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  • Osa Johnson and her Griffin and Howe, Springfield rifle

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Osa Helen Johnson

    The Great Lion Adventure began for Osa Johnson upon leaving camp the first day in her car upon spying a great male lion 100 feet away which had just killed a zebra, which had stampeded a herd of thousands. The male lion was not the least bit pleased in being disturbed by the Johnsons had come to photograph lions, and as was always the case, Osa held the gun while Martin filmed.

    Vintage photographs reveal Martin and Osa Johnson's journey ...

    Martin and Osa Johnson travelled across East and Central Africa, the South Pacific Islands, and British North Borneo studying wildlife and documenting their trips between 1917 and 1936.

    The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum - Chanute, Kansas

    The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum tells the story of the romance of these film pioneers.

    The Africa where Osa lived and played

    The lion was soon off, and so were the Johnson's chasing it over roadless terrain at 40 miles per hour with Osa doing the driving. The lion was a bit perplexed what this new rhino was, but gamely kept ahead of the car until Osa found what filled Africa in a pig hole with her car.

    There was a great deal of bruised knees and a squeaking grinding sound which appeared that deemed a further investigation. Where upon the Johnson's got out, popped the hood and as Martin peered inside to discover the problem, Osa happened to tell Martin not to move, because 50 feet away, there were now two male lion heads peering at them through the grass.

    Osa the proficient fisherman

    Martin rather excitedly told his wife to get the gun. Her reply was that she already had it, and was carrying it on her knees thee entire time, and that she would watch the lions while he fixed the car.

    The car's wounds were a broken muffler, which after some wiring was now held in place as the not amused lions continued to look on.

    The duo deemed a retreat would be in their interest and got into the car and started to drive away, with one of the lion switching his tail and performing a charge just to remind the humans whose country this was.

    Osa with her husband, Martin, holding a Winchester 95

    The Johnson's on returning to there camp as they had been out looking for another camp with better lion activity reported the events to their African mechanic and that they would stay where they were. To which he replied, "This is simba country. There is no better place. It is all simba country".

    Osa in Indochina

    The time was 1928 in confiscated German East Africa, and Osa Johnson for a nice afternoon had chased a a lion with her car across the plains, wrecked her car, held off two lions with a rifle while her husband fixed the car, and then was escorted off the plains by a charging lion.
    This was Osa Johnson's first day on the plains of Africa.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In the examination of democratic Vice President Hubert Humphrey in the 1968 AD campaign with George Wallace of Alabama and Richard Nixon of California, there is a most interesting detail which was provided by his physician in Edgar Berman.
    Late in 1968, Hubert Humphrey had decided upon his chief advisors and in them are literally the fabric which until the Obama Marxism, the framework of economic and international policy of the United States. It was an amazing group of core thinkers who for the most part came from the administration of John Kennedy.

    The Four Horseman were:

    Clark Clifford, Henry Kissinger, Walter Heller, Sam Huntington

    Clark Clifford was a Christian Zionist who was born in Kansas, and was the architect of the election of Kansan Harry Truman to the presidency. It was Clifford who began the American Israel genital joining of US policy as it was at his urging, against Secretary of State Marshall that Truman recognized the State of Israel in 1948 AD in the year of our Lord.

    Clifford was both hawk and dove on Vietnam war policy and the reigning in of the Pentagon budget. He was a pragmatist and noted as the counselor of 4 sitting democratic presidents. Jimmy Carter once quipped that if he ever turned to Clark Clifford, you would know he was in trouble. Carter turned to Clifford and so did Bill Clinton.

    Professor Sam Huntington was a Harvard, mentor to Zbigniew Brzezinski and penned the phrase, CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS.

    He argued that in a post-Cold War world, violent conflict would come not from ideological friction between nation states, but from cultural and religious differences among the world's major civilizations.

    It was Huntington's visionary examinations of external and internal America which produced a global thought of all nations. He has proven correct in the reality that suppressed nationalism will not remained suppressed, as it is ethnicity and religion which drive the races and not political ideologies into confrontations.

    Henry Kissinger, is the infamous choice of Hubert Humphrey and this German Jewish immigrant of the intelligence community shaped US foreign policy for Republicans, which is why it is interesting that Hubert Humphrey had chosen Kissinger.

    Kissinger's resume for it's beginning is out of Rockefeller casting and was entirely deep state intelligence related in the assembly of human interactions on a global scale.

    From 1956 to 1958 he worked for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund as director of its Special Studies Project.] He was director of the Harvard Defense Studies Program between 1958 and 1971. He was also director of the Harvard International Seminar between 1951 and 1971. Outside of academia, he served as a consultant to several government agencies and think tanks, including the Operations Research Office, the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Department of State, and the RAND Corporation.

    While Humphrey was defeated by Nixon, Kissinger's star rose implementing the same policies for President Nixon which he would have implemented for Hubert Humphrey.
    Kissinger was a Rockefeller adviser and in 1968, he was to be part of the Humphrey presidency as the force which was Henry Kissinger was appreciated on the grand scale.

    Lastly is the German American, Walter Heller, who was a Keynseian economist, but he was the author of the Kennedy tax cuts and linked the dynamic of tax cuts, reducing the tax base, requiring higher marginal rates.

    he promoted cuts in the marginal federal income tax rates. This tax cut, which was passed by President Lyndon B. Johnson and Congress after Kennedy's death, was credited for boosting the U.S. economy.

    Heller was one of the first to emphasize that tax deductions and tax preferences narrowed the income tax base, thus requiring, for a given amount of revenue, higher marginal tax rates. The historic tax cut and its positive effect on the economy has often been cited as motivation for more recent tax cuts by Republicans.

    Later, when Johnson insisted on escalating the Vietnam War without raising taxes, setting the stage for an inflationary spiral, Heller resigned.

    In one of the disasters of American history, in the throws of the day John Kennedy was assassinated, Heller met with President Lyndon Johnson and unveiled the Great War On Poverty policy to get the American economy expanding.
    When Johnson later refused to raise taxes to fight the Vietnam War, Heller resigned, but the massive social spending in America which bled the economy dry with Pentagon spending, is what has crippled America ever since, as the Heller Dynamic is embraced by Republicans in tax cuts, but democrats scream for raising taxes on production.

