a hand to someone else, as their pain is the only pain they can feel.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Many are wondering about the nethers of Willard Romney in Trump intrigue to replace that old sod chum of pervert Teddy Kennedy in Orrin Hatch.....who Mark Levin got re elected last time around, but this time Orrin is out and Mitt is being the replacement fossil in Mormon land.

    Romney, who is 70, is seeking to replace 83-year-old Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch, who is retiring after more than 40 years in the U.S. Senate.
    The former Massachusetts governor moved to Utah after losing the 2012 presidential election. He is considered the overwhelming favorite to win the Senate contest.
    In Utah, Romney is remembered for turning around the scandal-plagued 2002 Winter Olympics.

    Yes what kind of trouble could Mitt Romney give Donald Trump in the Senate when the Senate is already overflowing with traitors.

    So Romney is about as old as Orrin Hatch's pubic hairs and as grey. How much can a 70 year old Mormon cause really? It is like you got John McCain cancer now topped by a Romney tumor, so what can a tumor do that a cancer has already done?

    I looked up Willard's Mexican sexing parents and I see the old man died at 88, so Mitt probably has 2 good terms in him, but we all know that Mitt is looking for a 2020 loss of Trump or a 2024 run, which puts Willard at 76 years old on this old trombone to try and be President. Remember now that Romney could not finish off Obama in 2012 AD in the year of our Lord, so how can he be expected to cross the deadline alive next time around.
    I mean is 2024 going to be Hillary coughing up lungs again and Mitt wearing depends for his prostate cancer?

    I figure the Senate is the place Romney is going to die. I figured Mormons went other places to die, but then again Mitt returned to the roost to be among his own people, but as Mormons are boring, big east Mitt for Detroit and Boston is looking to be around his own liberal kind again in the Senate. Yes you can just see Mitt and Mitch doing toe wrestling in the hot tub as they chant, "Let them eat hot tubs!!!"

    I suppose being a loser that one goes home to Utah, where the election is stacked against your opponent like Xi running in Peking and you get into the Senate to do all the things Mormons loathe like Orrin Hatch has been engaged in.

    I guess it will not be so bad dying in the Senate. John McCain will probably be dead by then as cancer agrees with him, and old age does not. So McCain will be lying in state for awhile and Romney when he goes will be sort of like the happy ending. Probably be the tabernacle choir and other Mormon things to entertain as dignitaries like the Putin would not come.........then there is Kim Jong he won't come either.......Jimmy he won't come either, but I am sure there will be lots to enjoy like .........I don't know how Mormons enjoy themselves, other than sex, as man them Mormon men all got hot wives and have like 300 children, but I don't think necrophilia will be part of the program, but I have never been to Mormon state funeral, but I did hear that seagulls came once and ate grasshoppers in a plague, so maybe they might have a parakeet saying "What a guy", as it perches on Mitt's casket.

    Well that is about it in this Romney eulogy. Not many people are rich enough to buy a state, con Mormons to elect you so you get a free state funeral. I don't see a great deal of benefit in changing one fossil for another dinosaur, but then I was not born in Mexico and snuck back into Texas pretending I lov's fd America.

    I don't know though if Romney is playing this right as with McCain, there are real show stoppers like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, HW Bush, George and then that image Obama ......hell Hillary Clinton will want her rotunda view too, in I fear that America will have so many funerals that no one will care if Mitt sticks around or for that matter exits by the Senate.

    I can see why Mormons would vote for Romney in getting him out of their state as they do have standards, and they have limits as saving the Olympics does not have the luster it had a few years ago.

    So that is Mitt Romney's future plans, sitting in hot tubs with Mitch McConnell playing toe tag.

    Say I wonder if Mitch was told that he has to take orders from Mitch and that Mitt will be the junior Senator from a nothing state as other senators from nothing states will be getting Hatch's posts. Not much glamour in being low guy on a totem of traitors.

    Nuff Said


  • Nikolas Cruz

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    After the racist diatribe of throwing fuel on a the raging fire of the shooting in Florida by Nikolas Cruz by Ben Shapiro, where Shapiro was smearing White people and linking Cruz to White Supremacists, a little fact came out from the Florida Police in stating that they had no such evidence.

    However, asked whether Cruz was linked to white supremacists, the sheriff said on February 15, "That's not confirmed at this time. We've heard that. We're looking into that." Authorities conducted a gun trace. A representative of the ATF said the firearm was purchased lawfully just short of a year ago in the State of Florida. According to the sheriff, the shooter bought the gun at a dealer in Coral Springs, Florida called Sunrise Tactical.

    Jordan Jareb

    See this all is sourced from the Jordan Jereb group and other "children" as sources, but here is a quote from from the group stating where Cruz obtained his weapon from, as in pointing the finger at themselves as a group who sold weapons to a mass murderer.

    An ROF leader later told the Associated Press and Daily Beast that Cruz was a member and claims Cruz received a rifle from another person affiliated with the militia.

    But here is the ATF facts in the history of this AR 15:

    A representative of the ATF said the firearm was purchased lawfully just short of a year ago in the State of Florida. According to the sheriff, the shooter bought the gun at a dealer in Coral Springs, Florida called Sunrise Tactical.

    So the White Supremacists have been lying and feeding information to the ADL which is apparently what Ben Shapiro took as gospel and went hate speech on White people on the Daily Wire, which is funded by Texas billionaire Christians.

    The Anti-Defamation League wrote on its website that it has information that Nikolas Cruz might have been involved in a white supremacist militia group called Republic of Florida, even participating in its training exercises.

    Comic Sam Hyde

    Do you remember Sam Hyde? The character that the Alt Right kept spoofing the press with in shootings? What this looks like is Ben Shapiro after going holocaust on Paul Nehlen and the Alt Right, looks like he was trolled and this time a group of Florida boys played the ADL knowing they were ready to bite on it.

    This has to play out yet, but do you think any group is going to admit to selling weapons against the law to a mass shooter where they will end up in prison? That is why the stories are not coming out straight, is because they are being manufactured, for the expressed purpose of being fed to leftist media and their Ben Shapiro trolls who just went toxic shock syndrome.

    A White Supremacist Florida Shooter

    This is not Nikolas Cruz. This is Ben Shapiro

    For the record, Ben Shapiro should be immediately fired by the Wilks brothers who employ this hateful racist. They are supposed to be Christians, but what Shapiro engaged in today was criminal, in he just yelled fire in a crowded theater, meaning Shapiro again picked a fight with the Alt Right, and knowing some are unbalanced, if they go postal, the Wilks Brothers are open to lawsuits by the families.
    The Wilks Brothers just might be on this civil suit list, as Ben Shapiro has been goading the Alt Right for almost 2 years, just got Paul Nehlen banned from Twitter after setting him up, and now Shapiro verbal slapped these same people in blaming them for the Florida shooting. That is libel and with the correct attorneys the Wilks brothers and Ben Shapiro are going to be divested of all their wealth by a jury of their peers.

