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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I am not much of a salsa eater, even though I do eat the stuff. For all of the things (chunks of things) I like in spaghetti sauce, I am not the fondest of cold chunks in salsa.
    TL makes really good salsa and a ton of it and as we were coming off of the death of the mother, I was going to make salsa but there was no time in everything going on.

    So being poor as commercial salsa costs too much as do chips, I came up with this fill in commercial salsa recipe.

    1 large can diced tomatoes drained.
    1 can black beans drained
    1 small can tomatoe sauce
    I large onion diced
    I can chilies hot to mild
    1 tsp oregano
    1 tsp cumin
    1 tsp garlic powder
    1 tsp cilantro dried
    1 tsp parsley dried

    That is all there is to it. I like Tostitos on sale, as they do not make me sick like other frankencorn chips. This salsa always tastes fresh and I was able to enjoy it during one of my favorite movies in Alien 2 which is a James Cameron invention, the movie not the chips or salsa.

    TL does not like corn, but corn does not like me, at least the genetic ones. I don't know how corn would work in this as that is what is called for in most recipes as filler. See sweet might benefit this, but beans are better, black ones as they are smaller and give that earthy flavor to help the dead Mexican flavor of cumin. I never put in raw garlic and is one of the few times I add that horrid powdered garlic which tastes like Mexican anus trolled by Obama dick.

    See you never thought that scent visualization would ever come up in a salsa recipe did you? Obviously you do not read this blog enough and that means you are not donating often either.

    Enjoy my children.

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  • Think of me as the American Dream

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In the memoirs of the Kaiser of Germany, he stated that Germany was the most socially progressive and forward of nations before World War I, surpassing the United States, England and France in the human conditions which Theodore Roosevelt would have to begin passing legislation to right, and which Woodrow Wilson was still protecting child labor.

    Once again though history is repeating itself as the high moral leftists of America are being outstripped by Austria which is again engaged in MAGA, in raising the standard of living of Austrians and giving them tax cuts.

    9h9 hours ago
    Die Menschen in unserem Land sollen künftig mehr Freiheit & weniger staatliche Einschränkungen haben. Arbeitenden Menschen soll wieder mehr zum Leben bleiben. Deshalb setzt gemeinsam mit BM Hartwig und der Bundesregierung nun die Steuerentlastung um.

    The people of our country should in the future have more freedom and less state restrictions. Working people should have a living wage.. That's why @sebastiankurz, together with BM Hartwig # Löger and the federal government, are now implementing the tax relief.

    This is on the heals of Sebastian Kurz, ending migrant invasion, migrant entitlements, raising retiree benefits and raising wages for working people.

    America now is a condition of repression of her people by the regime in control, while Austria is responsive to her citizen's needs.

    In addition to this, Sebastian Kurz is moving to assist his regional partners to liberate themselves by joining with Austria. The Balkans are moving toward this same umbrella of liberty and prosperity for all.

    Adoption of the constitutional changes by parliament in today very encouraging and a major step forward in -'s accession process.

    A government by the people, which actually did not have to be threatened or petitioned to do something for the people. A government which actually is not engaged in making the people poverty slaves in a gulag of labor to serve the state.

    Why does anti American look so good?

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  • I thought about this wall thing, and God already built one,
    so in that way, I already have a wall, so let's just make
    all these foreigners into Americans as God would want that.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter..

    Whether all the rich donors would care for the Lame Cherry assessment of Donald Trumps Saturday Offer on the Government OpenUp and Border Busters, how would I know in the repressed Google numbers for this blog, their not making generous donations, of the fact that there are monitors of this blog who report to the President and GOP to see what the hinterlands will erupt with over what Trump betrays America with next.

    See I saw the President on FOX. It opened with Pence, that gorgeous Homeland Director Kristen Nielsen and Mike the coup Pence in the Oval Office, legalizing more goddamn foreigners with burkas on.
    Yeah Donald Trump started out his announcement by making Americans of a gang of foreigners who have nothing in common with Martin Luther America Christianity.

    What followed then at 5 o'clock eastern was this bizarre speech by Donald Trump as he started telling Americans that he really did not need a wall, as God had already built on on the Mexican Border in mountains and rivers, so all he needed to do was plug the holes like a Louisiana dike having a hurricane gushing through it.

    I thought that was novel as hell. We have gone from a 2000 mile long concrete wall, to a steel plate wall, to a wall now that God has already built for Donald Trump, but Donald Trump only needs 6 billion dollars to plug the holes with concrete at what seems to be 5 billion more than the concrete would cost.
    It would seem to be less costly if the coyote dead and raped Mexicans just had their skulls put on posts already there, with a recording which said,:

    Alas poor Pedro I knew him well.
    América te abortará a medida que Planned Parenthood te quite el cerebro.

    So I learned that reading Donald Trump's lips now says he never intended to build a wall to keep foreigners out, but now is going to award his cronies 6 billion dollars to build a 100 million dollar exhibit for beaners to run around the sides of.

    President Trump Announces Proposal to Fix Nation's Humanitarian Crisis at Southern Border, Open Government in National Address — Includes Compromise With Democrats: 'Three Years of Legislative Relief' [Amnesty] for DACA Illegals, 2,750 New Border Agents, $5.7 Billion for Border Security Wall, Says McConnell to Bring Vote in Senate This Week [Democrats Already Rejecting]

    See when I listen to Donald Trump, I do not hear the above. I instead hear, "I lied to you in 2016 and am betraying you now. I am going to make DACA criminals into Americans as a bargaining chip, so that I get my wall, so I do not have a George HW Bush Read His Lips Moment.

    I have a question as to what the hell having almost 3000 more border agents is going to do, as they are stopping not foreigners. I want to know what having more of these judges is going to do, as they are all letting the foreigners stay with rights to rob my Social Security.

    Those are the things I hear when Donald Trump talks, as I do listen to him. I hear that Angel Parents who have had children raped and murdered, who were tossed under the bus by Trump in 2017 are now again a bargaining chip in this.

    The way I assess the Trumpaca Moment of Read His Lips, is that why would not Nancy Pelosi reject this as Donald Trump gave her everything she wanted and she got more as not giving up this money for this fictional wall that God already built anyway, cements her beaner voters who Trump is going to legalize. Added to this, the 850,000 federal workers are across America going to be swing vote blocks in the next elections, as they are all in the metro population centers in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

    So in this, I read Donald Trump's lips and heard him say, I lied to you, I betrayed you, and I am giving Nancy Pelosi everything she asked for, as I further ruin the GOP in marginal states over the illusion of a wall.

    Donald Trump is naked and Mike Pence is yanking out his pubic hairs to make him naked as the day he was birthed. This is a policy you would get from Jeb Bush, George W and George HW Bush. It is liberal, leftist and a distraction to further the dragging of America as the shroud over what is left of Americans.

    Seriously, you listen to your right wing pundits defend this bullshit covered with horseshit in God already built the mountains for Donald John so DJ just needs to plug the holes, the way Obama refused to do in the Gulf Gusher which was another deliberate sabotage against America.

    This is not Conservative Christian policy. This is not policy to continue Ronald Reagan America.

    My daddy's God built these mountains for him
    and for us to ski on.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    OK so we were rummaging around in the Consignment Store, which I do not like going into as things are too expensive in there, like rich people selling chit they don't want, but want to screw poor orphan girls to eating dirt for meals, kind of prices.

    So we go in a few weeks ago, and I spot this pressure canner cooker. I do not bother looking as I can't see that great now from this blog has bothered my eyes, but I think about this canner and think my brother might like it, so we go back as the thrift store is closed when we get there doing errands, and I check the canner which is now buried under silverware as if someone is trying to hide it, and TL informs me it is 10 dollars after October 1st, 2018. Well that is two months before the mother died and a month after she died, so I think 10 bucks is a good deal as all the parts are there and when I open it up, there are tons of other chit in there.

    So I get it home, handles are loose, put it into the shed and let it get frosty ass cold, as aluminum really absorbs the heat and cold, and bring it in the next morning where I take off and tighten all the handles which are loose and someone has half ass painted them white.

    I find a receipt inside there from Minnesota, and a phone number from 2009, a mobile number, and I get to digging for information to see who this is as they have marked out their name and left the addy.

    This is not the house, but look what I found.

    I actually found this photo which fascinated me, as the replacement Presto part just sort of sat on there, and I thought it would blow off, but they have an old Presto pressure weight on this one which registers 5, 10 and 15 pounds. Not exactly what I would trust, but what does not show the cookbook if it is a Wards, it is like, I didn't get one, but why women never keep cookbooks or parts in the canner I will never figure out as they have an affinity for storing lids in other locations too to get lost.

    Anyway, after seeing the neighborhood this canner came out of, I am sad it was not filled with 100 dollar bills, as Lord God that is a spread in those damned Minnesota trees. I could not stand existing in a gulag like that.

    Who knows though, maybe it was some Minnesota Trapper, who ate rabbits, bullheads and was thankful when mother died and left the canner, who they promptly purchased wares to get it going to can up some deer meat they poached, but unfortunately the wife died, and the husband being content to eat muskrat and bread picked out of dumpsters outside of Hi Vee, wiled away his winters for 9 years, until his child picked his bones and put up for sale a family heirloom of the Wards canner.

    Only rich people would mow down all the treescape, put up wood rail fences and not have horses, cut the grass down to the bone, and then plant patch of weeds out front to mow around showing how green they as their heads swell up from allergies to the weeds.

    Oh well I have to clean up the waif and audition it to chicken, which will provide us with 20 meals. Man that Lo's about turned the bones into meat as that rendered at 25 pounds pressure......a slight oversight as I was probably writing blog while cooking and thankful it did not blow up, but Wisconsin had good aluminum smelters and founders back in the day.

    Is a toy to play with though as I never knew I need the old girl.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The best apples come in two forms and most people will never partake of them due to refrigeration and other poor ideas of storage.

    The first is hanging on a tree, where the tree regulates with atmospheric humidity the correct water and sugar content of the apple. The best apples I have ever eaten were Haralsons off my beloved Uncle's tree that my Grandpa planted. We used to stop in mid October after goose hunting around noon on bright sunny days, after frosty nights, and those apples were explosively crisp, dripping juice and ice chilled. This is what apples are supposed to be like, and it all has to do with God's nature's storage.

    The second is again my beloved Uncle in what I thought was a stupid place to store apples. On my Grampas there was a porch that was open that he always sat on. It seemed the sparrows had more things going on there in nesting than in us sitting there drinking porch cool beer.
    Grampa always had basement cool, which was porch cool at about 90 degrees. One gulp from a bottle and you got a mouth full of foam and the rest was not any better.

    Uncle though had a flat deep aluminum bucket that he would hang from the rafter there loaded up with apples that he bought, and those were fabulous apples. The natural frosty nights, and warm days, with natural humidity always had those apples wonderfully crisp and cold.