    Heller's ghost actually guided the Nixon socialist policies on economics as he proved right on inflation was driven by war and government spending in the volumes which America was spending, and Nixon even attempted price controls. It was only through the guidance of economist Milton Friedman that the US economy attempted to be righted again under President Ronald Reagan.

    Many people have always lamented that Hubert Humphrey was never president, but in examining the minds he chose as his advisers in Clifford, Huntington, Kissinger and Heller, it is a conclusion that President Richard Nixon's administration was an extension of John Kennedy and in fact, Nixon implemented the same policies which Hubert Humphrey would have due to foreign and domestic policy.

    It is the same bizarre reality of President Donald Trump promising MAGA in 2016 in the year of our Lord to his voters and from Gary Cohn tax policy, John Kelly Visa Vermin policy, to Mike Pence foreign policy, with the Kushner's liberalism, Americans with Donald Trump have gotten the same presidency if Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush had been installed.

    The only problem is that Hubert Humphrey's policies in an impossible situation were an attempt by Richard Nixon to protect Americans, while the extension of Obama era policies by Donald Trump have shattered MAGA and inflicted upon America the worst type of hyper stagflation impoverishing Americans and replacing them with a foreign worker slave class.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I start this Christmas reformation project six months early for it to take hold upon Americans as Christmas is not at all what the Germans who bestowed that day on America ever intended.

    See Christmas was not about giving presents in dropping coins down chimneys into socks drying there, but Christmas was about not getting your ass whipped in German tradition. It worked marvelously well in Germany and all through America, and this was the tradition.

    See there was Good Christmas and Bad Christmas. No lists of naughty and nice and who got presents or not. See the good kids got KristKindl or Kris Kringle, Christ Kindl, and the bad kids got Belznikel.

    Now Belznikel was the answer to all societal problems as Belznikel would be spoken of throughout the year to brats in warning them what awaited them on Christmas Eve. Nothing was like Christmas Eve in the cold and dark, houses making sounds, cats on the roof, as little imps waited for hours for what they dreaded.

    What they dreaded was suddenly hearing something stomping toward them. Grabbed by their necks, shoved into a sack, carried into the darkness where a switch beat their asses for being evil the rest of the year. As the children knew they were being carried away to outer darkness forever, the message was pretty much sent, and by that time the hysterical child was dumped into the front yard in a pile of snow as Belznikel tramped off to beat some other child.
    It worked very well in villages as little children could hear the screams of other little brats and knew Belznikel was everywhere and there was no where to hide. That left them running for their lives back inside, if the door was not locked where they could beat on it until their little fists were red and all hope was lost, as they were let inside, and in trying to plead for help were walloped to get their asses back into bed, and not be running around outside like naughty children that Belznikel would take away forever.

    Christmas was an amazing day then as good children got apples and oranges and bad children sulked in a lesson that only took the name Belznikel would be coming back for them again next Christmas Eve if they did not shape up.

    America could do wonders with this in Donald Drumpf reinstating Christmas as it should be. Who would not enjoy some real television of Donald Trump dragging Ivanka out to the front yard as Belznikel in whipping her ass with a switch. It would bring great joy and good tidings to the entire nation in all of those sobs, save a bunch on Christmas bills and we all could look forward to a peaceful new year as liberals would almost be vanquished over night, as I am certain that an adult version of this could be instituted to serve the President in who would not want to see Nancy Pelosi get her ass whipped by Belznikel from the US Rangers. Granted Nancy might be into it and like it, but one does have to take chances in setting a nation right again.

    So now you know what Christmas was meant to be in terrifying bad children and rewarding good children with not getting their asses whipped, with no complaints of getting an orange instead of a smart phone.


  • Ok as Gramma said, "If you won't listen, you are going to feel".

    I received a very nice note from Bob today and wanted to respond without posting it, but for those who pray, I pray Bob has Christ's restorative powers flowing into him in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

    I do not want people to think I have abandoned them in not mentioning notes or replying. The Viking has a long overdue post for here as the care of his Mom is an effort of love, especially now that she thinks he is now his dad.
    Jeanniejo who helped begin the Tea Party experienced this in her father, a WW II hero, no longer recognized her, except as the nice lady who brought candy.
    As for what I have been experiencing, let it be said that yesterday someone plotted she did not want to go to town to wash clothes the cat soiled, so she came up her arms were numb, with her puffing as she does which she does for dramatic effect, and telling me of nausea. So I got some pop, which she gulped down, and then ate like a horse her breakfast, as TL and I went for town, to which we arrived home and she was "better".

    We are both pleased she is not "sick", but it is our dramatic dinner theater. It is simply something to deal with in some parents become more profound sweethearts in difficult situations and some make situations even more difficult.

    I have been negligent here as I am even more exhausted than usual. They are spraying for bugs here in crops and that makes my head feel like nails are being driven into my skull from the inside out. What the tiring part is, is the Spiritual Warfare. I pray a great deal, fall asleep, wake up to the Puntz needing to go potty and I pray some more.
    I am not going to reveal my methods which God has perfected, but here am I talented at this when I am so moved to Spiritually go after people.

    TL and I take a nightly drive to observe things on the Uncle's place. It is about 200 yards from the road in the house, but I can glean a great deal of knowledge by observation in just driving by. From his thinking he was going to die, then his insulting me when I did check on him, and then taking pain meds which he burned what was left of his joints out by mowing lawn and things, the new results are these for those who do not think prayer works in cutting the sinner off in the Name of the Lord.

    His vehicle sits in front of the house where it was in the garage. He has to use it to go check the mail. As of this week in the past few days, he is up later, meaning pain. I believe was sleeping in his chair due to the lights on there and the television set on glowing later than he is ever up, and the last venture was no lights on in the living room, but a light on in the bedroom........meaning he is now apparently spending his time in bed. Again that is super pain.
    Considering I had super pain which he could give a prayer about, this is a pleasant balancing of the scales.