    All of us should be implementing as the Lame Cherry has advocated in a return to Christ and finding proper historical outlets for American youth to engage in positive releases of their frustrations. The need to stop antagonizing people who should be given hope again in the American Dream is what all should be engaged in and the Ben Shapiro's should be called out for their making the situation worse in their bigotry, racism and hatred.

    As this blog warned in an earlier post, we need to have the investigators sort this out in the facts, and not jump to conclusions of Shapiro prejudice in #NeverTrumperism, because the Police are indicating the White Supremacists were not being factual, and we know for certain they lied about this weapon.
    Those lies certainly got a Florida group national attention and it certainly exposed the hate of Ben Shapiro, as if this was all by design.

    The only thing which will save the Wilks family fortune is denouncing Ben Shapiro and removing him from the Daily Wire, because this violence now links to them. It is what happens when you did not get over being beaten by Donald Trump and you get suckered by Shylock Shapiro who just found a new way to use your money in getting sued in court.

    Whatever the case in this, the Wilks family needs to order Ben Shapiro to apologize to the 4Channers and the Alt Right for his heinous racist attacks upon them in his hate speech over this issue.

    Nuff Said


  • This is not Nikolas Cruz. This is Ben Shapiro

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Little did the Lame Cherry realize that when it in satire noted that the Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz looked like a twin of Ben Shapiro, that the two do have a link in seeking to suppress politics which were not their own.

    What was remarkable in this, is the Shapiro calling Nikolas Cruz a black Jew. Remember in this, that Shapiro with Jonah Goldberg and William Kristol are #NeverTrumpers who pulled ever dirty trick online to destroy Donald Trump, going to the extent of trying to elect Hillary Clinton "so they could be right", but here is Shapiro ragging on the Alt Right online as the evil which is incarnate in this world, when he is the guilt behind all of this, as it was Ben Shapiro who has done nothing but get into bitch slap fights on Twitter for two years with people on the Alt Right.

    Second, the tenor of our politics has become increasingly hostile. That means that there are Sanders-supporting extremists who will shoot up Congressional softball games, and there are apparently Trump-supporting extremists who will shoot up high schools. The perception of our neighbors as our enemies, particularly thanks to polarized media coverage, isn't helping things.

    If one remembers the facts, it was Ben Shapiro who tag teamed with another Jew this past month against Christian Paul Nehlen when Nehlen said it was ok to be White. This set off another round where Ben Shapiro slandered the Lord Christ, by calling Him a Jew, when Jesus was defined as a Galilean and the term Jew was designated as the political establishment carrying out repression, beatings and murder for the Roman regime.

    Just look at what Ben Shapiro rages on his site at the Daily Wire, which is FUNDED BY two Billionaire Christians, in his race hatred against Whites.

    Third, intersectional politics of race has skyrocketed on all sides over the past several years, driving sad-sack young white men to justify bigotry by claiming "white solidarity."

    Transfer what Ben Shapiro just posted about Whites onto Blacks and see if you then understand that hatred in this propagandist:

    driving stupid lazy young black men to justify bigotry by claiming "black lives matter".

    Do you understand the pariah that Shapiro is, and in his last statement of hate speech, in which he is once again not approaching this in a way to understand the tensions in society, Ben Shapiro goes in and throws a Molotov Bentail onto the raging fire.

    Something is deeply sick in our society right now. That sickness can only be healed when we stop seeing each other as the enemy. But that sickness seems unlikely to heal in the current environment, where everyone who disagrees is supposedly a dire threat to your way of life — and where the sickest members of our society imbibe that poison, and spew out death.

    Ben Shapiro is that sickness and this is coming from a Tweet bigot who engineered the progression of events which got Paul Nehlen banned. Remember what Nehlen did, he responded to Shapiro in Jesus identity, to which Shapiro smeared him for his white kind, then Nehlen reposted a photo of Prince Harry and the leftist he is marrying with Cheddar Man's head on her body, along with pointing out that Ashkenaz elitists have been the ones behind the porn industry, EXPLOITING their own Jews in sex films, like Harvey Weinstein.

    For this Shapiro got Paul Nehlen silenced, and now Ben Shapiro goes on a Christian funded website smearing White people who were not like him in hating Donald Trump.

    Whoever this half breed Nikolas Cruz is, his father died, his mother died, he was adopted and has been having psychological problems for the past few years, which begins with this entire American society which has voided Jesus the Christ from being in the hearts and minds of this culture in a Gospel of redemption, dignity and peace.

    Frankly after what Ben Shapiro posted, any future violence at schools should bring massive lawsuits against his Christian backers as this politics of hate is not of Ronald Reagan, is not of Conservatives and is the stuff of Talmudic mud people doctrines which have the elite of Jewry walling off Philistines into ghettos, while walling off religious Jews on the right into their own West Bank ghettos.

    The disgusting thing of this is there are wonderful journalists as in Aaron Klein who has always reported any story correctly without being incendiary, and then there is this chronic agitator in Ben Shapiro who defines not the problem of why Americans in all groups feel isolated and cut off and seeks not a proper realignment of society for the American Dream. Shapiro sows hatred while Sean Homo Hannity today was telling us that we need weapon carrying ex military in our schools. The Lame Cherry states America needs none of that, but instead needs a return to Christ and a President in the White House who keeps his promises and gives people a belief that tomorrow will be better for every American and that those behind Antifa will face criminal charges in legal indictment, not more Shapiro hate speech offending people who are already upset.

    It needs to be asked, why did Ben Shapiro post a piece knowingly which will alienate more people and make them reach for more weapons?

    I listened to the arraignment of Nikolas Cruz. He was absolutely polite to the Judge. This person understands authority and respect, but has been injured and sees everything taken from him in his father dying when he was younger, and his mother dying the past few months. That is not a White Supremacist as Ben Shapiro and the left are ranting about to destroy people who they do not like, but that is a teenager who got pushed over the edge by the rhetoric against Donald Trump the past two years, which was generated by Ben Shapiro.

    Disgusting! Discredited #NeverTrumper Ben Shapiro Says TRUMP ...

    Ben Shapiro, Michelle Fields and Megyn Kelly tried to take the Trump campaign down in March with a fraudulent story of an assault that never happened.

    Ben Shapiro on Twitter: "#NeverTrumpers aren't responsible ...

    Not on Twitter? Sign up, ... Ben Shapiro ‏ Verified account ... If we had that kind of power, he never would have won the nom. This is all on Trump.