    This is not something which is going to work all winter, as Detroit you will end up with apple rocks in January, but if you keep track of your apples, in making sure that you don't get below 25 degrees at night and above freezing in the day time, you should be able to keep your apples for quite a long time in the autumn.
    Places like Kansas City it is known to be nice to Christmas, so depending where you are at, you can store apples outside for some time.

    If you do not have a porch like we do not yet, I built a work bench in TL's shed this summer and that is where I put our apples. Put them on the floor and they do not do as good, but on that shelf which is wood, and it is open to the world and not closed up, the apples there are now two weeks going actually better than when we got them out of the store.
    I am especially pleased in this as some local dink grew some Minnesota apples and they are going cheap at 99 cents a pound. We picked up Honeygold and are saving the seeds, but these yellow apples are simply my favorite when they are in prime form. TL knows now why I was talking about them as they are large yellow apples, with a red blush and some freckles.
    If I had put these into the fridge, the would have gotten mealy, and rotten like the other apples we picked up in a few weeks, and been a chore to eat. Put them outside and God keeps them in prime condition for as long as the non below freezing daytime temperatures stay away.

    We have tried all the whiz bang methods, like a root cellar. Lord God, the old man, bought bushels of apples one year when I was really young and my brother, Ma and I wrapped them up, buckets of them in newspaper.
    My brother remembered around Christmas we had apples and suggested we get them, so we did. Our delight was horror when I took a bite into a pretty red apple, which was a combination flavor of newspaper, news ink and musty cellar. I have no idea where those apples went, but it was probably the hogs or the trees.

    Yes for long storage in winter cold, a cellar is prime, or a fridge, but you will end up having super market tasting fruit which will disappoint. The method my Uncle had at least kept me in apples I looked forward to, instead of dreaded.

    With that, that is your million dollar apple lesson if you are in half ways decent climate. Apples belong in nature with God and they breathe the best there out of direct sunlight and out of freezing.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    For an orphan girl who by God alerted everyone that Donald Trump was coming before he entered the Republican race and then by God's Grace wrote the time line for him to be President, all to keep Christians secure in the east and the west in a Russian peace, to bleed energies from the anti Christ, I had high hopes for the tyrant that Donald Trump could have become for Americans and the Israelite west. (No I do not mean the Tel Aviv Ashkenaz.)

    For me personally,. Donald Trump has been an utter disappointment and let down. To have the best feature in Hillary Clinton did not lock me into a gulag, but to languish in homelessness and poverty under Donald Trump is small comfort, when the NSA is still flying 70 million dollar expensive drones over my location as someone who has always hoped the best for the President and someone who is looking out for the best deal for Americans, which they are not getting, is a bit of let down.

    Let's sing.......

    This is not about ragging on Donald John Trump though, but is instead an honest assessment of Donald Trump who is not the least bit Conservative, as his baby butchering and sodomite Supreme Court picks, prove he is Jeb the Orangeman, as Obamacare prevails, the conglomerates rule, the tax relief came to Wall Street and Mr. President just banned bumpstocks. This Obama's 3rd term and America would have received this same deal from Goldman Sachs Hillary Clinton as much as Jeb!

    This is not meant to mark this President as a bad leader. It is just who he is. Just as who he is, is a man who has had a successful coup by Mike Pence against him in overthrowing MAGA, which has removed Trump's Defense Intelligence advisers around him, and all Donald Trump has now are Pence people, meaning Bush patricians around him.

    Donald Trump had a two front overthrow of his Presidency against him. The first was Robert Mueller in Pissgate to herd Mr. Trump in distraction and the second was the upheaval of Russian antagonism and Chinese beautiful chocolate cake. For the first two years of his administration everyone from that fellow traveler Herbert McMaster for John McCain and the lackluster Rex Tillerson at State tried to start nuclear wars with anyone with nuclear bombs by getting them to blow up Navy Carriers in kill zones.
    That has passed as Trump moves on to his 3rd year as President, in which he allowed democrats to steal elections in the House in order to lame duck Donald Trump and now Mr. Trump can do nothing, but battle in political wars, which is what this not government shutdown is all about, as this is about DACA being legalized as Donald gets his wall for the Nazi conglomerates to seal their 100 million slave laborers inside America, so they can not escape.

    In all of this Donald Trump is not in charge, but then no President since Ronald Reagan has ever been in charge.
    HW Bush was read my lips tax for the Nazi Conglomerates to rob Americans. Bill Clinton ruined the Unions. W. wanted to clean up daddy's Muslim failures and was taken to the woodshed in Iraq in that disaster. Obama had three vulvas as that Brither occupation of the White House. Nancy Pelosi did all the work. Michelle ate things in her two zip code size fat ass and Val-erie Jarrett molested American politics as the Obama mum who overthrew America by executive orders and stealth department communist regulations.

    In review thee above, Donald Trump in having his presidency taken from him and his voters, he has done remarkably well in surviving. Granted all his political victories enrich the Nazi conglomerates, assist foreign invasion and have run the clock out on White America Christians, but this President is every bit as established as Ronald Reagan who had competent cabinet members. In many ways, Mr. Trump is close to Bill Clinton's presidency as this time. While Trump is as strong as Richard Nixon and Clinton was as weak as Jimmy Carter, they both found their feet about this time, and it had to do with establishing better cabinets.

    The Trump Trans picks for cabinet positions were all disasters in being incompetent or shills, as Mike Pence with Javanka leveraged them out. They wanted weak people and got them into position to fail, and now a better group is establishing themselves. The resistance is wearing itself out as the appointees are grinding themselves down as the regime crushes along like a glacier as a force of nature.

    I would that this President would keep the part of the government shut down forever to prove to the people that they do not need the government to survive. It would be a simple matter to put the IRS under military jurisdiction so they could do their jobs in sending out refunds for the civilian branch in declaring an emergency and Americans would not care, as most do not now.
    I though am not deluded in knowing this is another diversion with WWE Donald being used as the distraction as the Nazi conglomerates will get what they intended in DACA and a wall to gulag those beaners so they can die at the job.

    I see Donald Trump as a success as President. He is a leader among world leaders. He does not need a dictatorship like Xi of Peking. He is about 90% of Vladimir Putin, but has failed miserably against Sebastian Kurz who has already supplanted the United States as global leader in the next decade

    Mr. Trump is a world leader and a competent national leader. He is though on the global stage appearing in the guise of Woodrow Wilson. Where Wilson was encumbered by thinking he was an intellectual giant, which led America into a world war, Mr. Trump does not deceive himself in that measure, but progresses toward global war as it is good for business in FDR socialism.

    There is more than meets the eye to Donald Trump in he is far more complex in understanding the entire board than he is given credit for, but at the same time he is not that multi faceted of an enigma. The enigma of Donald Trump is his followers believing what he is not, and not seeing businessman he is.

    Mr. Trump has made mistakes, in he assumed he could operate the executive as a business model and hired businessmen and military men, but the executive is not a business or a military. It took two years with Richard Nxion's assistance for Bill Clinton to begin to understand what the executive is. For Mr. Trump without any help, he has moulded himself into the office of President and has a comfort there and a competency there.
    For that he deserves a great deal of credit as he was encumbered by Jared and Ivanka Trump in their failing to understand the government is not an office branch of a limited partnership.

    Donald Trump will not lessen the blows which are coming upon America by design. He did not appoint Christian Loyalists to assist him by the Grace of God, but instead went Jehu and Jeroboam in weakly creating a crust of establishment over the mired swamp. In that, this President is a strong man, in the literal iron fist description. It will take that type of personality to rule in economic collapse, terror attack and global war. That will require someone making the correct decisions and not being bothered by the cloth of the land.

    The fact is the United States is degrading by design. There will not be a MAGA. That means what is of a necessity to a President of vision, is preparing for that reality. My advice to the President is to govern for the future and not the present. That future would involve two necessities as messages to China and Russia.

    Message 1 This President mandates a "wall" for every American home, in a disaster shelter constructed of concrete and stocked with food, fuel and water for 6 month, with an advocacy of those who could afford it a 3 1/2 year supply.

    Message 2: This President through American manufacture produces a German MP 40 type machine stamped weapon in 40 Smith and Wesson or 223 Remington, to be handed out to all legal Americans age 18 to 70, along with stores of ammunition which Birther Hussein produced for storage to drive up American ammunition prices to de ammo them.

    No nuclear power is going to bomb the United States if the population survives in numbers to invade Eurasia. No Eurasian nation will invade the United States with 200 million more firearms in the hands of every available adult.

    The time to prepare for a world war is before it happens, and by doing so the military blow will not take place after the softening up economic blow occurs.

    Donald Trump has the Jehu character to rule for what is coming as he has proven in 2 years. He though needs to rule a loyal armed class, who are being benefited by their beloved leader and have their firearms pointed out and not inwards.

    America does not a police state expansion. America needs an armed state of responsible mind policing herself.

    - Lame Cherry

    This President will not gain the People anything. The best outcome now is this President prepares to rule and creates porcupine defense of quills pointing outward.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Late Breaking News!

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retire next month.

    When this orphan girl in need of rich people to donate generously before they die, alerted the world that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was much sicker than she and that lying John Roberts were telling the world, this blog stood alone in that exclusive, because everyone else was just speculating.

    The signs were there and I informed you of the red flags when the White House was sending out feelers to Conservatives for the next nomination by Donald Trump. That translates in the White House was privy to inside information. Whether the source was from the medical staff leaking to the White House or the DC gossip. whoever told this Pence White House that RGB was dying was correct in the information.

    What cemented it for this orphan girl was the reality that John Roberts lied in releasing a statement that Ruth Ginsburg was not that sick and then it leaked she had lobes of her left lung removed. That is a major operation and a serious one. The doctors were engaged in radical surgery in an attempt to arrest the cancer which they assessed was all through the left lung.

    Whenever people are lying, that is the red flag and when the Trump White House was preparing for a nominee, that means they had insider information that Ginsburg is dying.

    In that being right, does not allay Ruth Bader Ginsburg's biggest problem and that is Jesus the Chirst, Who should be her solution. It is probable in the next year Mrs. Ginsburg will be dead. She denies Jesus is the Savior, the Son of God, the Jewish Messiah. That decision removes her from Father Abraham's bosom in Paradise.
    That alone cements her to Gehenna, but when it is coupled that Mrs. Ginsburg is a baby butcher like the voting Brett Kavanaugh of Catholicism and a Sodomite like Neil Gorsuch, those are abominable sins, and she had quite the Jacob Marley chain she has been forging for all of her leftist existence.

    There is not any weight in Judgment for being on the Supreme Court, loving sodomy, upholding women's right to butcher babies or hating Jesus, which gets one good DC press and CNN love. That is why I pray and I ask if you are moved as Christians to pray that Ruth Bader Ginsburg repents like the Thief on the Cross and accepts Jesus as her personal Savior, as Jews have not been the apple of God's Eye long before Babylon was sent to enslave them and turn them into exiles.