    While I still do not have my name on the deed. I am not giving up. The Holy Ghost pointed out what Bob mentioned in the place will fall apart with the relatives and I will get it then, but I do not want to wait. I have a new Inspiration which I am about to unleash tonight as the night time is the right time. (That I will reveal in for the Christian the best time to run operations is when people are asleep in their beds. Their defenses are all down and the windows are open to their wills. I used to do some wonderful sneak ups on reading people in their sleep in who they really were without ever leaving my bed.)

    Anyway, as pain is not kicking him in the ass hard enough to get him to do what is right. It is time to add another dimension to this warfare, as it just might be God is expanding the Spirit in me to more advanced things than moving pennies up walls to moving mountains. No Christian can ever give up. If one examines this, by God I flattened someone who was healthy in a few hours, and in this exhaustive praying, his words are now burying him......but not under the sod as I need that signature on the deed and the elimination of the brood of vipers trying to eat my dreams and leave me for dead.

    Again anyway, I may not like doing these things, but God has to do this stuff millions of times over and it was done to me to get me to do the proper things God demands. I just figure the ability will grow in me and I will be doing this like yawning, as dropping mountains on sinners is easy due to the gravity involved.

    I should though close this, but thank you for your thinking of me in the good of you. I am tired from having this many dimensions opened and even more distractions poking at me.

    That means sleep which is a necessary option. Readers are a thing which list as much as Google allows as they keep resetting the numbers as having this blog ranked where it should would get more of the buzz traffic. As I don't do ads as a service to readers, that does mean a great deal as I do not generate revenue that way. That means donations which here am I still praying on.

    But as always, God bless the good and may God's blessing be for the brats to repent in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

    Gotta jet

  • Yes Bobby, I thought I would bring you both up to my bedroom
    so you could see my portrait with my naked shoulders....

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    When the deep state assassinated communist adulterer, Martin Luther King jr., it set off a set of events that if not for Edgar Berman who attended the funeral with Vice President Humphrey all of this information would have been lost to history.

    It was all quite disgusting really as the Vice President in a sorrowful mood as was the nation entered a circus of street vendors selling ice cream, street urchin blacks hanging from light poles, and the reality of the Secret Service which was protecting the Vice President had strewn on the floor of the Vice Presidential limousine, sub machine guns, tear gas and piles of medical supplies. To put it plainly the Secret Service was expecting the worst, in a riot and a murderous firefight and when they noted a Black Panther leader there, all their hands immediately went to unbutton their holsters, as the situation was that tense.

    Paul Wellstone Funeral - Election Rally - YouTube

    The funeral - memorial service for Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone turns into a Democrat political rally.

    It was not really a funeral, but it was not the catastrophe of insanity of the Senator Paul Wellstone funeral of Minnesota either, in which unhinged Wellstonites ranted on stage for Republicans and Independents to "repent' of their political sins and come to the dead messiah Wellstone to make the event a true resurrection of America.
    For King's funeral, the place was packed with politicians, and each one knew that since Hubert Humphrey had delivered civil rights to the Kennedy's in making it a national issue to gain power from, all of the political elite were there to get their pound of political flesh of the King corpse.

    In the two following photographs one can see the thoughts of Hubert Humphrey sitting in this circus as the true Humphrey is there genuinely consoling the widow of Dr. King.

    But in the next, one can see Humphrey with his arms crossed, within himself in knowing that at any moment he might be assassinated and a riot would break out slaughtering many in a political disaster, which he wanted not any part of, but was stuck doing as he was President Johnson's representative, in the Black community trusted Hubert Humphrey for all he had accomplished for them.

    What would be lost in this, as it has been deliberately covered up by the media, as we only see footage of Bobby Kennedy on the night of the assassination going before a black crowd, in grand theater, is the fact that as RFK was not yet assassinated, it was the Kennedy machine which was at work propping up the King corpse to tell blacks and liberals to vote for Bobby.
    As Edgar Berman reported with disgust, "The Kennedy people were all over the funeral attempting to run it their way.

    Yes Bobby Kennedy was using a funeral to try to keep Hubert Humphrey from the democratic nomination by stage managing a funeral for his political benefit.
    Frankly I find this photo released by Bobby Kennedy's campaign in using the widow of Martin King one of the most hilarious historical photos ever taken, as one can see the earnestness of Coretta Scott King in leanin forward, while Bobby Kennedy is all leg and arm wrapped up in not wanting to be near this negress, while RFK's wife looks on from her Hyannis Port seclusion in pondering she has never seen a Negroid out of their proper zoo setting of an apron while tit sucking some rich white baby.

    Now you see why the official campaign released black and white
    photo did not have the colour version with the portraits in back.

    Poor Ethel though, always the second rate chatel to the Irish man, in she gets the hard chair, while her lord gets the cushioned recliner, and both of them are thinking, "Yes let her talk and think we are listening as now with her husband dead, and Jack dead, we have a blood link I can ride to the White House".

    As Berman noted though with all of the orchestration, after they left the funeral, parts of the city were aflame as police and national guard were posted on every corner.

    Now you know a bit more about the real history and how distasteful it all was in what the sensibilities of a kid from Doland South Dakota, who was named Pinky, who became Vice President Hubert Humphrey survived with submachine guns on the floor of his limo and Kennedy milking a corpse for votes.

    Nuff Said



  • Die Vision der Neuen Ordnung ist die Kopfschmerzen des Alten Ordens

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Can there be any more perfect definition of the 22nd Century Leader than Sebastian Kurz in the motto of Austria and himself, than "Bergauf, √--sterreich!" Onward and Upward Austria?

    Sebastian Kurz is thee true Alpiner Mann, the Alpine Man. At home hiking in the rugged mountains in the affirmation of this strength and youth, where old women like Theresa May and Angela Merkel would die of stroke, and a faggot like Emanuel Macron would blister himself on the first rock, Sebastian Kurz is the true leader of Europe for the future.
    The age of the fossil leadership of Europe is to face the final solution of going the way of the dinosaur, while the vigor of new Kurz bred political leadership will move the European Super State out of the shadows of Russia and off the leash of America.

    "Bergauf, √--sterreich!"-Sommertour - YouTube

    "Bergauf, √--sterreich!"-Sommertour Sebastian Kurz. Loading ... Military honours for Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz - Duration: 9:51.