  • Theodore Roosevelt with Troop 1 of the
    non sodomite Boy Scouts of America

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In all honesty, forget Donald Trump, forget the shooter in Florida, forget all the spin, but just look at the eyes of Nikolas Cruz. If you are beyond disernment, you are viewing the forensic psychology of a burned out amoral programmed child with emotional rape of his heart and conditioning of his mind, so this is the face of someone without hope and has concluded that there is only one remedy in his helplessness, and that is to strike back with the power of a weapon which explodes shells as tearing as the explosive terror inside his heart is driving him 24 hours a day. He is driven to kill that thing which he does not fit into.
    These are not the eyes of a human, but the eyes of an animal as the humane quality has been eradicated from inside of him.

    This is not some rare event, as there are other children with the same societal rape of their souls with absolutely no outlet. We have an America which is supercharged with turmoil. Everyone is plugged into cell phones, computers, media, and it is a 24 hour a day stimulant of literal emotional rape, which produces a rage where the individual in these instances has no God, has no positive release as children used to have, has no societal boundaries as the cartel in George Soros has everyone cheating and protesting something, so that no one is left in peace for moment in there is not any escape.

    This is the face of how a male child used to appear in America, where children could be children, and where children were not assaulted by society, as society reinforced the principles of America was good, our leaders were looking out for us, everyone had to play by the rules, you protected each other and there is a God we all answer to.

    Make America Great Again was voted for, not for Whiteness, but for the America which the Founders established as a Christian Nation of morals and principles, where the police state was not looking to Finicum you and the Obama opposition was not performing a coup against the person who was elected.

    FBI Too Busy With Trump Probe, Inner Turmoil To Follow Up On HS Mass Murderer Tips

    The President has suffered in this, his daughter in law was just terrorized by one of the lunatic left who sent a white powder through the mail, and no arrests have appeared in that crime yet either. The President though is not speaking for Christian America, but runs Jewish script, once again spinning this, because he is playing Evangelicals who he needs for his re election and because they support the Israeli state.
    That is why Jesus is handiwork in Trump speeches and not the Son of God, and God's Word has nothing to do with the Word of God in Christ the Lord.

    Where in all of this God talk has Donald Trump shown by example this past year any semblance of being a leader who could pull back some of these children who are over the edge?
    This President has zero loyalty. Reince Priebus who conducted the GOP Christian outreach was humiliated in being ordered to swat a fly and then was fired. Steve Bannon was called a cry baby. There are not any Christians in the White House, so all this White House has, is Jew Speak which denies the Prince of Peace His rightful place in the leadership of America.

    What America voted for is not coming out of this White House. There is no talk of peace with Russia, but constant rampages of starting nuclear wars all through Eurasia. The American People have been beat up emotionally for all of their lives, whether it was Read my Lips lies, Bill Clinton rapes, Hillary Clinton crimes going free, W. Bush lying about being Born Again as he now cuddles with Michelle Obama, Birther Hussein was not natural born, and now the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania avenue is rewarding criminal invasion of America by taking from Americans while giving to Visa Vermin.

    So President Trump can speak the vain words of grieving nations and mourning families, but when a President is Daca'ing around with America for big business slave labor, to genocide Americans, the words are shallow and hollow from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. America voted for LEADERSHIP in 2016, not a Tweet Rager.

    The President in Jewish speech writer, Stephen Miller has a poetic verse which appears, but it is all unreal and anti Christian. It is as fake as the news that Mr. President rages against and these children who are money pits for dope dealers who take those millions and launder them into Wall Street franchises for Trump Brand, while Donald Trump does his select a tweet to blow up situations from the NFL kneeling to scolding Kim Jong Un, is part of the emotional problem of the instability of America.

    This must be understood that NO ONE, from Putin, Xi to Kim Jong Un, subjects their populations to this kind of emotional rape, as it is unhealthy and it brings a murderous and hard people. Donald Trump is not alone in this as the media is raging for ratings every day, but Donald Trump is the President, and after smarmy Obama, no compassion W, slick Willy, America needs a leader who they can trust, and Donald Trump is proving to be a person that it is Trump Brand first and the population is there to manipulate.

    Where does a child go in this society? Donald Trump never promotes Christian groups. Donald Trump has no outlet as it is all sodomite Trump now to the boy and girl scouts. There is not a safe zone for chilren, and Donald Trump is not leading by example, as America's children are not Barron jetting off to Mar Largo for the weekend.
    America's children are the 4Channers who have been exposed to hate America multi culturalism and they despise it, because they do not live behind the ivory towers. Those children though turn to a keyboard to affect change instead of a gun, because they still believe that words have more power to build than a weapon to destroy.

    America is in dire need of Donald Trump to take on the persona of Herbert Hoover, who was the President for children in need. He was there for them in showing them that he cared. It sounds liberal whiner but it is the case in a leader has to make a nation believe that they care about them, that they will defend them, that they will protect them, and that no matter what, they come first, even if every other person in their lives treats them like dirt.
    No leader can do this to millions of individuals, but it is a trickle through affect. Ronald Reagan convinced Americans that he cared about each of them and wanted a fair deal for them. Even in the violent rhetoric against Ronald Reagan, there was not a condition of these zombie children as Ronald Reagan gave them boundaries.

    When one tallies what children process, they have heard one thing from Donald Trump, and his actions have produced another:

    Obamacare rationed death is in place so they are in jeopardy of medical treatment.

    Trump Tax rewards Wall Street and foreign families in tax cuts.

    Trump foreign policy invites nuclear attacks on the homes where children cower.

    Trump talks Christ, but embraces sodomites who are trolling for children.

    I am not stating that Donald Trump or Birther Hussein created Nikola Cruz, but the lack of leadership on their parts has given zero escape to these children on the edge. Is there any child in America who thinks they can turn to a teacher and instead of getting help, instead get some nutty counselor nodding their head, or turn to a cop and the cop not hauling them away to juvenile hall, or go to the boy scouts and not get molested like Michael Reagan was, as children are taught to distrust everyone, because everyone is always molesting them.

    What does a Nikolas Cruz have inside of him but turmoil in being a half breed, stuck between two cultures where he does not fit in. His people were lured to America and were exploited, and they know they are displacing Americans who loathe them, so they carry that guilt.
    They are handed phones to babysit them, computers to do their homework for them and parents have no time in being robbed of inflation and taxes so they are not around, so kids have drugs and sex, and when that does not medicate their pains, they either kill themselves or unload on society.

    Nikolas Cruz is the face of DACA Dream. America chewed him up and spit him out, and he was not able to cope with it as the Christ part was denied him.