    For the living, life continues and that means President Trump for the first time appointing someone who will be a Conservative Firebrand. I do not trust any of these judges who are on Mr. Trump's short list. His favored ones are Obama leftists in Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. There is a big problem when the first votes of these two frauds cemented foreign invasion, sodomy and baby butchering. The Supreme Court now sits 7 to 1 liberal. Mr. Trump has done the damage which Hillary or Jeb would have inflicted, and it is time he begin keeping his word with the removal of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
    Some orphan girl might note that some orphan girl was praying for someone's removal and it has now happened. For those who do not donate, once again this blog has done more than all of you combined with your connections, your money and your keyboard commando rants. Remember that as you have forgotten by God's Grace you were saved by my writing the Trump Time Line.

    In that, I was serious when I stated that Senator Ted Cruz of Texas should be the choice for Supreme Court. As I am not going to be nominated to raise hell there and turn the Supreme Court into a bitch slapping cage match which it needs to expose the frauds there, Ted Cruz is the prototype of the firebrand which this court needs. Clarence Thomas has expressed his frustration that 4 Judges would not vote to hear an aborticide case. That is a warning to all of us what this Roberts court is in being liberal.
    This President is probably going to appoint some woman who should have been appointed before, but this President wanted New York Valued sodomy and aborticide. It is why I place Ted Cruz's name in the nomination process as that is where I have always said he belongs as a born Canadian.

    As Conservative Christians have already lost the Supreme Court, all that is left is forcing a firebrand onto the court to make a hell zone of Truth, where Ted Cruz would be on Conservative programs non stop outing what a fraud John Roberts is, and in humiliating these dykes and turd stinkers, they would come under public pressure to begin voting American.

    Prayer does work. More than witchcraft spells. You remember what you owe me by God's Grace.

    May both you and Ruth Bader Ginsburg repent in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

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  • If FDR would have stayed out of it in 1940
    Japan would have ended the Chinese 2019 Nuclear Problem
    for the United States 80 years ago

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I do not think I have mentioned as of late how much I hate the Chinese. The Japanese were correct in their mater race scale that the Chinese were the primate excrement of stinky stools.

    See they cheated us out of a wedding dress because they are crooked to their slant eyed core. I doubt that will be called racist.

    So where does this new observation of reality come from? Ok you know my name La'me Cherry.

    So the other day after a long Christmas wait of weeks in China shipping, I get this brown package in the mail as I ordered something off of Ebay, as they gave me a coupon (Stephanie would be proud of me as she is Queen of Coupon) and I got something about free as the Chinese are crooked to their slant eyed core in selling things they should not.
    So it comes, and I know the size of a box set of DVD's and this was not it. I immediately suspected something was off as I had read feedback which was posted recently in this Chinese vendor who is crooked as their slant eyed core, had sent someone else who ordered some DVD's a Cracker Jack Toy.

    I'm a Jewess, what do I care if Chinks screw Americans over
    as we Jews do it all the time.

    Mine turned out to be some kind of used child's toy key chain, again not a DVD set.

    So before I open the package scowling, I see this big QUESTION MARK on the envelope by the Post Office, because it is addressed to:

    Wame Twarray

    What followed was the wrong address in the numbers of the street.

    I can't remember the name of the crooked slant eyed Chinaman to his core as it was something like Wang Chung, but I know what the hell happened on the address is some slant eyed Chinaman crooked to their core took the Ebay order, and then phoned in the address, and in their slant eyed Chinaman crooked to their core, did that butchering of Queen's English they do, and that is who my name came out and the brain could not get the addy right in being too smart.

    The last part is apparently the crooked Chinaman slanted eyed to their rotten core, in to buy time they send some goddman piece of shit through the mail and make off with the money. Why in hell Ebay doesn't ban all Chinamen from selling there I have no idea, but this is frusrating as hell.

    I actually am thinking of changing my name to Wame Twarray as it sort of sound that I think about it, it sounds like shit and something some slant eyed Chinaman rotten to their core would come up with.

    Donald Trump had better watch out his chocolate cake flavored dictator Xi as that slant eyed Chinaman crooked to his core would cook Americans by radiation blast and sell them to Chinese as an entree in Hungry Chin Dinners featuring Yankee Ass Steaks broiled over nuclear flame.

    Chinese Leader Tells Army to Prepare for War

    I hate those crooked Chinese bastards to their slant eyed core. And now that it has posted this many times in this article it will now filter all through the internet and become a Google artificial intelligence search engine result.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    A crime has been committed in the District of Columbia and it is a certain crime. It is a crime of sedition. It is a crime of treason. It is a high crime without misdemeanors. It is a crime in these criminal times which far outstrips even the coup against Donald John Trump as President, because this is a Constitutional Crime, which requires not only removal from office by Impeachment, but on the serious charges when convicted, a public execution by hanging by the United States military.

    This all centers upon the letter which Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, delivered to the President of the United States in disinviting the President from giving the State of the Union Address.

    The Criminal Pelosi Letter.

    Dear Mr. President:
    On January 3rd, it was my privilege as Speaker to invite you to deliver the State of the Union address on January 29th. The Constitution calls for the President to "from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union." During the 19th Century and up until the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, these annual State of the Union messages were delivered to Congress in writing. And since the start of modern budgeting in Fiscal Year 1977, a State of the Union address has never been delivered during a government shutdown.
    In September 2018, Secretary Nielsen designated State of the Union Addresses as National Special Security Events (NSSEs), recognizing the need for "the full resources of the Federal Government to be brought to bear" to ensure the security of these events. The extraordinary demands presented by NSSEs require weeks of detailed planning with dozens of agencies working together to prepare for the safety of all participants.
    The U.S. Secret Service was designated as the lead federal agency responsible for coordinating, planning, exercising, and implementing security for National Special Security Events by Public Law 106-544, December 19, 2000. However, both the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security have not been funded for 26 days now — with critical departments hamstrung by furloughs.
    Sadly, given the security concerns and unless government re-opens this week, I suggest that we work together to determine another suitable date after government has re-opened for this address or for you to consider delivering your State of the Union address in writing to the Congress on January 29th.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.
    Speaker of the House

    In this letter, Speaker Pelosi quotes the Constitution so she is well aware of Article 2 Section 3 which reads

    U.S. Constitution - Article 2 Section 3

    Article 2 - The Executive Branch
    Section 3 - State of the Union, Convening Congress

    He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper; he shall receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers; he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States.

    In the above, the President is the one who decides when he gives the State of the Union Address, not anyone in Congress. Only the President has the Authority to both convene both houses of Congress or adjourn them.
    The President in full checks and balance, is the Executive who regulates Congress, and by his appearance at his judgment, presides over that body of the People. Speaker Pelosi in moving to disinvite and change the State of the Union, is in direct violation of the Constitution. That is a criminal treachery.

    To place this into your understanding, what Speaker Pelosi engaged in, is not any different than if she sent letters to Black people informing them they no longer could vote, were no longer Americans, and were to report to slave holders, as Nancy Pelosi negated the 14th Amendment by a letter.

    What Nancy Pelosi did would not be any different than if the Speaker sent a letter to Clarence Thomas and stated it would be better for security reasons if he did not sit at the Supreme Court any more. The Pelosi justification for the President not appearing was implied violence, is an act of terrorism on the Speaker's part as if she had sent the same threat to Justice Thomas.

    This is why in this Alexandra Ocasio Cortez molotov mouth statements meant to distract, that Nancy Pelosi's letter is such a criminal act, as the Speaker violated the Constitution, the process of Government and made a direct attack upon the Executive Branch to cease Mr Trump's oversight of Congress.

    For this reason, Articles of Impeachment must be filed against Speaker Pelosi, and understanding that will not happen in such as corrupt Congress, it becomes an Executive Branch matter, where Homeland Security Director Kristen Nielsen must under the Patriot Act, file charges against Speaker Pelosi for Pelosi's subversion of the Constitution, and for the Speaker's immediate removal and arrest.

    Yes this will be a political firestorm of more nuttery, but Constitutional Law can not be violated as it was under the disaster of Birther Hussein Obama, who never was natural born.

    The United States is straining under a police state, mob rule, with foreign invasion. The Republic has been dead for a generation, but this President in Donald Trump has a line in the sand which the Speaker has drawn, and that line is Will the United States be a nation or a Pelosi Republic.

    I doubt this President can rise to the stature of Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan in taking the necessary steps to protect the United States. That is a condemnation of the times Americans exist in. The fact remains though that the Pelosi letter to the President of the United States is a criminal act and the Speaker belongs before a criminal court in a most speedy trial.

    No one has the right to be above the law nor to set the Constitution aside for political leverage as Speaker Pelosi has engaged in. No Speaker in United States history has ever dared to smash the power of the Executive as Nancy Pelosi engaged in on January 3rd, 2019 AD in the year of our Lord.

    The Declaration of Independence railed against King George for violating the Laws of the United States. Nancy Pelosi has no right to attempt to supplant the President of the United States and establish herself as Queen Nancy, Tyrant of America.

    The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.

    Each day the shadow of the United States obliterates by these criminal actions, whether it is John Roberts rewriting the Constitution, Barack Obama ignoring the Constitution or in this case Nancy Pelosi negating the Constitutional Authority of the President of the United States.

    In order to establish order again in America, America needs a strong Executive, but none has arisen from the quick sands of the swamp of Washington City.

    This is not a matter for the people to be come targets of the police state, but a matter for the Executive to warrant law enforcement to fulfill it's Constitutional mandate in protecting the Constitution and People of the United States from those foreign and domestic, seeking to end the legal order of this nation.

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  • Give it to me hard Wanker

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    To Brex or not to Brex
    That is the question
    Tis nobler in the mind to deceive the public
    Than to suffer the consequences of democratic votes.

    It should be obvious now even to the English that their regime has been Tavistock mindfucking them for the past 2 years, as there never was any intention for London to exit the European Union, as their Queen was in this intrigue, making certain that no Conservative would ever lead Parliament, and that is why coup plotter against Donald Trump, MI6 operative, Theresa May, was installed to subvert the election in America and in England, and why Labor has been denied a chance to rule, and Theresa May in failing unceasingly in all things, was kept in power, when all Prime Ministers would have been sacked at this kind of failure.

    May Survives No Confidence Vote

    What is interesting in this is Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has continued to state that there will not be any new negotiations over Brexit. It is England on the EU leash or there will not be any deal at all.

    Jan 16
    Wir werden weiterhin alles tun, um ein No-Deal-Szenario zu verhindern. ist aber auf gleichzeitig auf jedes Szenario vorbereitet, um die Situation für --sterreicher in UK, aber auch für Briten in --sterreich bestmöglich zu gestalten.

    We will continue to do everything we can to prevent a no-deal scenario. # Austria is prepared for every scenario at the same time, in order to best shape the situation for Austrians in the UK, but also for the British in Austria.