    The German motto of the last century was Strength through Joy, and what could be more joyous than the Saxon race in all of it's ethics bringing a prosperity to themselves and the world, whether it was the German settlements of the Volga and Crimea in Russia, the German pioneers of America, the German colonists of Africa, everywhere the German planted their spade and used their hoe, prosperity was brought to those nations and peoples.
    Being pleased though in who one is not enough though for Sebastian Kurz and the Pan Europa. It is onward to a better future, whether it touches the cyber world of things to come or the security of national borders protecting the native born sons and daughters of Europe, this is Bergauf, √--sterreich! This is MAGA of Donald Trump of America, but where Trump has let his voters down to the swamp of socialism, Kurz has liberated his peoples everywhere his gaze has touched. There will no be no European left behind in the greatness of the European Continent.

    Strength Through Joy - Wikipedia

    Kraft durch Freude (German for Strength through Joy, abbreviated KdF) was a large state-operated leisure organization in Nazi Germany.

    Sebastian Kurz is as at home with the leaders of the world as he is with the volk. Animals have a fondness for him and he for them. This is the true Renaissance Man who is capable of contemplate conversations on the arts of the world to understanding the arts of the agrarian people. This is a leader from the Danube settlers who took lands from the Muslims, endured world wars, and emerged with their son Sebastian on the other side of the 20th century to lead the world in the Kurz Model of the 22nd century.

    The old order is vanishing with the reality of a new and better progression of mankind having evolved. From the welfare stagnation of Europe which Americans funded to the sloven nature of the European race, has emerged this new man , this new ideal, this educated leader drawing from the strengths of the past and moulding them to the force of the future.

    This is Sebastian Kurz, the leader who quietly arose in the Trump tide and the leader who is accomplishing all of the rhetoric of Donald Trump, with the success of Making Europe Great Again.

    This is MEGA Kurz.

    Nuff Said



    Als eine andere Lame Cherry ausschließlich in Materie gegen Materie.

    Gibt es eine perfektere Definition des F√ľhrers des 22. Jahrhunderts als Sebastian Kurz im Motto von √--sterreich und sich selbst, als "Bergauf, √--sterreich!" Vorw√§rts und aufw√§rts √--sterreich?
    Sebastian Kurz ist der wahre Alpiner Mann, der Alpine Man. Zu Hause wandern in den zerkl√ľfteten Bergen in der Best√§tigung dieser Kraft und Jugend, wo alte Frauen wie Theresa May und Angela Merkel an einem Schlaganfall sterben w√ľrden und eine Schwuchtel wie Emanuel Macron sich auf dem ersten Felsen blasen w√ľrde, ist Sebastian Kurz der wahre Anf√ľhrer Europas f√ľr die Zukunft.Das Zeitalter der fossilen F√ľhrung Europas steht vor der endg√ľltigen L√∂sung, den Weg des Dinosauriers zu gehen, w√§hrend die Kraft der neuen politischen F√ľhrerschaft von Kurzz den europ√§ischen Superstaat aus dem Schatten Russlands und von der Leine Amerikas abziehen wird.


    "Bergauf, √--sterreich!" - Sommertour - YouTube
    "Bergauf, √--sterreich!" - Sommertour Sebastian Kurz. Wird geladen ... Milit√§rische Ehren f√ľr √--sterreichs Kanzler Sebastian Kurz - Dauer: 9:51.
    [Domain suchen]

    Das deutsche Motto des letzten Jahrhunderts war Kraft durch Freude, und was k√∂nnte freudiger sein als die s√§chsische Rasse in all ihrer Ethik, die Wohlstand f√ľr sie und die Welt bringt, ob es die deutschen Siedlungen der Wolga und der Krim in Russland waren, die deutschen Pioniere Amerikas, die deutschen Kolonisten Afrikas, √ľberall haben die Deutschen ihren Spaten gepflanzt und ihre Hacke benutzt, den Nationen und V√∂lkern wurde Wohlstand gebracht.Freut sich aber, in wem man f√ľr Sebastian Kurz und die Pan Europa nicht genug ist. Es geht weiter in eine bessere Zukunft, ob es die Cyber-Welt der Dinge ber√ľhrt oder die Sicherheit nationaler Grenzen, die die geb√ľrtigen S√∂hne und T√∂chter Europas sch√ľtzen, das ist Bergauf, √--sterreich! Das ist MAGA von Donald Trump aus Amerika, aber wo Trump seine W√§hler in den Sumpf des Sozialismus gelassen hat, hat Kurz seine V√∂lker √ľberall dort befreit, wo sein Blick ber√ľhrt hat. Es wird keinen Europ√§er geben, der in der Gr√∂√üe des europ√§ischen Kontinents zur√ľckbleibt.

    Stärke durch Freude - Wikipedia
    Kraft durch Freude war eine große staatlich betriebene Freizeitorganisation in Nazi-Deutschland.
    Sebastian Kurz ist mit den F√ľhrern der Welt ebenso zuhause wie mit dem Volk. Tiere haben eine Vorliebe f√ľr ihn und er f√ľr sie. Dies ist der wahre Renaissance-Mann, der in der Lage ist, Gespr√§che √ľber die K√ľnste der Welt zu betrachten, um die K√ľnste des Agrarvolkes zu verstehen. Dies ist ein Anf√ľhrer der Donausiedler, die Land von den Muslimen nahmen, Weltkriege ertrugen und mit ihrem Sohn Sebastian auf der anderen Seite des 20. Jahrhunderts auftauchten, um die Welt im Kurz-Modell des 22. Jahrhunderts zu f√ľhren.
    Die alte Ordnung verschwindet mit der Realit√§t eines neuen und besseren Fortschritts der Menschheit, der sich entwickelt hat. Von der Wohlfahrtsstagnation Europas, die die Amerikaner f√ľr die schlampige Natur der europ√§ischen Rasse finanzierten, ist dieser neue Mann, dieses neue Ideal, dieser gebildete F√ľhrer hervorgegangen, der aus den St√§rken der Vergangenheit sch√∂pft und sie zur Kraft der Zukunft formt.
    Das ist Sebastian Kurz, der F√ľhrer, der leise in der Trump-Flut aufstand und der Anf√ľhrer, der die ganze Rhetorik von Donald Trump vollbringt, mit dem Erfolg von "Making Europe Great Again".
    Das ist MEGA Kurz.