    What America has done and what Donald Trump has been doing, is not solving what ails America by cartel societal manipulation design. America needs Christ, the real Gospel, a President who by word and deed is promoting that goodness and the requirement that those who break laws in the police state are prosecuted and those who are in the masses are not always criminalized for breathing.

    How can it be a surprise when children act out as Nikolas Cruz as they have no moral guidance and no one protects them in America. The surprise is that American children have been able to withstand 50 years of this emotional rape and molestation and is manifesting in these numbers.

    Animal psychology proves time and again, that from rats to chimps, when conditions pack them into too much confinement they become perverted in sex, hardened and begin murdering each other. The policies out of Washington in legalized invasion to praising the police state, which criminalizes Americans who are forced by lack of employment to sell dope and themselves on the streets for Wall Street profits, as Trump credit card debt implodes America further, are magnifying this created Cannibal America by design.

    Thirty years ago Nancy Reagan was mocked by the establishment high on coke to JUST SAY NO. Well American said NO in 2016 resoundingly, just as Blacks said NO in 2008, and nothing was done to alleviate their plight. Chicago is still murder central and Americans are still be replaced by foreigners in Dallas.

    Children are quite aware of all of this, and quite aware that their future is a lifetime to debt to those in the ivory towers who get the jets to fly around in, while they work themselves to death. As an American Society, Christ must be the focal point for self governance for the next life, to keep the Citizen obedient in this life, and in this life thee American must have proof that they are heard and that they come first.

    None of that is coming out of Washington DC, and the silent Tony Perkins who gets private Trump calls is letting everyone down by not being as Christ in exposing the moneychangers exploiting everyone.

    You want children to stop being violent? Then adults begin by example in self control and guide children with Christian love.

    Scouts guided by President Roosevelt never forgot
    the love he shared with them

    Proverbs 22:6

    Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    As a child I always had a fantasy that I was really some Kennedy or Rockefeller baby who had been mistaken in the hospital for another cur, and I had instead ended up in the wrong home, and one day a Caddy would drive up and rescue me and I would never look back.

    My dad was a small man inside and a large frame outside, who was a child, who bullied everyone, and did his utmost to make certain that I never rose above him, or else he would not have anyone under him. My siblings possessed that same trait.

    That is why when I witnessed fathers like John Wayne or Ronald Reagan, I yearned to have a parent like that who actually cared enough as men about their child to make time for them, and how disappointed I always was to see the children of men like this to be such utter disappointments.

    That is how I view Michael Reagan, the adopted son of Ronald Reagan. Everyone has been a witness to his charade of doing all he could to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016 and then in 2017 becoming and advocate for the criminal invaders of America. His father who adopted him, and gave Michael Reagan the world, tried to solve illegals by amnesty and it was a disaster which created a greater mess America is in, and Michael Reagan has no excuse in desiring to repeat the mistake. Especially as these illegals in Trump Amnesty will end thee American Race in thee American Genocide.
    If Michael Reagan wants to end his Whiteness, then there are suicide forms to abort himself. He does not have the right to bastardized his father's legacy nor destroy America, just because he has the silver spoon when 95 million Americans do not have jobs, and foreigners have those American jobs.

    The known politics and betrayal of Michael Reagan compare nothing to the small man he is. He is a man who once screamed at Ronald Reagan on the phone, "I wish you had never adopted me!". The President took it, as the President took all of Michael's outbursts, but it is just the evidence of Michael Reagan has never been Ronald Reagan's son, but only a pretender looking for an excuse.

    The history of Michael Reagan is he lived in terror of being a bastard, as he was adopted by Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman, from a woman who got pregnant by a Sailor, and gave him up. It was not enough that Ronald Reagan wanted him, and Nancy Reagan bent over backwards for this kid in back rubs, it was Michael just had to be wanted by his real mum and his real dad just had to have been a victim of circumstance. The only victim was morality as fornication took place and it is why moral people are not sexing each other before marriage as it produces appendages moral society is stuck raising, who never fully appreciate Ronald Reagan, kick him when he least expects it and in death, thinks they can mould the President into what he really should have been.

    Michael Reagan is a fiction. The reality is he betrayed his father in 2016, betrayed his father in 2017 and is still milking the Ronald Reagan front tit for a life of luxury and comfort, while attacking the Ronald Reagan base in thee most sadistic aborticide of a nation.

    Amazing psychopathy of Michael Reagan. He is a bastard phobic, so his pysche is to displace Americans with these illegitimate Americans, so that Michael Reagan can convince himself he is not alone in the world. That kind of nuttery needs Jesus long ago, and a leather couch in psychiatric counseling, as Michael Reagan's phobia of being illegitimate seeks to surround himself in a sea of illegitimate Americans.

    Michael Reagan is a political bastard. He is the illegitimate consort of the Reagan legacy in his lewd and immoral policies corrupting the America Virgin by all of this foreign rape cock. It would have been better if this old man had just wasted away, but instead he had to tarnish his father's reputation with the ultimate disrespect, but then Michael Reagan when the chips were down, never did respect Ronald Reagan.

    Michael Reagan was abused by a pedophile as a child and posed for nude photos. The Reagan's made excuses for Michael in this, but Michael knew the consequences as he kept the story hidden as his father rose to power, as Michael knew those pictures were going to surface and destroy his father's career. Yet Michael Reagan kept quiet to protect himself as his father and an entire American political movement to save the world was in jeopardy because of Michael Reagan.
    It is one thing for a child to keep quiet in being Kevin Spacey raped, but it is another thing for an adult male to keep quiet protecting himself as his father is in jeopardy, as Michael Reagan is screaming at the President about not wanting to be adopted by the President.

    If I would have had the love and opportunities Ronald Reagan gave, I would have relished that protection and comfort and never did anything to jeopardize my father. I know this, because I never did that to my old man, and he was a son of a bitch six ways past Sunday.

    It is time to define this fake Reagan for what he is, not his father's son, because he has betrayed America and his father's legacy time and again. Michael Reagan has zero talent as mic head, writer or for political progression. He is there like Meghan McCain in taking up space in their parent's affirmative action while real talent is kept in the fringes and their abilities are pirated, as these offspring whore for the political left.

    Michael Reagan has done enough political damage to the Reagan name and to America in these perilous time. His actions have uncovered what a bastard he is, in the illegitimate political son of Ronald Reagan.

    Nuff Said


  • To think we wasted all that time winning wars when losing is easy.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Gone are the days when America had boys lusting for Red Ryder BB guns at age 4 and getting their first 22 at Christmas hunting rabbits and squirrel to keep American families in meat.

    Now in Donald Trump and Mad Dong Mattis' "Be all fag you can Be", the US military is not training Soldiers to throw grenades as they can not accomplish this softball throw task. So the US military is just giving up, as who needs grenades in way anyway as firing your weapon, reveals your position and gets you into a body bag and there is not any sense in not trying to not make this happen..