    Look though at the statement of Kurz, in the EU is working to stop a no deal Brexit, but is prepared for that reality too. London has been working to subvert the will of the British voter for years. You can see how the throne or better, Rothschild finance, has been working to wear down the public in order to protect the moneyed interests as that is what this is all about. That is why Londonstan exists. That is why Theresa May was involved in the coup against Donald Trump. That is why London keeps trying to start a war in Europe to make America fight it, as this is about the restoration of British domination of Europe.
    It took 50 years for England to steal back the money from FDR's lend lease, when Churchill bankrupted England in a genocide war to get rid of Germany. The next move is to eliminate the military powers of America, China and Russia, along with a scorched earth of Europe, for the benefit of unscathed England.

    These world wars using American blood and resources has been a history of London finance since they instigated the American Civil War. The next war is London's vision to return to world domination. There is no ally of London as London only commands the mass slaughter of Canadians and Australians in wars, as London convinces New York finance to profit off of dead Americans in wars which London instigates.

    All of this klusterfuck of London is with purpose. London is to look weak and to be out of the loop. The loop being Europe, and once a war is instigated in the Balkans for the Americans to go plundering into Poland to die against a war with Russia, what could be more wonderful than Poles dying again in a war for Queen and Country as Americans bleed out in another foreign war.

    The machinations of London causes chaos in all of Europe, America and Russia. That is the first step to war, and when American finance has already been convinced that a war will provide a better profit than debt margin as the natural born Americans are to be replaced and can no longer be counted on as a sheep to be sheered, war is the mistress which promises all pleasures and solutions upon the bed of conflict.

    The end of this is in March. All of Brexit could have completed in hard Brexit as the voters desired 2 years ago. This Piccadilly Circus though was required to move this to the conflict in which it was intended.

    For those who think this could not Katie Walsh be. Remember the British armed Indians to genocide Americans. Remember the British tried to use Negroes as terror weapons against Americans. Remember the British tried to murder George Washington numbers of times, including using anthrax.
    Remember the British started the American Civil War and with France had an army in Canada ready to invade when the South won. Remember the British bled out the United States in two world wars, as England genocided and mass raped Germans.
    Remember that England has stolen back all she was "lend leased" and is now moving to the next phase of a third world war to have the Eurasians and Americans wipe each other out, leaving them in power to rule the world.

    You trust these English after that record which is far worse as they are the ones behind the conflict in the United States in they joined with American traitors to perform a coup against Donald Trump, for the 'grande game" as it used to be called in London.

    There is absolutely no mystery in this. This was all planned years ago and is now coming to fruition.

    I mean who else would tell their grandson to knock a quadroon up in order to make Wog ruler out of London for Africa? I know Harry is goofy Diana's kid who probably is not quite royal so it doesn't count, but all the same that is what the English are. They will have their family hump the zoo exhibits if there is a dollar in it.

    How much do you think torching New York is worth to London?

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    353 YY


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I have mentioned before that I need to have several things open, including things going on around me, as that is just the way I am. So I play that interesting game of Hearts by Microsoft which cheats, and has shown under Baby the ability to evolve.

    I like numbers in the patterns they generate. I only would like to know the sequence of numbers in infinity to understand the patterns. The problem with that the Holy Ghost explains is I would be so wonk that I would be little good as a human, but be more of a numbers creature.

    It is frustrating when this game deliberately cheats and sticks you with the Queen of Spades or has card patterns set up which simply could not happen. In most series I can overcome the computer generated hands, but sometimes it is beyond a lost cause.

    The above interested me, as it was one of those hands which I was supposed to lose badly as the game cheated from the start.

    I keep in the games by taking all of the tricks, but in that the came is programmed to produce impossible hands to keep me from evening things up. In the above I shot the moon several times, including the last hand when they had placed me at 99 points, and I had the chance to blow the other comp gens out of the game which I did.

    In thousands of hands, it is still rare to force all three hands over 100 points. I have done it several times with my scoring nothing, but this was as close to the kill shot on me, as I have ever been and still forced the issue. The hands of late have been even more focused in running up my score, as I attempt to even things out. It requires more skill to accomplish countering this on my part, which is not what I prefer as these games on for background brain noise to keep me interested as typing on the keyboard or whatever is boring, as is all of this for some time. It gets old for me in even discovering things. My entire pleasure it would seem to be in the shade of some tree with a dog by a pond. Having rocked the cradle of the world to change what would be history and what would be the future tense, is a power I have experienced far too often, and I dislike celebrity as much as all of this responsibility. I have had to be responsible for myself since I was a child. I was forced to run technical and management situations since a teenager. I have proven to myself all that I need to be in Christ, and chasing a validity I do not need, is of no interest to me. I suspect this is why God utilizes me, as I can not be sucked in to covet nor worship things which I have no attraction for.

    So I study the number patterns for order in chaos. I will never comprehend to the level I desire, because I do not want to be at that level and that type of understanding would only bring more knowledge of the misery in the world.

    That is the problem as the cards fall in what I have been shown in experiencing in parts what it is to be God. I do not want the job nor do I yearn for the responsibility. God is best suited for Him, and here am I best suited for sleeping under trees by a pond with a puppy, as knowing enough to manipulate and construct time lines is more power than any human with character should ever have.......or perhaps the reality is a power of powerlessness in something I do not desire to maneuver again.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Brain Shavings.

    Original Intent

    These articles always go to the modern extreme and the questions of acceptable limits on the Second Amendment. The reality is never considered in who has a nuclear weapon to sell to anyone? The reality is who has the resources to create their own nuclear weapon? That is a limit by intelligence, time, finances and resources to ever obtain such a weapon.

    As for other modern weapons of mass destruction in a biological or a chemical categories, there are Constitutional limits already upon them. It is called the death penalty. That is the Constitutional limit on weapons in a citizen has the right to own them, but when they violate the rights of others in harming them, the Constitution already provides the people the solution, in an indictment, an arrest, a trial, a jury, a judge, a sentencing and an execution in a speedy manner.

    The problem is the taking of responsibility away from the citizens in the nanny community and nanny state has wrongly concluded that it can judge before an act who should and should not be denied their Constitutional rights.

    Examine the reality of Chicago in gun control. The facts report that it was the Obama administration which supplanted the Black and Mexican drug cartels in Chicago for MS 13 gangs of Hispanics. That is why the murder rate in Chicago is taking place as the dope gangs are no longer centralized ,but are fighting for turf in the blocks of that city. The source of those weapons is Mike Pence's Indiana in cross border gun sales. All of the principles know what is taking place and except in unconnected stories are the connections ever made. No one in this profit structure is allowing the press to state plainly that metropolises with gun control, allow a police state to protect the franchise suits in the Beamer sections of a city in money laundering, while the ghetto sections provide the profits to these Wall Street corporations. The firearms are imported for more profits from neighboring areas for the turf wars. If you research the Indian Wars, the Indian Ring, marketed the same exact plan, and this is why the government of President Ulysses Grant had General George Custer murdered for exposing this reservation gun running before Congress in testimony.

    This is why the current President is not sending in federal troops or law enforcement as was done under General Phil Sheridan in the Chicago riots of the 19th century, as the Wall Street financiers would have a market plunge without the hundreds of millions that the Chicago hub is generating.


  • Don't think of me as dead, just not alive.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    With the rumors now flying that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead, the Lame Cherry undertook and investigation of this issue to see what could be uncovered as to the actual condition of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As of this writing she is alive, but there are indications that things are not going so well.

    Like this photo sent to us from one of the clerks at the Supreme Court, who said that John Roberts had ordered cases of Glade Air Freshner, and was absolutely phobic about the 'smell of death" emanating from the office of Justice Ginsburg.

    In one test exchange, another clerk reported that Roberts was screaming at Elana Kagan, "You can have Ginsburg's office when she dies, but damn it, I am keeping the Glade!!!"

    Do you smell that Elana or is it just in my nose?

    Then there was this which was sent in by one of RGB's neighbors who was taking out their trash and noticed that this flier was laying on top.

    Granted it looks a little cheap in Ruth appears to have just pasted her face on an obituary template, but why would she be doing things like this, if something were not rotten in Denmark?

    Another reader who resides in the DC area, happened upon this as they were at their pet cemetery. Now why would Ruth Bader Ginsburg dig a hole if she was not ready to go horizontal? Then there is her word that she is coming soon. Why would she do that?

    Lastly, a DISH satellite television repair woman sent this in, saying she was fixing the Ginsburg's satellite dish as it was stuck on FOX, and as she was walking by, she notice a mortician with a casket in the front room with Justice Ginsburg laid out and being measured.
    That all looks like very telling evidence.

    In conclusion of this investigation, we conclude with this photo of RGB's last court brief filed from her home, photographed by Acme Exterminators. Why would flies be swarming around things like this if they did not sense something?

    Think of poor John Roberts in he will have to invest in a few cases of Raid. Maybe he can get Yard Guard as that has a nice perfume scent, and then he would not have to buy all that Glade.

    There does seem to be proof of life with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as the dead do not dig holes or buy funeral brochures, they instead inhabit holes and leave the funeral bills to their children.

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  • The Reich's Eagle on the Kill

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I feel sometimes the outsider watching this world from another dimension and find myself quietly whispering in the future where I dwell, "Yes they get it. They understand".

    In America, the diversions of their political traitors who are disputing how to commit the American Genocide on the American race whether by Mueller probes or border walls of government shutdowns, all illusions which do not exist, except as distraction for the people, has prove the American is their own worst enemy in trusting anyone who lies to them, as long as their liar is from their left wing or right wing.

    In Europe though, the age old panic of the British has begun to set up. For the Russians understand the enigma and the Europeans understand the solution, and in both cases it is a future without the worst the Untied States had to offer in political leadership wed to financial robbers. The very people that England and France appealed to, to betray America and destroy Germany, are the ones now that the Sachs or Sword Bearers or the Reich have become aware of, as much as the brutes of Russia, are intent on extricating from the jaw of Europe in a pliers to pull that American molar from their midst.

    Zerohedge understands all of this in being eastern European. They see and they translate what those in Europe now are determined upon.

    The erosion of the foundations of the European-American union, as well as the split of the European elites and the reorientation of some of them towards Russia, led to Washington losing (fully or partially) its mechanisms that allowed it to control the European Union. The danger of the EU switching to an economic, and then military-political, union with Russia actualised for the US the old British concept of a shattered Europe. Washington didn't and doesn't have the desire to give Moscow a mechanism for the management of Europe that is as effective as the European Union. In this regard the US tried to start the dismantlement of the EU.
    Great Britain's exit from the EU, unrest in France and Hungary, attempts to spread this disorder to Germany (so far unsuccessfully), Warsaw's actualisation of Polish-German contradictions, in general -- setting Eastern Europe against Western Europe (Polish-Baltic-Romanian bloc vs German-French bloc). Against this background the contradictions between the rich North and the poor South, which until recently were the main contradictions for the EU, temporarily faded into the background, but didn't disappear anywhere and at any moment can flare up with a new force.