    Nuff sagte

  • I swear Uncle Joe that I have hot twin daughters.....

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    If you were an FBI criminal investigator or a CIA analyst, what would your conclusions be in examining John Brennan's actions and statements?

    See when someone in the deep state put my Facebook in limbo, sent Homeland out here on a wild goose chase and now it has evolved to a drone flying over the brier patch, and the continued monitoring of this blog's drafts, why is that not a broader effort to suppress my freedom of speech and punish a critic?

    See this blog is far more powerful than John Brennan's rants, because instead of ranting liberalism, this blog tells the Truth to the Trump base, who may not like being told what they already know, but they are listening.

    If you read Hubert Humphrey's memoirs, he had the same ludicrous opinion as John Brennan that Richard Nixon was a threat to America and Nixon scared the hell out of Humphrey, the way Trump scares Brennan.
    Why though is John Brennan afraid? Because Humphrey based his assessment on the intellectual genius he deluded himself with that only Humphrey's was correct. Brennan has the same delusions that somehow Donald Trump is going to bring down an America which does not exist.

    The Lame Cherry is going to take you back to the 2016 AD in the year of our Lord campaign. This blog informed you that there were spies inside the Trump campaign feeding all sorts of disinformation to Jeb Bush to Hillary Clinton, to the media. You remember the off the wall stories of Trump was in this as a publicity stunt to Trump was working with Putin.
    Now remember none of the Stormy Daniels or Omarosa stories appeared and they were in plain sight. It's almost as if who Trump was being backed by in the DIA was running a disinformation campaign of juicy details of what people wanted to hear in order to cover up the sordid details of Donald Trump's tongue and cock which is now leaking out.

    John Brennan was told things by foreign intelligence. He was told things by his CIA asset in the FBI in Peter Strzok. If you notice in this in what Brennan is telling the world, is that he is still being fed intelligence information from insiders and Brennan goes berserk every time they jerk his chain. Do not overlook the jerkin of the chain statement as Brennan trusts the people and they are feeding him information about Trump shutting people up and down. All of these McCabes an Strzoks are proof to Brennan in what he is being fed, and Brennan's "intelligence professionals" are a slip on his part in who is feeding him this information which triggers the rants.

    What do you think the odds are that Brennan's sources are all DIA assets inside various departments, as in all of this, even in the media, who are the only people who are getting fed any information, because they are all DIA assets.

    If one reads what Brennan posts in context, this mind is so off balance that he is obsessed with a Mahdi complex where Trump can not match up to Brennan's pure morality, of the celibate husband and wife of 34 years with two immaculately inception children.

    Brennan's work partner, his wife Kathy

    Brennan protests too much with his gay flag waving debauchery against Trump, as part of what is driving Brennan over the edge is Donald Trump nailing all these women. The very forensic psychological evaluation of John Brennan in the CIA files in all of his weaknesses and how to trigger them, have starred Donald Trump in fact or fiction.
    Ask yourself in how long before Wikileaks appeared, Edward Snowden appeared, how possible is it, that those who have been running this counter coup, actually fed Birther Hussein Obama the information to put their patsies into the exact positions to protect Hamrod Clinton and trigger to go after Donald John Trump by design, including that interesting Rothschild group in London who actually thought it was all their own idea.

    From this moment on, John Brennan says anything on his smart phone, mentions something in an interview, or posts some rant, which hints of one aspect of new classified information, Brennan will be facing federal charges. It has come to the point that the raging pit bull in the cage being fed raw meat, is now the pit bull cornered for a reason in order to progress this to the next step to manipulate Brennan again.

    Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in mater anti matter. If I had the money John Brennan has, I would be off enjoying it and not thinking I was the next Mahdi, as I particularly do not play puppet on the string to the DIA like some people.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    When I was young there was a great mystery of the buzzing sounds which filled the summer air as my dolt Gram said they were bats and most people never knew what the mystery was as we never could figure out what the thing was.

    I remember when a local news broadcast featured on a citizen had brought in, which ended the mystery, and odd thing was after that, I actually started finding cicadas and kept a collection of them in a jar.

    There are cicada the world over and each make a different sound. The American east coast has a myriad of them that hatch out in cycles. New Zealand, Japan and Texas have quite soft sounding cicada. The Greeks have a harsh sounding one, and in that the Northern United States has a variety that sounds like a chainsaw going off in your ear as they are very loud.

    In the metro with TL, the variety they had there reminded me of the sound effects on that Neanderthal planet where Spock was in command. The trees were filled with them and summer was a few weeks of these rather disquieting and quieting insects filling the days and nights with their sounds.
    I thought in listening to the millions of them, that if the brier patch had that many cicada, we would have went mad and deaf as our bugs are really loud.

    The thing is our cicada are not numerous. There used to be just a few, but as I never spray, I think we have a few dozen of them now. I listen to them while laying in bed as it heats up in the morning or for an afternoon nap. They always in this heat remind me of summer in a siren's song of seducing you into thinking that summer will last forever. It is a nice feeling to be deceived like that as that is what the cicada's song does to me, is it sort of holds me in that buzz as it does not get louder, does not change, it is just like a buzzer going off that lasts forever.
    They never sing at night, not like the metro cicada. Only during the hot hours.
    It used to be that it said 6 weeks to a cicada and then frost. Our first cicadas this year were July 5th, but last year it was June 20th which was very early. The thing is it has not frosted the first of September here since I was a child. I remember a September 3rd freeze one year, and sometimes it would be mid September, but we have had years now that it sometimes does not have a hard frost until mid October.

    The cicada are gone by then. It gets a little cool and they get cold fast in these days of hot sun and cold nights. It transforms into locust weather in they sit on the drive way looking like fossils from prehistoric times.