    US Army general says new recruits are not strong enough to throw grenades

    Very good Trump lesbian as you killed us both,
    China will appreciate America killing itself.

    The reality of all of this though is that the General behind this, has decided that as these body baggers take to long to train, there is not any point in training them in grenades so they will be trained in 'other things'. I suppose learning to pucker you bung hole in a foxhole as you are getting a feces penis shoved up it, is more important Trump training.

    Commanders have complained about receiving undisciplined and "sloppy" appearing soldiers to their units after BCT. So the Army has decided to dedicate more time for recruits to become physically fit and develop discipline by spending more time on drill and ceremony, inspections, and learning military history.
    "What we have found is it is taking far, far too much time. It's taking three to four times as much time ... just to qualify folks on the hand grenade course than we had designated so what is happening is it is taking away from other aspects of training," Maj. Gen. Malcolm Frost, commanding general of the U.S. Army Center of Initial Military Training, told defense reporters on Friday.
    "We are finding that there are a large number of trainees that come in that quite frankly just physically don't have the capacity to throw a hand grenade 20 to 25 to 30 meters. In 10 weeks, we are on a 48-hour period; you are just not going to be able to teach someone how to throw if they haven't thrown growing up."

    That is a most puzzling aspect in this, as one would think with all of the faggots in the military that masturbation in the shemales heshees would have developed a good pitching arm as all teenagers do now is text and masturbate. That would seem primo talent for pulling triggers and tossing grenades.

    Alright boys, I understand that you are the group who
    collapsed and were rushed to the ER as putting on a condom
    sapped all your strength.

    This Malcolm Frost who has ordered that incomplete training and untrained uniform wearers are a military, really needs to dropped over North Korea out of an F 35, as who needs a parachute anyway.
    That General needs to be gone and so does Mag Dong as this is his disaster.

    Why would you throw a grenade as we like them in our butts

    Yes you heard me, I can text 40 characters a minute
    and she can listen to an entire Kayne West cd at one setting.

    I once got a splinter and she took it out without anesthesia

    I was born in Honduras, can't speak a word of English,
    have an IQ of 73 and now I'm a company commander
    who can't throw a grenade, but I pose with flags real good.

    We practice surrendering, bending over and
    having our anuses searched for smuggled goods.

    This absolute bullshit of handing this Trump Brand over to the Obama Soros McCain political officers and Donald Trump saluting it all, instead of being Commander in Chief is an absolute disgrace. Ronald Reagan would have fired this entire bunch, hell he would not have had to, as Cap Weinberger would have done it before Reagan even heard of it.
    No officer in the United States military would have entertained anything of this sort. America now has a military which allows in rejects on psycho meds, fags and literally tards who would blow themselves up with their own grenades.

    America HAS now under Trump just increased spending of 15% on a trillion dollar budget for the military, and the military can not fight!!!
    Ask some vital questions in a soldier who can not throw a grenade certainly can not.........carry a wounded Soldier to safety, carry a 90 pound pack, scale a wall, or haul their fag asses on a belly crawl in combat three feet.

    Kim Jong Un can just have his sister sneeze on this bunch of Trump Troop and be in Seoul by breakfast. Vladamir Putin can send in the Moscow All Girl Police and be in Paris to watch the sun setting on the Seine, as America has nothing of a military any more or any leadership to command this foreign fag military.

    One can only hope it is the Russians who come when it happens and not the Chicoms, and hope the Russians are merciful under President Putin.

    This is the army of President Kim Jong Un, and yes they can throw grenades.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    As Donald Trump is producing a policy which will foment a continental war with Russia which will expand into the Great Eurasian War, with a Chinese invasion in securing the American oil fields in Alaska as Europe becomes scorched earth, a historical examination of the reality of war with Russia is essential, and in war planning the Lame Cherry will provide the correct military planning to invade Russia and defeat her.

    This is important to comprehend in, no one who has ever invaded Russia has beaten her, as her territory is too expansive and hostile to armies. What killed the Grande Arme of Napoleon and the Hitler's Wehrmacht Blitzkrieg were the same issues in expanse, supply, attrition, war, mud and winter.
    In war season, the French and Germans began the war at the correct dates, the German's began Barbarossa on June 22nd, 1941 AD in the year of our Lord, but it required to September to secure the area to the old Russian boarder, and Ukraine was still a rear area problem in the Romanians destroyed their allied army before Odessa, fighting a modern war with last war failures.

    Kiev in Ukraine as much as distance neutralized too much of the German army in Operation Barbarossa, so that when that phase did kill the communists, a new operation was began in October called Typhoon, but in October the Russian rains and mud begin, which ends lightning warfare and consumes critical fuel.
    Simply stated, the Germans when they could move smashed the Soviet front to almost collapse of all Russia, but after two weeks of lost men an equipment and the inability to resupply their armies on the Eastern Front, instead of an armistice, the Germans like Napoleon began a long retreat where Russia brought ruin to their once grand armies.

    It is in this examination of what Donald Trump must do, or face the exact same defeat and this time the full control of Europe by Moscow, with their nuclear shield in place, a battle plan to not be defeated by expanse, attrition, winter and mud, will be built upon how Adolf Hitler and his general staff could have won the Eastern Front, before the rasputitsa or autumn rains and mud which consumed the French and German armies.

    Hitler and his General Staff began Barbarossa correctly, as the bottom map shows, but the correct battle plan would have in driving the Russians back to a St. Petersburg - Minsk - Odessa line, would have given the Russians what they expected in a Napoleonic attack focused on the fields of Ukraine and driving to Moscow, as that is where the communist defenses formed after Kiev in the two pockets the Germans created in Typhoon at Viats'ma and Briansk, where the Wehrmacht crushed almost 10 Russian armies, taking half a million prisoners and Stalin allowing that many to be killed.

    In this battle plan though, we will follow what some German officers warned against in using too many resources on Kiev, but instead utilize Kiev in what General Patton termed, "Hold them by the nose and kick them in the pants".
    Meaning, our battle plan will hold the Russians at Kiev as a salient, with Odessa the southern anchor point, and with the Soviet armies concentrated middle and south, we open a new front in the north.

    Finland provided a half million seasoned Soldiers to the German alliance, and in that, we would have in control of the Baltic Sea, moved three German armies by ship, not burning tank tread nor fuel, but utilizing shipping to Estonia where our Army Group North would have in August smashed to St. Petersburg, rendezvoused with the Finns and broken out to gain control over the North Volga to the White or Barents Sea.

    Army Group Center would hold most of the Soviet forces before it and in this salient create their own salient between Minsk and Kiev, while Army Group South, with the Romania forces pressuring Kiev, would allow Panzer groups to smash forward to Donetskand Kharkiv.