    What the above is witnessing, is the testimony that the European Union is being Balkanized. Yes the very scheme which the elite of Europe and America plotted against the Slavic Peoples in Yugoslavia has now been turned upon the American mistress of Europe, in the old, very old empire borders are forming as before World War I. The outplayer weaklings are now the English and the French, the Israelite exiles along with the lowland mobs. Europe is divided already, West from Central and East, and is predicated on the North South divide.

    It will not be the Polish Balkan block against the German French, because Sebastian Kurz in his Habsburg Dynastic memories are too clever of a people to form a block with the ignoble French instigators. No this is Habsburg at core and that means this will be Austiran German leading the Balkans with the Greeks and Italians allied to the cause.Romania will not be an adversary, but a compatriot as in the time of Hitler.

    The groom in this is Russia in Vladimir Putin. This is the alliance of alliances of global power on nationalist dreams. Russian energy, resources and food stuffs, pitted against the coming African energy, resources and 2.5 billion Negroid consumer market with Vienna holding the keys to the commerce and the trade.

    It is the masterful stroke and will remove the United States from all contingencies. It is in this map of divisions a whispered thought from this blog, that for Europe and Russia, a neutral Europe would allow an American presence in Poland, whereby Russia could do battle upon the Baltics and Poland, scorching that area and in long distance warfare encompass the Americans to withdrawal to her Atlantic borders, with the additional assistance of energy starved China annexing Alaska to give the Americans something to juggle as the Russian Austrian alliance cements to a No American Zone.

    This is the future and is summed up in the Russian assessment of this game.

    Многое б--де-- зави--е---- о-- в--бо--ов в Ев--опа--ламен-- в 2019 год--. Е--ли на--ионали------ --мог---- пол----и---- бол----ин----во в Ев--опа--ламен--е, а за--ем в--би---- глобали----ов -- ----ковод----и-- в----о-- в Ев--окоми----ии и д----ги-- ----ковод----и-- --------к------а-- ЕС, --о Ев--о--о--з пол----и-- --ан--. Е--ли же н--не--нее положение дел --о----ани------, --о, --ко--ее в--его, о единой Ев--опе п--ид-------- надолго заб------ и на--а---- в--------аива---- --и----ем-- --о--зов -- о--дел--н--ми го----да------вами, в --а----но----и -- Ге--манией.


    Much will depend on the elections to the European Parliament in 2019. If nationalists can get a majority in the European Parliament, and then dislodge globalists from leading heights in the European Commission and other EU governing structures, then the European Union will get a chance. If the current state of affairs continues, then, most likely, a united Europe will have to be forgotten for a long time and begin to build a system of alliances with individual states, in particular with Germany.

    While Donald Trump diddles on the border, Sebastian Kurz has been busy promoting and electing a super bloc of his nationalists, loyal to Vienna and Kurz. The reality is, what will emerge is an Austrian German power center, which will have a Habsburg alliance center, and outlying regions in treaty or alliance to create this risen beast.

    My feed store Jew takes exceptional pride in his name being Eagle, the German Adler. The fact in this is the Reich's Eagle is about to drive it's talons into the American bald eagle and make the kill, a thousand year kill. China will implode on lack of resources to compete with Indochina and America has been implementing the traitor's plan of breeding from itself it's Samarian bloodlines of the lost 10 tribes for the DNA Darwins of Mexico. The Americas will become a waste of aboriginals in 100 years. Once outstripped by European technology, the American states will be purchased up and vanquished by bank interest as the new world is plundered by the old.

    The Reich's Adler is here. Donald Trump has been outplayed by his lack of a staff of Pensites who do not understand the future and the past, which had Mr. Trump exclaiming "I don't care about Europe". That admission declares he has lost this and the future for America.

    It is now in the Rhine Volga European Empire to be rid of the United States and it is in process. America will return to the aboriginal peoples and in time swept away for the ignorant breeders they are.

    It is all plainly seen now and they are implementing the order. This has all been by design and could never have taken place except for American traitors and American arrogance.
    I warned everyone just a few years ago that America needed to create a Slavic Super State to buffer Russia and western Europe, and no one listened or donated. Now the authors if a the Old Europe are pinioning the American eagle and it can not be stopped, as Poland will be a kill zone for America deployed there.

    The German Eagle has spread his wing and the shadow will soon cover the earth.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I monitor the rhetoric about the government fake shutdown, and in typical reality, most of those sucking their nuts and ovaries up to their fetal positions are from states like Minnesota and Wisconsin. Those are the people who like police state things, are terrorized into obeying the law, until they get into surrounding states and then they break all of the laws.

    Here area few facts about "non essential" employees earning 50 thousand a year plus. NONE of those jobs were on the roster in 1776. Amazing, America fought a revolution and founded a nation, and none of these people were there to wipe the asses of these anal retentive types who just can not survive without a college boy telling them how to dig a stock dam.

    In 1851 in the Civil War, none of these jobs were essential either. Hell you will discover that to 1900 and to 1940 most of these jobs were not even on the books, and that includes the essential ones which if they disappeared, you would not miss them either.

    States With Most Government Employees: Totals and Per Capita ...

    States With Most Government Employees: Totals and Per Capita Rates Nationally, state and local governments employed about 7.4 million full-time equivalent (FTE) workers in 2014.

    Americans used to be able to self regulate, self police and self rely on themselves. It was amazing in you didn't have to have a regulation to kill a goddamn bald eagle that was killing their livestock. The farmer shot it and the ones which were eating carrion they left alone. Self Regulation is a really wonderful idea for societies as it does not bankrupt them and it teaches the moron to not be a Darwin candidate.

    You saw that right in almost 8 million people are getting paychecks for being regime employees. That is more than the population of the United States in 1776. Essential government employees were tax collectors, the military and about 80 federal politicians who wisely decided how to spend money to build a road or pay the military. That is what government was for and what it has become in this nanny state is not what government is about.
    When 1/5th of the economy is what these government check collectors are doing, and the economy will contract .1% in these people not getting a tax payer handout, there is something wrong with a nation like that. It will bankrupt itself, because handing out regulations is not the same as building a Ford.

    What happened to Donald Trump and his post card taxes? How many employees at the IRS does it take to monitor a population already paying record taxes? The same with this border wall. Why does American need Homeland all of these other federal armed departments as Wyatt Earp seemed to do ok as one man in all of southwest America in covering several territories.

    The Lame Cherry is going to repeat something now which has been forgotten in the Trump Din, and Sean Homo Hannity will not repeat it as Nancy Pelosi reads her talking points, and here are the facts:

    Donald Trump is President.

    The IRS works for the President to collect taxes.

    Congress mandates how to spend money in the government.

    Steve Mnuchkin is Treasury Secretary and he writes out the checks to pay Congress' bills and he works for Donald Trump.

    President Trump can legally order the Secretary of the Treasury to stop paying certain bills. It is the check and balance. Trump can order a war, but Congress can not fund the war so it will stop. Congress can order trillions of dollars to be paid out of the Treasury, but Donald Trump can check that spending by not paying the bills in what he deems is parts of the government which needs to be wiped off the books.

    Now none of that ever comes up in this sham government shutdown, because it is a sham, and no one is interested in the future of America, except those people who are not sucking off some government check, because their checks come from actually working at a job that produces something.

    The Lame Cherry calls again on Donald Trump to order the Secretary of the Treasury to stop paying the bills, and that stop payment begins on those 435 members of Congress. Have them show up and not be paid and see how things change. Stop paying John Roberts and see how he begins to see the American light, along with all of these other judges subverting the Constitution. Furthermore, when these trolls start holding hearings or bitching to impeach Donald Trump on his powers, the President orders the Federal Marshals to arrest these trolls under the Patriot Act.

    All Donald Trump needs to do is start acting like he is President about 10% of the time, and that 10% just involves money in cutting it off to the problems and America will start fixing itself.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    By now all have heard the facts about Lindsey Graham, who recently grew 5 testicle sizes times 2, after the Brett Kavanaugh rape hearings of the Supreme Court, in Lindsey Graham not only ...yes not only is being blackmailed by Donald Trump to act like an American, but the Russians are blackmailing Lindsey Graham too.

    Oh gerbil.....gerbil love, gerbil love, oh
    I love gerbils........

    Fox News

    After these revelations, the Lame Cherry is pleased to have the inside scoop on this, in shared NSA surveillance of Lindsey Graham over the past several years with audio files.

    Whenever I think of a man and children,
    I think of Lindsey Graham.

    I've been on a flaming asshole at 3 g's and it is a wicked ride.

    So, your Uncle Frank taught you things too Barry?

    I hear you been referring to me as "Uncle Frank".

    So Orin and I like to watch Elton John perform.
    Does that make him Mormon and me gay?

    Lindsey and I go way back.

    Do you remember that rash that Bill gave you?
    Well I got one too and was wondering if you could tell me what you
    rubbed on it.

    Yes John I burned all the hard drives.

    Look you can get me drunk girly,
    but Little Lindsey just ain't your type.

    Look we're not all gay, but we are happy.

    Come on Lindsey, show me your big hands again?

    Leon, it's not a joke in your giving Graham viagra cocktails
    as I can't straighten up.

    Jeb and I share the same pool boy, Manuel.

    They sure can take things out of context....

    The question is, in operation counter operation, why is Lindsey Graham in his new role of tough guy, Chuck Boris, are his packer backers not strong enough to fend off the news and why is the best counter operation they can create is Graham is being blackmailed by Trump, the Russians and his own penis who is holding him hostage as it dials 911, pleading for the FBI to send in SWAT..

    The FBI is looking for a pedophile who looks just like me........


  • Obama is like VD up the cunt....

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I was listening to the narration on Claymore, one of the best Japanese anime series produced, and I actually wrote a story about the hunters of the voracious eaters, when I heard the commentary begin with Stephanie Young who voices Clare and Brina Palencia who voices Priscilla, begin by pissing on Republican America by bragging that they had voted Birther Hussein Obama into the White House two days previously in 2008.

    We all know now that all Obama elections from Congress to President were fraud, and actually criminal as against John McCain 10 million GOP votes disappeared and a like flipping took place against Mitt Romney.

    Lest we forget, those like Paul Simon, masturbator Paul McCartney, to only satan knows what backed Birther Hussein in that Designer Negro phase of their lives, while some like Peggy Noonan gets her panties soiled yet over slumming with Obama.

    These two women glorified Obama in 2008 with relish and made a point of recording it for history on a public distribution series which people paid for. It is in that Stephanie Young and Brina Palencia, along with all of these other leftist Obama groupies have their responsibility in Obama's actions while in the White House, as they own this forever.

    Here is a photo of their responsibility.

    This is Colonel Khadaffi of Libya. He and 50 of his innocent followers were mass murdered by Barack Obama's actions as President.

    You remember Ambassador Christopher Stevens, a homosexual, who was anal raped to death by Obama terrorists in Benghazi, along with three other Americans murdered? I doubt these voice actresses remember or have even taken responsibility for their Obama.

    Then there was Obama starting the civil war in Syria, and then stealing Syrian oil under the guise of ISIS, who were really Kurds, selling oil to Turkey, and using this money to fund Obama off book operations. Over half a million innocent people were butchered in that Obama action.
    Yet not one word of remorse from the Obama voters.