    I like the deception of the cicada in promises of a forever summer. For some reason the heat and everything going quiet just makes one believe that you can laze away the days and there will never be any consequences. It reminds of a hard winter, when the cattle come through it, and for the first time lay down in greening grass and soak in the heat. It is the first time the struggle for life has ended and everything can relax.

    I suppose when Christ returns it will be a cicada time in that peace will go on forever. I so want to have a time when I can believe in what the cicada sounds like, in a summer without an end and tomorrow will be just like today.

    It is strange to me that flies bother, mosquitoes annoy in their sounds, and there is nothing comforting in wasps or beetles, but have a cicada with a sound up close that hurts your ears, be off in the trees, with a window open on a hot day, and there is something comforting in their unending sounds. It is like the frogs in spring singing into the night.

    I am so ready for the promise of the cicada to be true.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In a most interesting review of a near 40 year old memoir from 1979, the physician and friend of Hubert Humphrey had a marvelous eyewitness position of history. This story is from Obama Kenya and involved Vice President Johnson, as a guest of President Jomo Kenyatta of Obamaland Kenya.

    They were all seated at the banquet and a black waiter dressed in their white jackets slipped behind the President and flooded him with African vegetable soup. Kenyatta was outraged and leapt up, grabbing his flyswatter as the flies were heavy in the air, and started beating the hell out of the black waiter as Kenyatta brushed off the soup form his own white Mao jacket.

    All the guests were horrified beyond disbelief and a tense state dinner continued.

    After all the entertainment had finished in flyswattering the darkies, Humphrey asked the press to not report it, as the incident would help no one. Ebony magazine though provided a detailed account of it to their black American readers, leaking the story out.

    This was Obama Kenya. This was not them white folks, but Obama's own kind doing what came natural to them. If not for Edgar Berman, having the honesty to report what it was like for Vice President Humphrey in the things he endured, this story would have passed away unknown, and we would be left to believe only the Obama turban head fiction which we all so enjoy.

    This is a short story, but it is well worth noting again for it's historical value.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    There started a series of posts on democrat Hubert Humphrey, the Vice President of the United States, as witnessed by one of the best historians of record in his friend and advisor, Edgar Berman who honestly looked in most instances like Leonard Nimoy's scowling brother, Hock on Star Trek, if a character existed.

    Berman was a socialist, a real bleeding heart liberal, but in that definition do not allow that to colour you on modern liberals, as Berman basically detested everyone in the democratic party who was not Hubert Horatio Humphrey. I will agree on that point and I personally delight in a man who was as accomplished as he was in being a philanthropist in Africa with Dr. Schweitzer, to performing the first plastic esophagus replacement in a human, and the first real dog heart replacement. He was a pioneer and the reason most of you have never heard of him, is due to this conclusion by this brilliant man.

    Edgar F. Berman was an American surgeon and author. He is most remembered for his 1970 assertion that women were unable to hold leadership positions due to their "raging hormonal imbalances"

    As Berman said, the women all hated him, and the men all thought he was their leader. The point in Edgar Berman is he was correct about 90% of the PMS females on the planet and 100% of the women in the democratic party. With Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters prime examples of the condition which is wrong with women.

    This series of posts arises by chance as all things arise by God's design here, in the Viking is from Minnesota and months ago I spotted this book in the thrift store and picked it up, as I have a soft spot for Humphrey, as he is the reason liberalism embedded in the United States. It was not Teddy Kennedy who stole the credit and got all the blame. It was HHH whose decades of hard work, and it was work with the best of intentions, not to create an FDR monopoly party, or the base for the Trump sodomite socialists and Clinton Obama communists to rule by either party in the White House as Conservatives were exiled, but because Hubert Humphrey as Edgar Berman actually cared about people, and everything from Medicaid to Civil Rights to Nuclear Test Ban Treaties came out of the genius of Hubert Humphrey, and Dr. Berman who refused payment as part of Humphrey's White House staff had an eyewitness seat to all things Humphrey from the Senate, to the White House, to the Senate and to his final dying days.

    Humphrey loved Berman as a trusted friend and Breman loved Humphrey with his triumphs and faults. It is a rare honest liberal who will sit down on the death of their icon from cancer, and literally tell the world what assholes, asstards and assjackers everyone was in the democratic party from Lyndon Johnson, to Jimmy Carter, to George Meany, to George McGovern.

    Dr. Edgar Berman Is Dead at 68; Writer and Humphrey Confidant ...

    Dr. Edgar Berman, an author, newspaper columnist, surgeon and personal physician to former Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, died of a heart attack yesterday at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. He was 68 years old. In the Kennedy Administration, Dr. Berman was consultant to the White House Task Force ...

    What is most interesting in Edgar Berman who was the unemotional side, yet with deep emotions of Hubert Humphrey who was all emotion on the outside and kind hearted inside, is as much as it hurt Hubert Humphrey to lose to Richard Nixon in 1968, in many ways Edgar Berman was deeply hurt even more, because even with the 1976 withdrawal to Jimmy Carter where that Baptist pariah who could not beat any democrat and limped along to beat Gerald Ford, said that he wanted Humphrey in the race to beat him badly, it was the cancer which followed soon after that Berman having dreamed with Humphrey for the Oval Office had it all taken away, and the 1979 memoirs is his evening the score for his departed friend, as Hubert Humphrey would never have engaged in final balancing of the scores, but Berman in devotion did.

    It was an amazing relationship of two men of intelligence and drive who complimented each other. It was an insight of how badly Lyndon Johnson treated Hubert Humphrey in torturing him as Vice President as an "enemy" when LBJ had been forced to eat dirt by the Kennedy clan and lackies for his two years in serving John Kennedy.
    As Hubert Humphrey stated, "The Presidency magnifies the good and the bad in a person, and the best and the worst always comes out".
    LBJ always said that he could trust Jack Kennedy, but he never trusted any of the Kennedy's or their lackeys. That is one more thing that got HHH into trouble with Johnson on the campaign trail, in HHH was liked by the Kennedy people and HHH was always someone mending fences in being cordial as he hated conflict. To that Johnson fumed at Humphrey over being nice to Bobby Kennedy, "How can you be nice to that fascist!!!".