    These points are important as the Wehrmacht has not used up resources to make these gains, but has struck with overwhelming and lightning forces into areas not sufficiently defended.

    It is at this time to explain the purpose of the above, which is to establish a seaport at St. Petersburg, where barge shipping, utilizing the Volga will provide overflowing supplies to the Wehrmacht of Army Group North.

    The Soviets now would be faced with a grave danger. If they stay and hold the Kiev and Minsk line, the Northern German Army will smash into Moscow within five days. If they retreat, they will be shattered by the German advance and Stuka bombers as the airfields and supply are in German lines of communication while Moscow is outside this zone.

    The Soviets if they delay will be encircled. If they redeploy they will be shattered. Whatever the Kremlin does, it's forces will either be routed or Moscow will be seized.
    It is important to note that Heir Hitler never intended to take Moscow as the Russians had booby trapped other cities. Moscow was to be cordoned off and killed by a German defensive perimeter.

    This is a close up map of the Volga Line. German Army North would smash St. Petersburg, drive up the Volga to gain control of barge supply shipping for the armies and send divisions unhindered directly to Uglich north of Moscow as a staging area, and a second division out of Latvia to flank the Vias'ma armies and strike to the headwaters of the Volga placing Moscow in jeopardy, which would trigger the infamous Moscow Defense Line.

    The end result of operations by September 1st, 1941 AD in the year of our Lord, would be a German line from the White Sea south to Ulgich, with full supply and superior position.
    Northern Army would have linked with Group Center, and communists which had not withdrawn from Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk would be encircled as Army Group South smashed northward on the drive toward Moscow. St. Petersburg would be the major Luftwaffe base to smash Russian bases in the air defense of Moscow.

    Two encirclements would take place, one of Moscow and one which would isolate 10 to 15 Russia Armies, without resource or escape.

    The Russians would collapse into the Vias'ma and Briansk pocket as Moscow would come under full Reich control.
    "Russia" would exist in the barrens from Archangel to Volgograd, as German air power and artillery would smash the pockets of Viaz'ma and Briansk.

    The Russian Front effectively would be beyond the Ural Line. In this reality of December 1941 as Japan struck America as Franklin Roosevelt intended to take place. Germany would be in absolute control of Greater Germany.
    The Turks which signed a non aggression pact with Germany, upon this kind of German success, would begin assistance to the Reich in striking at British in the Mideast, with Japan a new ally of Germany would re open the front against the Soviets and pin remaining Russian forces there.

    Berlin seizing Russian production, would become a manufacturing giant of industry and war. America would cease having a functioning ally in Moscow and Germany would move to invade England and end all American base support to prosecute a war in Europe.
    It is doubtful that given this situation, that FDR could have politically declared war on Germany after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, as England would cease to exist if she did not capitulate, as America had enough to deal with in FDR's Japanese War with the German Reich as a manufacturing base.

    I digress.

    In order to defeat Russia, it is necessary to pin down their eastern front, and to negate the impulse in the 21st century of China to become a human fodder consumer of NATO munitions. This is create by the Volga Strategy.
    Donald Trump is better positioned by past preparation in driving the border to Russia already, so no Barbarossa is necessary. What is necessary is protecting supply and negating a Russian military response to utilize nuclear weapons on the battlefield to negate the Trump tank columns.

    If Russia is unaided in a promise to China of Russian Asian territory, then Russia can be taken before the mud and winter set in. Russia would have to understand that NATO would strike with like nuclear warheads any Russian positions to neutralize any advantage by using nuclear weapons on tank columns.

    It is an enigma of what if, if the Reich simply had wide tracks on their tanks, and transports, had utilized the Volga by a more focused campaign on two operations, that 1000 horses would not have died each week at the onset of Operation Typhoon in being worked to death after being overworked in Barbarossa.

    If I had been adjutant to General Guderian, the Reich would have defeated the communists before the rasputitsa. The Lame Cherry is here now and if this disgusting aggression against Russia by the current world regime is to be engaged in, it is best to be done properly, quickly and effectively, to save lives in leaving east and central Europe untouched, most of Russian untouched and alive, and Alaska not having Chicoms shitting all over it, with American cities safe.

    This is the way to invade Russia and defeat her swiftly, as Napoleon and Hitler proved the fallacy of their like operations, which were victorious in western Europe, but were negated by Russian distance.
    The above would require a quick decision, a protracted war would require an eastern front in acquiring Vladivostock without Chicom interference, but that is why the Kremlin desires China to take the Aleutians and why the Americans are attempting to position in the Stans as operational bases against Russia and China as Southern and Western bases.

    It is why one calls it world war, as it escalates, and keeps escalating to all out warfare. As all of Europe and America turned socialist, as is Mother Russia, it would have been better if Hitler had enacted the above battle plan above as the world turned out as he intended. It would have saved a great deal of life and fortune.

    That is the best advice on historical examination of what the next war must be fought as and how as that is where all are being led to.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I was looking at the shooter in Florida, and my first thought it was Ben Shapiro or his twin brother Len, as it is hard to tell the difference between them.

    See here is Ben Shapiro or maybe Len, and the Dreamer Donald Trump wants to replace Black and White Americans with.

    See, looks just like Ben Shapiro went postal and took all that Texas billionaire money, well enough for a pistol and went and shot up a high school, after joining Muslim resistance groups.

    Now Ben can be as stealth as he likes, pretending to like Christians, taking Christian money, as he goes #NeverTrumper 24 7, but I wonder in the grande game of doppelgangers, just how is it that wacko in Florida, looks just like Ben Shapiro.

    I mean what are the odds of a shadow signature of two people looking like each other, in one being Ben Shapiro and or Len his twin brother, and the other as raging maniac who shoots up high schools as he hates Donald Trump.

    Go figure.

    Who knew Ben Shapiro, and or his brother, Len, were breaking into comedy to lead the Alt Right by putting Sam Hyde on the unemployment rosters, like 95 million other Americans.

    Go figure.

    Maybe it does have something to do with the Ben and or Len Shapiro look.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Well that Donald Trump is one far ranging political mind, as Trump Brand is into selling Ivanka shoes, as that is what the President is going to be doing is putting everyone one of us on foot, as he is looking to raise the federal gas tax.

    "The president has not declared anything out of bounds. Everything is on the table," Chao told reporters at the White House when asked if the president would agree to a 25-cent-a-gallon increase proposed by the Chamber of Commerce. She added that the gasoline tax has a "very regressive effect" on low-income Americans and called on Congress to look for better solutions to pay for the Highway Trust Fund.