    Casualties of the Syrian Civil War - Wikipedia

    Estimates of deaths in the Syrian Civil War, per opposition activist groups, vary between 364,792 and 522,000. On 23 April 2016, the United Nations and Arab League Envoy to Syria put out an estimate of 400,000 that had died in the war.

    Then there is the butchery in Yemen, another Obama war.

    Despite 10,000 civilian casualties in Yemen - Salon

    A minimum of 10,000 civilians have been killed or wounded in the U.S.-backed war in Yemen, according to the U.N. humanitarian coordinator. Since the Saudi-led coalition began its bombing campaign ...

    How about the rape of Lara Logan in Egypt and all the people murdered afterwards, after Obama authorized the overthrow of Egypt's leader, put Hosni Mubarak in a cage for trial and made a rape statistic of CBS's Logan as she was reporting too closely on the Obama crimes.

    Lara Logan Confirms She Was Brutally and Repeatedly Raped in ...

    In the hours and days following CBS reporter Lara Logan's brutal and repeated rape in Egypt, the world understandably wanted details. But Logan only released a brief statement with CBS News ...
    How about Sharyll Attkisson, Obama went after her to destroy her for reporting on Obama crimes.

    Sharyl Attkisson: You Know The Obama White House Spied On Me Too

    Attkisson also mentioned that the Obama administration also spied on her (allegedly), and that there seems to be a pattern ever since the intelligence collection protocols were changed by the ...

    Those are the proven facts of these Obama voters responsibility in crimes against humanity. Yes but their refrain was they were voting for a black man as it was historical. What about the thousands of dead in Chicago which are Obama's responsibility as he turned the drug trade over to MS 13 from the Cryps and Mexican Mafia, and it is still bleeding the world.

    Ron Johnson: Obama Admin. 'Knowingly Let' MS-13 Members into ...

    Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., on Monday accused former President Barack Obama's administration of "knowingly" allowing members of MS-13 to enter the country, The Daily Caller reports. "This is a very appropriate and legitimate issue that President Trump is very accurate in bringing out and ...

    For me this is all personal, beyond the mass murders, the crimes against humanity, the terrorist arming and the drug rings Obama was all involved in, as I got interviewed by Homeland for exposing this and trying to protect innocent people, while these vacuous skirts have absolutely no shame or public remorse.

    Here Are All The Children Murdered By Drone Strikes At The ...

    A further strike later the same day, which went relatively unreported by the mainstream Western media, killed a further nine people. Two of those killed were children, according to witnesses. Two of those killed were children, according to witnesses.

    Was there one tear shed for the innocent children their vote murdered in mass around the world? These Obama groupies were so mouthy in rubbing in their soiling of America, why are they so silent now in not rejoicing about all the people they were in on murdering with their Obama 44?

    Let's sing.....

    Outlaw Star Opening Theme - "Through The Night" - YouTube

    As featured on the "Through The Night" CD single by Masahiko Arimachi.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I have these people non stop in my face who are intimate with their spotlight phones, because that is what it is, in people use them as a spotlight on the stage to show everyone how important they are in life's leading role, as they sit their illuminated, or waiting for their sound cue to take the stage or begin talking loudly so I think they are nuts in the head, and it turns out they are just on the phone.

    I see them in their vehicles, in lines and eating with one hand while ear birthing on the next. It is annoying as hell, as I never want to talk to people and am constantly accused of not picking up the phone which I am guilty of, as TL is with me, and the mother is dead, so she has not fallen and can't get up, so that is about it for interest I have in a phone or a conversation.

    I have a Tracfone, a little girl phone really which I keep in an eye glass flip case in my pocket. I rarely turn it on. In fact the only reasons I turn it on are to dial myself to keep the thing working on cell tower hookups, and to update my time, as I have something like 30 hours of talk time, and that is something I will not use.
    I had dreams once of going on float trips for the day, hunting and trapping and then calling someone to pick me up, but as TL is with me in our girl's club, the solution is now when I build my little boat to place a vehicle at the end of the line and come back for the other one, as my calling TL is not going to do much good as TL will be in the boat.

    This though is about voice mail, as the mother when I got her phone has a really good number. It is one of those numbers you see, that you say "That is really a good number". The difference is my phone when I got it, that I said, "That is really a shitty number".

    There is not any way you could guess it or remember it, it is that bad. The thing is when I got that phone, I kept getting these voice mails from health assistance groups for some old gal about 50 miles away. I finally got tired of having her messages that I called up the hospital and said, "Look I keep getting messages for this woman and they are important. This is my number, and could you please tell her, and her family to stop putting my number in for hers".
    That either worked or she died as the messages stopped.

    So I have been loading numbers into the Tracfone......and not that is not the one I have which is above as that is a touch screen. Mine is a computer screen 1 by 2 inches and worthless, but it is what it is. My neighbor has the flip phone and loves it. Me I have this one and I like it, but that is about as far as it goes.

    So I thought I had my voice mail set up, and in being bored I decided to check it, and I got the Spanish linguistics and the prompt to set it up, and then I got a voice mail from December 9th. Yes how did I have a voice mail when the account was not set up. Probably some NSA creeper jacking off to auto clinic messages.

    Yes that is what I found in my message was the car was done, had all kinds of chit done to it, which sounds like what Zelda needs as she has been cranky lately from sitting so much, but the reality is I got some person's message and they never called back the repair shop.

    As I mentioned at the start of this, my number sucks. I have half a thought of putting it here so all of you can see it and say, "That number sucks", but that would probably bring myriads of phone calls from fans around the world, to which I do not have time to be chatting and answering "Yes, yes, yes", to all of the "How wonderful you are popular girl and when I grow up I want to be just like Ivanka".
    No Ivanka does not have my number. In fact, no one has my number Oh my brother had it, but he knows not to call it as I do not text nor call from that number. It is for emergencies, and emergencies are something I have not had while that phone is with me. It must be like God with me, as God is with me and when I have the phone nothing bad happens as I won't need to call

    I actually used that phone a great deal when I was with TL in the metro in checking on the mother who was busy killing things here and sabotaging things to try and manipulate me to come back. I was the only kid who really kept an eye on her even when not there. So I do like this phone as it has been good to me thee entire Lame Cherry time. It just has a crappy phone number.

    For those who do not know what a good phone number is, it is like:


    See I do not like phone numbers like:

    555- 3333

    Because you never can remember how many 3's are in the mix. It is like credit cards with 0040 0033 in you get lost in all of those zeroes.

    Numbers in sequence are better for my brain, unless it is a crappy number like mom's phone number which is really old, that I have yet. I like that phone number and it is nice to use for ID numbers as no one could ever guess that crappy number. Come to think of it, a kid in school always had messages on that number and it seemed we were always getting wrong numbers with that hard to remember number. It seems that phone numbers no one can remember are the ones which always have idiots calling me about other people's cars.

    I once had a woman call like 6 times in a row in the wrong number. She just could not get it, so I snotted off to her and hung up.......she called back to chew my ass. I picked up late, so that saved me from an ass chewing of someone stupid as a post.
    Another time I got a message for some woman who sounded like her voice was ripped paper and she was dying. Now I have an ok girl voice, but she kept screeching for HAROLD. To me it is like, "What in the hell do people listen to in answering machines. If you are calling a man, and a woman's voice is there, and not his voice, maybe you got the wrong phone number.

    So that answers a big question for people who want to call me, in all you have to do is dial the shittiest phone number ever, and I will not answer the phone, but you will have the satisfaction that in leaving a voice mail that I will not listen to it before the Mexicans delete it in 5 years.

    I really should have had a good phone number, instead of the one I have. I wanted one. I really had high hopes and expectations, and then I got this number, was completely disappointed and the worst of it is, everyone who is an idiot about leaving it about places to call back for voice mails, seems to gravitate toward it. If only it was the lottery numbers, but no it is my phone number and I can not figure out why this crappy number gets all of these crappy wrong numbers as the good phone number is one no one ever calls by mistake


    I dialed my name and it turned out to be the
    stupidest number ever and that is how I called you.

    Nuff Said



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In many ways the current dictator of China in Xi, mimics the Imperial Japanese projection of power to the South Pacific which provided Japan a ring of defense once the attack upon Pearl Harbor was complete.

    There is a profound lesson in this as the Americans were most fortunate, literally by God, in their blunders were rectified to successes as the propaganda covered up their mistakes.

    In the Pacific, General MacArthur was a national hero. He though was Army Chief and was contending with the entire United States Navy which had not performed well in fighting to a draw at Coral Sea and being fortunate at Midway for 5 minutes to change the course of the war in the Orient.

    What followed in 1943 was the Navy more at odds with General MacArthur than the Japanese. This boiled over into a split command of General MacArthur and Admiral Chester Nimitz. The basis of this was a South Pacific strategy to gain Japan, where MacArthur would have jurisdiction over the main islands of New Guinea and New Britain in land mass while the Navy would have the Solomon chain of islands with Marine landings.

    While MacArthur had great success with limited supply and shipping the Navy embarked on their first strike on August 7, 1942 at Guadalcanal of the Solomons. While the Japanese would lose 22,000 soldiers to the several thousand of the Americans, this was some of the worst planning in American history.
    Of the 5 major naval battles engaged in, America won only 3, and in that the USS Hornet was burned out and sunk, and the USS Enterprise was damaged.
    There is a U shaped area off Guadalcanal called The Slot, which was a dangerous kill zone for the Americans and the Americans paid dearly. In one of the battles of November 14th, the USS South Dakota was hit 42 times by the Battleship Kirishima, which later fell to the USS Washington hit the Kirishima with 9 sixteen inch shells to sink her.
    The Americans had radar but this kind of severe engagements is what the Navy was making contact with and could have rightly been sunk as at Pearl Harbor.

    As the battles progressed with Admiral Halsey in direct command of the Navy, his Marines were finding the mission taxing as Guadalcanal ran from August 7, 1942 to February 9, 1943. This was a trademark of the Navy in landings in the Marines were put into positions of hard fighting for months, when none of this should have ever been the case.
    General MacArthur in the US Army was faring much better as MacArthur with less resources, a greater enemy concentration, but in better planning was driving the Japanese back by a series of leap frog shore landings on New Guinea outflanking the Japanese. While the Marines were fighting suicide concentrations of Japanese hardened by months of deprivation, MacArthur was moving swiftly and at one point surprise the Japanese so completely that they ran away. That point can not be lost, because the Navy was allowing the Japanese to harden themselves, and creating a legend where MacArthur was hitting them hard and fast, and the Japanese were retreating, which saved American and Allied lives.

    These realities are lost in the propaganda of the Marines. As my beloved Uncle used to say, "We always heard the Marines have landed. We always said, "Big deal ,as the Army was already there".