    As I have stated, Edgar Berman is the freshest historical breath out there since Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf. Where else will you ever read that Lyndon Johnson called Bobby Kennedy a fascist, because he was one and was one of the greatest demagogues and dark figures to ever rise in American politic.

    So in the hopefully yet to be written anecdotes involving Hubert Humphrey to educate you on the history of America and the reality that once upon a time there was a politician who actually told the Truth like Ronald Reagan and was engaged in trying to make things better for Americans, unlike what plagues America in the 21st century, you can remember one honest man, an accomplished physician from Maryland, who could have cared less that he was ostracized after the facts he stated about women and liberals, who would never measure up, because for him the heart of America ended with the death of Hubert Humphrey and what was left in the democratic party were the heartless and the amoral in the republican party. Berman was a true friend past the grave to Hubert Humphrey.

    There is one fact in this which you can quote the Lame Cherry on and this is it:

    Hubert Humphrey created the modern democratic party from the frankenstein monster of parts in the corpse of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, made Kennedy pretty, but this Florence Nightingale creation was turned into a sodomite whore by Bill and Hillary Clinton with Barack Hussein Obama, who were bankrupt of liberal ideals as they changed human rights to amoral immorality.

    - Lame Cherry

    Thank you Edgar Berman.

    When did being a woman become a special condition ...

    May 24, 2014 · When did being a woman become a special condition? Catherine Bennett. Is menstrual leave such a good idea? ... Edgar Berman, physician to Hubert Humphrey, ...

    You tell me Edgar Berman was not right about liberal women not being able to handle any power and then you tell me that the Trump West Wing is not ruled by raging hormonal imbalances.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The leadership and compassion which the European President, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz revealed in the devastation of the South Tyrol area, affected by storms, including financial aid, serves as a point that all peoples have the inherent right to go to the ballot box and decide their destiny as to which nation they belong.

    Heavy thunderstorms in the Arlberg area

    In the Oberland, heavy thunderstorms raged on early Wednesday evening. Particularly affected were the places Schnann and Pettneu am Arlberg. Creeks overflowed and turned into raging rivers.

    Due to the heavy rainfall and subsequent mudslides, especially the area of the Schnanner gorge was affected. After many Murenabgängen many houses are currently not available. The fire brigades are on Thursday since dawn again in use. With heavy equipment, scree, mud and

    The Americans have posted nothing but ridiculous double standards in they will blow up Serbia to steal land from Serbs for a Muslim Kosovo, without any ballots cast, but in Crimea where the Russian People voted to join Russia, as did the People of South Ossetia to join Russia as Mr. Putin swept in to protect them from George Soros forces, suddenly the Americans are all against people voting and will not respect vote outcomes.

    These are the same George W. Bush who demanded voters in the Philistine regions be allowed to vote. The problem is the Philistines all voted for terrorists, and suddenly again the Americans were not in favor of the ballot box.

    This is the issue of our times, as all 50 American colonies and territories voted to join the Union. Americans had that right and exercised it, but when some peoples decide to exercise those rights, suddenly it is a matter of American prejudice against free will.

    That is what is at stake in the South Tyrol. These are German People, as many areas in Europe benefited from German colonists who turned Muslim cesspools as Sebastian Kurz family did into the Danube garden and turned Russia into the bread basket of Europe. People, all people, have the right to self determination, and all people do not forfeit their rights just because Woodrow Wilson or Franklin Roosevelt with British and French, turn Germany into rubble, and then steal German lands with German peoples in them by turning them over to foreign rule.

    Prussia was an entire nation and people of Germans handed over to Poland. Sudetenland in the Slavic lands were stolen from Germans. The South Tyrol is another area of Austrian Germans who were hacked off of Austria and annexed to Italy. It does not make any difference if Adolf Hitler weighed South Tyrol in the balance and considered it was more important to liberate millions of Germans elsewhere than to waste his army on the few in South Tyrol, because these people deserve self determination away from Italian rule, and South Tyrolians deserve the Austrian passports which Chancellor Kurz is issuing for their protection and in his open internal borders of Europe, South Tyrolian Germans may travel to their Motherland and not be accosted by border checks or be known as Italians, for they are Germans.

    Make Austria Great Again ‚ÄĒ the rapid rise of Sebastian Kurz ...

    Sebastian Kurz took the Austrian election by storm by reshaping Austria's biggest party in his own image. ... Many in South Tyrol see Austria as the "motherland."

    The productive people of Catalonia in Spain deserve this same autonomy in a Federalized Kurz union of Europe were people will not be criminalized for desiring to be with their racial kind. This is something which must be progressed, and it includes the entire Balkans and all German areas across Europe. Autonomy is a right of self determination and all people have the right to vote for who they are known as and who they are included with.

    It is a wonder to have a Chancellor in Heir Kurz who stands up for the small groups of people in championing them and progressing their issues of liberty and self determination. While Adolf Hitler was forced by European powers to resort to armed force to rescue his German People, Sebastian Kurz has chosen the route of the ballot box and legislative action. It is a new era in Europe and the People of South Tyrol are the first generation of a new European Super State where small groups of people's rights are not being obliterated by major powers in a true Constitutional Federalized System.

    If only Americans had such a protector to free them from the police state, so they could exercise their liberties and protect themselves from foreign invasion, but alas in America, invasion has been legalized under Trump 45 as it was progressed under Obama 44.

    Nuff Said



  • I chose you Hubert as I knew you would never do to me
    what I did to JFK...

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The above might surprise you in you are looking at two of the Democrats who I am quite fond of in Lyndon Baines Johnson and Hubert Horatio Humphrey, the President and Vice President of the United States after the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

    I realize that LBJ probably was part of the conspiracy to get rid of Kennedy, and was certainly part of the cover up and HHH took part in the character assassination of Barry Goldwater and Conservatives, but as a whole both men, coming from different perspectives did something which no politician now will do, and that is actually try to help an American.

    This story though is not about helping Americans, but is about one of those stories which reveal what history really is.

    The story is as told by Humphrey in he was sitting in Jack Valenti's office in the West Wing, when Jack came in and the intercom came to life with LBJ yelling into it.