    This is one of the more asstard things Mr. President has been up to, as by selling our American gas to foreigners has raised gas prices by 30 cents a gallon since Trump took office, and now Donald Trump is advocating that MOST AMERICANS WILL BE PAYING THREE DOLLARS A GALLON FOR GAS.

    Donald Trump does this and he will obliterate the United States Economy.

    I am going to explain things in simple terms so you get this how this Trumpflation is going to bust your budget.

    Gas is already up 30 cents a gallon. Fill a delivery truck up with a 100 gallon tank and that is an extra 30 dollars day, or 600 dollars a month for a business. Keeping this in round figures, businesses run 10 trucks in deliveries so that is 6000 dollars a month in extra costs, or 720,000 dollars a year in new costs.
    That does not include forklifts or lawnmowers.

    See that is just one business, say which bakes your bread. A farmer has that same cost structure, as they exist on crude oil in fertilizer, herbicides and fuel. Think about where you work in just an hour the things you use from lights, paper, computers, water, pop, parts, and each one of those things arrives at your place of employment by a different truck, a different business, and they all burn diesel or gas, and each one of their corporations adds those costs to your products, and it all gets passed along in stores where you and everyone else is paying for these excise or hidden taxes, meaning you have less money.

    This is not just 30 cents in Donald Trump rewarding Big Oil, but now it is Trump Gov adding their robbery, so 720,000 becomes 1.5 million in additional costs.

    I will include in this lesson a list of the 50 states who have their own 50 cents per gallon robbery taking place. This is complicated as a state like Missouri has a lower tax at 36 cents a gallon, but has INCOME TAX, while a state like South Dakota has a 42 cent tax but zero income tax. A state like Minnesota has both income tax and high gas taxes being liberal, and you pay for that too in every Minnesota product produced or shipped in that state.

    It is an inflation generated by inflation. It has nothing to do with the federal regime not raising taxes since Clinton last raped a woman, because states in this oil inflation robbing all of us, are trying to raise money in gas taxes to pay for their inflated costs.

    U.S. Gas Taxes (cents per gallon)

    StateGas Taxes/Fees (cpg)Diesel Taxes/Fees (cpg)
    District of Columbia41.947.9
    New Hampshire3844
    New Jersey32.941.9
    New Mexico37.347.2
    New York69.675.1
    North Carolina57.663.6
    North Dakota41.447.4
    Rhode Island51.457.4
    South Carolina35.241.2
    South Dakota42.448.4
    West Virginia51.856.5

    I will repeat that with Ronald Reagan, GAS PRICES WENT DOWN, which in turn caused DEFLATION, which put money into all American's pockets. So they could go out and do things on their own like trapping fur, and gaining more money, like running a market garden as they could afford to haul things to the market.

    Donald Trump having worked construction should understand about costs in fuel prices. His simply stating that gas taxes are on the table, has every business ENTERING CONSTRUCTION SEASON now putting on hold hiring additional help and raising their bid prices in anticipation in hundreds of thousands of dollars in new costs which they have to pass along.

    Donald Trump is in a serpent eating it's tail in this one, as he is doing this to raise money for infrastructure which does not need repairs, but his contractors are all burning more fuel, driving up costs on Donald's infrastructure projects. Literally this 50 cent increase in fuel and taxes is going to add billions to the costs of fixing roads. Literally Donald Trump's two bit infrastructure tax will cause thousands of miles of roads to not be resurfaced.
    Trump tax is literally defeating the purpose of the infrastructure money shell game, and more to the point this will retard the United States economy in trickle tax effect as Obama high gas prices did, in shaving 15% off of economic expansion by throttling the activity of businesses.

    That is the reality and Donald Trump just continues to disappoint as he is nothing like Ronald Reagan.

    One more thing or perhaps two.

    Transportation Department faces cuts under Trump budget | TheHill

    Funding for the Department of Transportation (DOT) and a number of popular transportation programs would be slashed under President Trump's budget request. The ...

    So the Donald is cutting the DOT budget and is looking to steal more money from you in raising taxes for DOT.

    Now part two.

    Talk about pissing money away again. Trump needs to get change his name to Swampmaster as he is flooding a whole new level with all of his deep state style.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Ronnie's closest friends and advisers have often been disappointed that he keeps this distance, especially when he seems more open and candid with strangers".

    - Nancy Reagan

    The soul of Ronald Reagan was a little boy like all adult's are, in Ronald Reagan grew up in a house of loud voices at night where his alcoholic father was unpleasant, while his mom told the boys to pray for their father as it was a sickness and Jack Reagan did not mean to be that way, as he could not help it.

    Nelle Reagan, the President's mom was a woman of the silver lining around the dark cloud. She always taught her boys that if something did not work out, then God certainly had something better in mind and that better outcome would always appear.

    There is too much misunderstanding of men. Hollywood and Oprah would have a man filleted on the inside and displayed outside as every man is supposed to cry, rant and pout, like a woman with PMS, when in reality men have comfort zones which they protect themselves with and what is inside is between God and them, and no one else.

    There is a story of Ronald Reagan on the death of his father, that his mother phoned him and told him, when Ronnie was away. She told him, "Do not get on a plane and fly. If something happened to you, I could not take that".
    Nelle Reagan delayed the funeral and they buried Jack Reagan when Ronnie returned.

    It would no be until 2008, in the final year of the Reagan's in the White House where Ronald Reagan told his wife a story of that time in his father's funeral. He said he was sitting the Chapel feeling alone, when he suddenly heard his father's voice saying, "I'm ok. I'm happy, don't worry about me. I'm doing fine here".

    Those comforting words helped Ronald Reagan deal with his father's death, but it was an intimate and personal experience he did not share, as it was his experience with his father. He only related that to his wife, in attempting to comfort her on the death of her mother. Ronald Reagan shared something then, because Nancy Reagan understood in the death of her mother, what he had felt.

    Compassion is what moved Ronald Reagan to open up, not having to whine about a story, brag about an event, but it was the manly part of him, seeking to help the woman he loved in his wife.

    Nancy Reagan knew he opened up, but not why. Her focus was on how much she would have wanted to had her parents give a message like that. Perhaps they had and she did not notice it, or perhaps Nancy Reagan was a woman who needed to ponder the events, and perhaps a once drunk in Jack Reagan in Heaven, was interested in making sure his boy was looked after, the way that boy always looked after him.

    A man is a creature unique and fragile as associative and strong. There is nothing wrong with being a man, no more than there is anything wrong with being a woman. Women are open in most instances while men are closed. Women cry and men go silent.