    In the case of the moving on Rabaul in Bouganville, the prize of the Solomons, after the Quebec Conference between Churchill and Roosevelt, MacArthur's people informed him that Washington thought the war was going too slow in the Pacific. MacArthur was delighted in this, and promptly invade more forward islands and was ready for the pincer movement which Admiral Halsey was to bring to Rabaul. The conflict between Army and Navy was completely unproductive as the Marines which are a small landing force of the Navy, had the Navy's jealousy to deal with too, and the Marines always suffered.
    In many ways the two best aces of the Pacific in Greg Pappy Boyington and Joe Foss did the United States and the Corp a disservice as their accomplishments would taint the Navy's dismal record of dismal support to being hidden, which has produced a lackluster Marine aerial combat support ever since.
    This is a lesson which must not be overlooked in a modern confrontation with nuclear powers like China in the Pacific.

    The Pacific war is not going to be fought with carriers. The warfare will be submarines and long distance aircraft. The Chinese will not make the mistake the Japanese did in the Aleutian Islands, but will instead land in Alaska to gain the American oil fields there to starve out Japan.
    Likewise nuclear submarines will provide the Chinese islands of defense, instead of the islands. The real region which China will encompass will be Australia for food and to deprive the United States of that military platform.
    Certainly key operational islands in the Philippines and Taiwan will be struck and occupied, but others in Diego Garcia will be scorched earth as Guam, and Japan will be crippled, in a first salvo of obliterating Okinawa with the Americans there.

    In this type of warfare the United States can not ever be in a position again of the Navy doing Marine landings. The Navy belongs in space attacks and the Army belongs in landings as the Air Force controls the ether between heaven and earth.

    If there is one thing to remember past the propaganda of Guadalcanal and the Marines is the Marines should never have had to slug it out as they did. That was the Navy's fault and has never been called on it.

    Remember that.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I rail a great deal about the police state for the obvious reasons of when the elite create a police force, they send it out to protect themselves and crush those opposed to it, much akin to the exhibition of the noble Robert Mueller charged with stringing up the innocent Donald Trump.

    All of this insecurity gives the mob a problem in they start acting out, such as this Texas woman who in frustration as a leftist, ignorant that Donald Trump has kept all of the Birther Hussein policies on the books, from sodomy to aborticide by his Supreme Court Justice picks, making the court, 7 to 2 liberal.

    This woman though exhibiting her leftist tendency to look for entitlement assassins, a sort of welfare state where liberals want others to die for their sins, much like the rich hired poor black folks to die in Vietnam for them, as they protested in the safety of dope shrouded campuses across America.

    Belligerent woman who posted about shooting POTUS between the eyes berates, slams door on Secret Service

    Having had experience with Federal Agents being sent out to talk to me, I can defend the field agents who work for the federal government, as they are very well trained professionals and that includes their regional supervisors. They are doing a job which is hard, because they have to deal with the public, after being sent on missions from those stone buildings in DC, where politicians make political minders engage in all sorts of enterprising situations to further their careers in the halls of power.

    There is a far different situation between a state highway patrol officer playing highway robber for their state, and your local police department with officers sworn to protect and serve. It is the same issue with the federal agents in you have an Agent as the one in San Antonio stuck with a political job and then you have the political assassins who were on a DC mission to slaughter men like LaVoy Finnicum.

    Americans have always been a mouthy lot. Samuel Adams and his group were screaming for British troops to shoot in Boston and they did at the Americans. The problem in a Facebook world is the same compulsion to mouth off in flipping the bird to people in traffic goes into texts posted and Federal Agents appear. Do that in a state like Texas which is Reagan Blue, has Ted Cruz, a GOP Governor and a history of a President getting shot, and the supervisors looking to move up to DC and beyond, to protect themselves issue a fast response. Pull that in California and they probably get an invite to sit in Nancy Pelosi's box.

    Everyone in this American Police State need to understand certain things. If a speed trap cop is pulling you over, you are going to be legally robbed. So be respectful, let them lecture you about how caring they are about saving your life, and pay the fine. If Federal Agents appear on your doorstep, as with all police, do not lie to them, as you do that and you will set in motion your arrest. Do not be disrespectful of them, or you will set in motion events which you will not like to be a part of. Remember they have the guns, and what they conclude has them going home to a bed, and what they decide has you arrested, in jail, appearing before a judge, needing to spend money on a lawyer and a growing file, as a judge gives you an earned criminal record.
    Be respectful and be respectful.

    Americans need to gain an understanding that their worlds do not spin on the axis of a Barack Obama or a Donald Trump. No one is more empowered with a Donald Trump in office than a Barack Obama in office. They both seem to have done a great deal of talking, and it is the civil servants and the financiers who get the things they want done that everyone is giving credit to a president.

    People need to think a bit what it is like being a Federal Agent. They got the job because they first fit a psychological profile and the people who hired them, hired them, because they will enforce the law.
    The Agents know this, and have visions of stopping real criminals, but most of what they get is their supervisor sending them out to deal with mouthy people, which the Agents know they have to be diplomatic in not escalating things or their future employment will end as a night security guard of chain link fences.
    The last thing these Agents want is to be on your doorstep. They know it is a worthless trip and all they are hoping for is to have someone be polite, confirm they are stupid, so the Agent can go back, and write 'just another idiot" on the file and hope for a real criminal tomorrow.

    The politicians and talking heads are responsible for ramping up these people to cause problems. Fury politics bring ratings cash and brings donations to political candidates. Federal Agents are caught between the mob, the propaganda, cops with bad attitudes getting pretty girl phone numbers and doing a job.
    Think about that when you are deciding to not think.

    America is being designed to be a mob tearing at itself to justify a police state reacting as it is being attacked. It is rudimentary police state cannibalism as old as Nimrod and his tower.
    No one is going to ever convince these reactionaries to self police themselves, so the natural trigger is the police state.
    It is a fact that only one President who left office made things better, but that is because Ronald Reagan made things better. Otherwise, things stay the same worse no matter if it is Obama or Trump in office. Nothing is going to change if Mike Pence or Beto O'Rourke is in the White House. The same cartel which rules is going to rule, the same pitting factions against each other will continue and the same examples will be made of those who can not police themselves, as the same Federal Agents discover they are minders in a zoo of primates and protecting a pension in hoping 20 years goes by quickly so they can retire.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I wanted to thank those who have been kind in donating again, on this inauspicious day that TL kindly helped me to do a spreadsheet of our expenses for income taxes. It only took 3 hours.

    This time without the mother, there was not any yelling from me, as her jumble of numbers and her giving wrong numbers were not part of the horrid routine. We had gotten from her bank a print out of her checks and debit card purchases, but I discovered some checks were not recorded or Wells Fargo does not record what checks go where.

    In going through her checkbook, I could see her mind was beginning to slip about last May. It honestly was about the time she decided to start being a royal ass, worse than usual. I do not know if it was part of her personality change or it was just the influences of evil people she decided to embrace, but after she pulled last December her "fake extended" sciatic nerve problem, hurting my back worse, she became a victim of her own worst traits.
    By August her recording of checks was off, sometimes double recording, and before her fall, it was in disorder. The fluid build up was taking a toll, and the last entries made sense, but they were mine as I started helping write checks out.

    My primary emotions about her are relief she is gone.

    Hi LC, Its Housewolf from the Tree of Liberty. I fully understand how hard it is to raise a dollar from the web, as funding the Tree of is a constant struggle. Everyone wants something for nothing. So I thought I'd share as I appreciate your effort. You see I'm a farmer too, raising American Beefalo Cattle in rural Kentucky, and not making a dang dollar doing it. But its as the Lord said, work with your hands, and so I do. There is a different kind of truth for those who understand the Word. So anyway I know its not a lot of cash, but it what I have to share. Best Wishes. Housewolf

    I remember beefalo. They were a fascinating creature, which was marketed as an economical alternative to beef cattle to utilize forage and create a more robust beef animal on the toughness of the buffalo.

    No one is making much of a dollar on beef anymore of any sort. The speculators drove up forage at 150 dollars a round bale. Bulls at 3000 a piece, bred cows running 1850, pasture rent like gold, and raising cattle is like mining gold in California in 1849, the gold is suckering the ranchers to buy the things to keep the cattle.
    Now that goddamn Tyson or whatever is refusing to buy fat cattle which the owners have not passed some damn test on giving vaccines. It is all horseshit with a bullshit topping.

    I keep begging God for just some more land, so we can raise a bit more hay and chicken feed, as this place is too short on space for the few things we have. The way things are going though on the stock market and coming wars, about all that looks like is going to be surviving are the white Indians raising the beefalo.
    One of my fantasies is to go shoot a buffalo on the res with a Rolling Block as it would be a bit cheaper than buying beef. A 2 year old would make good burgers.

    In my world though, I am more interested in the buffalo skin robe than the meat.

    That was our world today. The sky again looks dead from HAARP. We are watching Land of the Lost and I guess the donations are my gems to opening the time door way in getting out of this closed universe.

    Have to go fine tune the IRS stuff.

    Thank you and God bless.

    No Dopey, you are not a Dinouffalo.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In the study of history, when someone like historian John Keegan says something, I do pay attention as he is a reasonable person with great insights. It is though when he says some things without definitive proof and other proofs I have read which question the statements which give me pause.

    On page 289 in his history of World War II, in the Fate of the Jews section, he states that by 1943 all the Jews were dead in Europe, in 6 million of them at 40% of the world population.
    He further states that the last remnants of Hungarian Jews number 800,000, that 450,000 of them were shipped off too Auschwitz and gassed immediately.

    To preface this, Keegan notes on page 286 that no concentration camp as of the late 1930's were not extermination camps.
    Keegan then notes on page 288 that in April 1945, when the British came upon Belsen in the mass deaths there, that this was not from mass murder, but from epidemic due to underfed inmates.
    That point is absolutely correct in it was British and America bombing of railways which had cut off all supplies to the work camps, which were concentration camps, as named after the Spanish solution in Cuba in their concentration camps removing the undesireables from society so it would heal and return to civilized norms.

    The following is a scientific reality of the death of 6 million Jews from Zyklon gas, as this is the established number and in this we have a competing Wiki history and John Keegan, as Wiki states gas was used at specific locations, and those locations are not the ones named by John Keegan.

    Zyklon B was supplied to concentration camps at Mauthausen, Dachau, and Buchenwald by the distributor Heli, and to Auschwitz and Majdanek by Testa. Camps also occasionally bought Zyklon B directly from the manufacturers. Of the 729 tonnes of Zyklon B sold in Germany in 1942--44, 56 tonnes (about 8 percent of domestic sales) were sold to concentration camps.Auschwitz received 23.8 tonnes, of which 6 tonnes were used for fumigation. The remainder was used in the gas chambers or lost to spoilage (the product had a stated shelf life of only three months). Testa conducted fumigations for the Wehrmacht and supplied them with Zyklon B. They also offered courses to the SS in the safe handling and use of the material for fumigation purposes.

    I highlighted the reality of the matter of Zyklon in it was not used for gassing people, but use to kill human lice as the ghetto Jews were infested with them and spread typhus in epidemic proportions. If you notice the entire manufacture of Zyklon that only 8% was sent to the forced labor camps.
    Of that number 24 tons was sent to Auschwitz of the 56 tons to the work camps. It is noted that 6 tons was used for fumigation, and we discover that Zyklon only had a shelf life of 3 months. There are no records of expired product, but it is lumped into the use of Zyklon as a gassing agent, and what follows is the SS were taught to use it for fumigation, and not gassing people.
    The showers in the camps were delousing rooms, not murder chambers. They were not sealed to hold in gas which could have killed Germans gaurding the inmates, and one thing is a fact is Germans are efficient in they would not build rooms to gas people where the gas would escape or be coming out of nozzles in the ceiling as the gas would rise. In American executions of criminals using cyanide which Zyklon is a form of, the gas does not come down from the ceiling, but was in a can on the floor rising to the criminal to breathe in.

    I did find a reference that 1 teaspoon of Zyklon could kill 12 people.

    That is 500,000 teaspoons in perfect conditions to kill 6 million Jews. It will be mentioned here that the Red Cross statistics I have read which have now vanished from the internet, stated that numbers of Jews were double counted in a deported Jew from Belgium was counted again as a Jew in a work camp. That is where the huge numbers arose from. In addition numbers of these Jews were reported alive after the Allied liberation, just as numbers of Kosovo Muslims claimed to have been slaughtered by Serbs showed up alive.

    Keegan states that all the Jews were dead in Europe by the end of 1943 and only the half million Hungarian Jews, of George Soros Nazi collaborating Jewry were gassed at Auschwitz in 4 months in 1944. I will interject again here that Germany was in extreme short supply of fuels for the army and industry, meaning there was not enough fuel to incinerate the Jews. There really is a problem in what this blog has shown in the fuel it requires to cremate a human body, and at 6 million dead Jews, there were not enough crematoriums or fuel to do the job in the time allotted from 1942 to 1944.

    I have never said that Jews did not die. I simply have stated in actual numbers they did not die in the millions. They did in less proportions than many peoples. Germany after the war by allied extermination had over 11 million dead, and that is without the war dead. The point in this being that the listed Jews, numbers of them were also communist soldiers, and they had guns, and numbers were commissars that the eastern Europeans cheered when these Soviet criminals were shot or hung.

    It is all perspective.

    We know in modern discovery that the Jew Skin Lamp which has appeared in media and cinema, was an absolute propaganda lie by Jews in order to gain sympathy and retaliate against Germans. That is why I relish reading information from scholars like John Keegan whose own history does not match the leftist history of Wikipedia.
    Mr. Keegan states that for the last 18 months of the war, the Jews were not being killed in mass, as they were all already dead. It is a mystery as to where the Jews who were liberated from the work camps then appeared in the photos at these camps, which again puzzles the question of what did the Nazi's have all of these camps open for as the Jews were all dead?

    I will close this in the memoirs of Albert Speer, who actually pondered using Zyklon gas to assassinate Adolf Hitler. He rejected it as Zyklon required a heated explosion or heat to be effective. That is why Herr Speer did not choose Zyklon gas. We are told though that it was used to gas humans.

    With that we close with the revelation from Wiki that the first nation to use Zyklon gas from Germany was the United States, and they used it on Mexicans, not to gas them, but to delouse the vermin from them. In small doses it is an effective fumigant. In large doses, it appears to require a greater heating and distribution process which the concentration camps and showers did not have.

    Beginning in the 1920s, Zyklon B was used at U.S. Customs facilities along the Mexican border to disinfect the clothing of border crossers

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Few people know the extent of the Solomon nature of myself in like the Queen of Sheba appears offering national treasures to myself. Of course as this is a blog of God's Glory, the adoration must remain in the care of my loved ones.

    The Viking kindly offered me one of these beautiful prints which were his father's. The Baby Girl kindly photographed this series of prints for me in her full schedule of outstanding grades in school as she prepares for her Senior year, and then will be off to further education I am certain.

    I am always taken by the brooding passion of all things Norse. All they are in music, art and religion all is this emotional color of contrast, of hopes, always aware of the past failures. That is what is exceptional of the Viking in while my mother threw cold water on every ember of hope I ever had in her English tilling, the Vikings always have their sails unfurled and are going somewhere.

    That message is what life is. Of course the unknown is there. You can get ate by a sea serpent, killed by an aboriginal in America or be rejected in love, but the Viking, the Norse always tempted the fates. They knew that failure was in the odds, but they also had in their every breath the certainty that wonderful success was just as likely to be the future.

    There is always the bright colors of life in each day and the brooding shadows of death in each day. Any of us might begin a day in absolute disaster, but by afternoon our day will have the most wonderful surprise.

    I think of this as of late in I sat a box trap by our mail box this summer to trap raccoons, I had no idea that is the place I would set my dead mother after Thanksgiving. I had no idea a week ago when I sat an old bale on a hill just to get rid of it, that a baby calf would be born there to bring me absolute joy and delight.

    I am grateful to the Viking and the Baby Girl for sharing these works of art with me to enjoy, so that I may share them here with you, and so that I could contemplate the good in life, and be blessed by the kindness of friends who cared enough to care about us.

    I do not think for a moment that it is a wonderful life, but I do have wonderful people in it whose friendship is the extended family I have been so nurtured by. Not all appear here as some are not Vikings, but they are all dear and a blessing from God.

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  • Comrades my name is really Donald Trumpkov!!!

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The poor orphan girl, Lame Cherry is about to help Donald John Trump, the President of the United States, as the comrade needs it.

    The Lame Cherry is going to prove that Donald Trump is not a Russian agent, mole or fellow traveler, like Harry Hopkins who worked for Frank Roosevelt.

    Trump Confronts the Prospect of a
    'Nonstop Political War' for Survival

    New York Times, by Peter Baker Original Article
    WASHINGTON —So it has come to this: The president of the United States was asked over the weekend whether he is a Russian agent. And he refused to directly answer. The question, which came from a friendly interviewer, not one of the "fake media" journalists he disparages, was "the most insulting thing I've ever been asked," he declared. But it is a question that has hung over his presidency now for two years. If the now 23-day government shutdown standoff between Mr. Trump and Congress has seemed ugly, it may eventually seem tame by comparison with what is to come. The

    The poor orphan girl in need of rich people to donate first asks all of you geniuses like Sean Homo Hannity who have not promoted this defense of their Donald John Trump, aka President of the United States these facts:

    Is the President in charge of the United States armed forces?

    Dah or Yes if you are Russia and or an American spy.

    OK you already are bored, so I will get to the tovarich part of this in does the President have the nuclear codes to the American nuclear missiles to launch them?

    Does the President have access to every nuclear submarine positioned on the planet?

    Does the President have access to every NSA satellite and military and intelligence code?

    Does the President have the authority to order the United States military to stand down?

    Does the President have access to the United States Treasury "buy codes" for Wall Street to stabilize the stock markets?

    Now if you were the United States President and Vladimir Putin was your boss, and you had Robert Mueller trying to hang you by your balls as Nancy Pelosi used your cut off dong to hammer GUILTY as the gavel of your impeachment, would you not have already handed over all of the codes to Moscow to shut down the the NSA spy satellites, GPS weapons positioning and platforms, shut down the Aegis system, HAARP, missile defense, neutralized the entire United States nuclear arsenal, as you ordered the United States military to all stand down, as the Russians took out the US trident submarines, as you set off a market implosion as cover, so your boss Vladimir Putin would have been toasted by you in the White House, as his liberation force, joined the 40 million armed Trump voters to liberate America from the deep state.........would you not have already done this two years ago, because no one could have stopped you?

    Comrade Americanski, Ivanka smuggled out the nuclear codes
    in her bra, received by Comrade Putin's own hands!!!

    If Donald Trump was a Russian asset of any kind, every American family would have been given a million dollars from the stolen deep state trillions as Vladimir pocketed the other 50 trillion and Donald took his bonus of 3 trillion, and the street lights of America would have swinging from them all the bastards who use American law to criminalize Americans.

    As you can see this is what helping Donald Trump looks like. Not what Mike Pence does in plotting or those rather helpful Lindsey Graham types are always helping with while the Trump children are discovering they are not as German as they thought they were.

    Comrades, I have changed my name to Stalin Trumpkov
    and my brother will now be known as Putin Trumpkov!!!

    Frankly I would that Donald Trump was a Russian agent as for once Americans would have gotten something out of it, unlike those Jew Rosenbergs who gave the nukes away or just name most of the liberals and conservatives we have providing the talking points for who are the 5th column, as they live in luxury and Blacks in Chicago are bleeding and Whites in America are committing suicide........

    But alas, Donald Trump is just who he is, the menagerie man, the tweeter of the gilded cage. Alas if only Donald Trumpkov.

    Comrades, One Nation under Putin
    with Trump and Vodka for all!!!

    Nuff Said


  • Yeah I've seen this before, a Vulcan without the pointed ears.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    To all of those trolls who fell for the Wall Stunt in donating 20 million dollars to that publicity stunt and are getting refunds, how about sucking it up and donating it here to the Lame Cherry.

    GoFundMe to refund $20 million pledged for border wall ...

    Jan 12, 2019 · Border wall GoFundMe to refund $20 million — unless donors want to give to it again. By Michael Brice-Saddler. ... 911 call details woman giving birth in vegetative state . 3 .

    Here is what you will get for the money which is God's.

    I won't build a wall, but I will promote annexing south Texas of the Rio Grande as American territory, put the wall there, pay for it by selling rights to it as the Railroads did in founding the American west.

    I will promote the annexation of all lands south of Alaska west of the Red River to liberate Canadians from Ottawa.

    I will not stop the end times, but I will for donors attempt to write a time line so that you are not shitting blood when the nukes begin going off in the land of the passport gulag, as that is what America is.

    This is real MAGA and not what that New Yorker is prissing around with in not sealing the deal. If you had money to donate to that idiot scam promotion, then you sure has hell got money to donate her to your real profit, as the policies I am writing about will make your invest a million times over as there is real money in the expansion of America to her rightful lands.

    Anyway, get cracking on this as I doubt you want to be shitting blood and hoping the relatives who will get your money will bury you, instead of just dumping you into the ocean because you are radioactive and Beto will be harping about your polluting the ground water.

    See the big donations will allow me to recuperate, draw in energies, be pleasantly at peace, focus and by God's Grace become a greater focus for peace and good for Christians. Oh and I will throw in writing a time line so America is not at war with Russia in Europe, as that will save the nukes dropping from Russian submarines in retaliation as the European Seers foresaw.

    I think it is a good deal in not having a burned out asshole and blood shit in making a pre payment now to your future health.

    As a reminder, I did write the time line under severe stress and police state visitation for the election of Donald Trump. Just imagine what an orphan girl could do with God's Grace if she were relaxed and generating her real potential.

    I don't think I want to shit blood as my red dress won't even hide my period.

    Nuff Said


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