    It is a lesson of Ronald Reagan for the ages.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    If it was not for the investigative work of Australian David John Oates, featured on the Rense Program, there would not be a record of the inner dialogue of Donald Trump for a record in Reverse Speech, to attempt to understand what happened to our American President, because Donald Trump has changed.
    Jeff Rense has hypothesized that it was the first meeting with Obama where Obama informed Trump of the way things worked with the powers that be, but in writing that I believe it was more than that, in the Defense Intelligence Agency which ran interference for candidate Trump, appeared and informed him after the election that this is the way things are going to be managed.

    I honestly believe that Donald Trump was genuine in 2016 and that is where this begins in Candidate Trump in the three faces of Donald Trump, like the movie, because Candidate Trump had a constant refrain in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord and it was "WE LOVE YOU AMERICA!".

    In 2017 AD, in the year of our Lord, Donald Trump appeared before Congress and that is when Jeff Rense and David John Oates noticed a Trump in Conflict who appeared, as Inaugurated Trump began stating in Reverse Speech, "FORGIVE ME AMERICA!".

    This degraded to 2018 AD in the State of the Union Address, in which Incongruent Trump could best be summed out by a refrain of "FUCK YOU AMERICA". That is not posted to sensationalize, because in that speech in reveresals, David John Oates discovered when Mr. Trump was speaking to gun victim Congressman Steve Scalise about being brave, Mr. Trump in reversal states, "SO FUCK YOU".
    Whether this is directed at Scalise or the democrats who attempted to murder Mr. Scalise is not clear, but the fact is Donald Trump never swore in reversals in 2016, unless it was dealing with Obama or Clinton treachery. In 2018, the State of the Union was disconnected as in most cases Mr. Trump was saying something positive forward and in reverse his mind was on other subjects, most prominent is there appears to be a hole in NORAD, for the nuclear defense of America, and considering McMaster, Mattis and Kelly's affection for nuclear war, that is not a secure thing.

    On the surface, the America Donald Trump thought existed does not exist. He can not fix it and can not make it great again. As this blog has noted the "deal" which Mr. Trump is engaged in, is by taxing, concentrating money into the Wall Street nazi conglomerates by this record spending, and Mr. Trump will pay for it by allowing American energy reserves to be sold off, with a Trumpflation taking place in all money available which will rob Americans to poverty, as their Visa Vermin replacements get the jobs and are brought into America to churn this shit hole economy toward concentrated cartel wealth, as White and Black America face genocide in being displaced.

    So there is not a need to search the psyche of Donald Trump, as all that is required is to examine his policies in who is being lied to which are Americans and who are stealing the trillions in rewards, and the cause and effect policy of foreign vermin becoming the wealth transfer mule and Americans being shipped to the glue factory.

    Donald Trump is quite sound in his mental processes. He knows exactly what he is doing and he understands what his policies will initiate. It does not matter if Mr. Trump was impeached now and replace by Mike Pence, as Pence is the same conglomerate mafia, and the entire legal framework for amnesty, taxes and energy are in place. Nothing in this would change if it was Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush or Mike Pence as you do not get Wheaties out of a trash compactor.

    One could imagine the mythical conversation which Mr. Trump was informed of, "We control all financial, security and military power and if you challenge us, you will fail, and you will be removed from office, and your family will be in the streets. We know how best to manage all of this, so you tell your followers that you are keeping your promises, distract them, and we will not crack down on you and them. This is best".

    We know from David John Oates in Reverse Speech that Donald Trump is in conflict, he is frustrated, he is angry, he is talking to himself and perhaps has lied to himself that in all of this, he will gain some good as he tries to keep his promises in this new framework.

    What is certain is Donald Trump is behind his little military wall in the White House of Kelly, McMaster and Mattis, which allows him to feel he is in power, vent by destroying ISIS and act like he is President.

    My purpose in this from 2016 AD in the year of our Lord was to establish a peace with Russia to protect Christians east and west, and to join Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump in a security which would bleed energies from the anti Christ, while prospering Americans and Russians in their resource rich lands.
    That has passed and it does no one any benefit to stand around waiting for a train which will never come to the station. It does none of you any good to be distracted by this distraction of dossiers and the screamfests of the fake news. For almost 20 years Americans on the right and left have been emotionally raped from Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan going after Bush to Ryan and Obamacare going after Obama. People need rest from this as they are like a worm being shocked by a thousand volts inside, and it is time to unplug from this and realize what is the future and stop denying it. It will not benefit Americans on the left or right and people vesting their emotional and spiritual well being in this are harming themselves.
    The information provided here is designed to enlighten and empower you, not to distress or depress. When you see a tornado coming you make rational decisions, you do not run out to the storm nor do you delude yourself it will pass you by.
    Many peoples, in fact all of your ancestors faced all of this and if they would have given up or acted out by making themselves a target, you would not be here. It is prudent now to keep your mouth shut, pay your taxes, not make yourself a target of the police, get your bills paid so you have a roof over your head and make your decisions informed and not lamenting in emotions.

    Personally, by example, I build my bridges to somewhere positive. I look forward to tea for a small victory in the morning and I think about planting apple trees. I plan for a future which probably will not exist as the big donations do not come in, but I post here until the Lord says not to as a voice from the brier patch, providing information to keep you from leaping off ledges to the abyss.
    When the Lost 10 Tribes were put into exile by the forefathers of the Germans they dealt with it in serving in the horse cavalry. There was nothing guaranteed when years later after their leadership was assassinated by Persians, and they took the chance of escaping into the Caucasus, but they went, all through Asia, and then into Europe where wars and conflict followed them and they established by God a new people He sifted and never lost.

    The same satan desires the Western Peoples to be obliterated as in you is the Spiritual competition to their immortal order. That is the overview of this in what drives it all, but each of you is responsible to keep yourselves in Christ. Jesus is always in charge and He created you for a purpose in this time. You known you have a place in Heaven and are secure, so operate from that position and understand that God is not going to let you down. He did not let down your ancestors who came to America and He is not going to let you down.

    You know what the political reality is and it is not going to change. That leaves the Spiritual to find the Peace that passes understanding as you let the world go. You are in this world, but not of this world.
    Trying to figure out what is the cause and effect in politics is time wasted, and emotionally draining as all that matters is the results and what you are going to have to deal with logically in Christ direction by the Holy Ghost.

    The current political leadership is either incapable of gleaning you some rations or is enlisted in feeding a neo American which is not you. So you get to prove you are Christ's not from a fake Church pew, but in your actions in remaining Faithful to Him. You get to be a Christian because God loved you first. You render unto Caesar those things which are Caesar's and unto God those things which are God's. Jesus will carry you through, but trusting in princes and the sons of men, is once again a Proverbial non starter.

    I suspect someone has been promised a political alliance of 2020 election of Evangelicals promised an end to aborticide and Veterans promised medals for missing limbs, with sodomite solutions, and the brown wave of foreign voters to replace the original base.

    It is what it is.


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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.