    Jack don't you ever come into my office again, without knocking.
    You don't know who I will be fucking in here. You knock!

    Humphrey about crawled under his desk as this son of Doland South Dakota, in prudish Scandinavian honesty and morality, reacted with embarrassment in saying, "What would the people of America think if they heard their president talking like that."

    This is what LBJ was fucking in the Oval Office in DKG aka Doris Kearns Goodwin.

    Proof that semen facials are not a beauty enhancer

    As you can see LBJ had zero standards when it came to who he relieved himself in, and by coincidence Barack Hussein Obama chose DKG as his convenient metaphor.

    I will never understand women who can fuck another man's wife and pose with them as the husband appears in public, and the same wife standing there in Lady Byrd Johnson who was an attractive woman, standing there with this whore, looking at her for what she is, something for her husband to relieve himself in as jacking off in your boxers stains them yellow and no wife likes scrubbing crusty yellow boxers in Chlorox.

    Stop smiling Doris as all you will ever be is a whore

    As you can see Doris got off on humiliating the First Lady and being the First Whore. She must have really thought she was hot and never looked in the mirror at her huge thighs, flat tits and looking like that Norman Rockwell boy in paintings.

    As I said I like the boy from the Texas pans in Lyndon Johnson in he helped Americans while in Congress and did his best inheriting that JFK quagmire in Vietnam with that fucked up Kennedy staff who should have all been canned on Day One.

    That though is the real history and I would that Donald Trump had a Vice President like Hubert Humphrey, because thee entire Trump Promises of 2016 AD would have been passed in the first year.
    You are looking at two men though in LBJ and HHH who loved being politicians, the inner working of the Congress to pass legislation, and really thrived on trying to make America a better place for Americans from the White House.

    Thank you for making me a widow Lyndon,
    now can you and the Jews do something about Bobby
    as he put the wood to me too....

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Most of you have no comprehension of Freedom and the Liberty which is being taken from you, in where it all originated. It was Christians who settled in America at Plymouth and Jamestown whose charters were mandates of the Reformation in all that Martin Luther liberated the world from popery and monkery in all their vices and immorality.

    There were four men though who began the road that Martin Luther would pave in the great freedom path out of the Vatican. These are the Inspired who brought Christ back to Christians and freed them from the Pope's dictatorship.

    The first in this group is Peter Walden. Walden was a moral and wealthy merchant in Lyons France in the 12th century. His journey into the Reformation began as he sat with friends one day at meal, discussing the debauchery of Catholicism. To Walden's surprise, one of his friends dropped dead at the table.
    This event so startled Walden that his pious man began studying Scripture with earnest and realized more and more of the decay of the Catholic religion and was moved to bring the Bible to the lost souls. With that he sold all he had in 1170 AD in the year of our Lord, and began traveling through France, teaching and preaching, and started distributing the Four Gospels which he had translated into French to all the French.
    Soon a movement of Waldensians spread through France who taught this decree:

    "In all questions pertaining to our salvation we dare not trust man nor book, but must believe the Holy Scriptures only. There is but one Mediator; the saints must not be worshiped; purgatory is a fable invented by men. There are two Sacraments, Baptism and the Lord's Supper."

    These French Christians were so admired, that King Lewis exclaimed of them, "These heretics are better than I and all of my people!"

    The Pope excommunicated Walden and Walden was forbidden to teach. He fled from place to place, as what followed was the murder of 1 million of Walden's followers by Rome. 7000 were slaughtered in one Church during one purge. In Spain a judge burned 10,000 of them at the stake and tortured in prison 97,000 of his followers.

    This is the Church of Rome in action and is seeking it's own military arm in Europe today to "rule the world again".

    Jon Wycliff was a doctor and professor at the University of Oxford. His sermons railed against monkery and their sloven nature. Monks were always begging and had perverted what was Christianity.
    The monks filed a complaint against Wycliff and he was removed from the University. For this action, Wycliff was even more afire in preaching against Rome. He stated that, "Rome was not a superior Church to any other Church, Peter had no preeminence over the other Apostles, and the Pope, as far as his power to forgive sins is concerned, is but the equal of every other pastor."
    Wycliff testified of the abuses and errors of popery.

    Brought to trial at Rome, Wycliff by the Holy Ghost made such an eloquent defense that he was released. Upon this, he translated the Bible into English and taught pious men to teach all people of the Gospel of Christ.

    Wycliff died in 1384 in Lutterworth where he was pastor. His writings had flooded Europe with the knowledge of Christianity, but even in death the Council of Constance ordered his doctrines condemned, and Wycliff's bones were dug up, burned and the ashes scattered in the river.

    John Huss who was born in 1369 in Hussineez, Bohemia, read Wycliff's writings and his voice rose against Rome too. Huss preached against indulgences, purgatory and the sinful lives of the priests of Rome.
    He too was excommunicated by the Pope, but continued to preach in Prague where he was protected by the city. Rome responded by closing all the Churches, the bells went silent and the dead were denied Christian burial.
    Baptisms and Marriages could only be performed in graveyards.

    Huss was summoned to appear for trial at Constance, and was promised safe passage by the Emperor, whereupon he was immediately thrown into a dungeon when he arrived. Not recanting Christianity, he was sentenced to die.
    Upon his head, he was given a paper crown with demons drawn on it, inflicting up on a sinner. He was led away to be executed by fire, chained to a post, with pitch soaked straw piled around him.
    He died singing, "Christ Thou Lamb of God have mercy upon me".

    Lastly, there was Jerome Savonarola of Italy. He studied the World of God in cloister and began to preach against the depravity of Rome.
    He railed, "The poison is heaped up at Rome to such an extent that it infects France, German and all the world. Things have come to such a pass that we must warn everyone against Rome. Rome has perverted the whole of Scriptures!"

    The Pope declared him anathematized, or cursed, and by the temporal court he was sentenced to death.
    On Ascension Day, May 23, 1498 AD in the year of our Lord, with a cheerful acceptance, he was hanged by the neck until dead.

    For those who continue to place their spiritual genitals to be joined to the phallic of Rome and those who by natural Christianity have the sense to recoil from the blasphemy of the Vatican to this day, the above Christians are the reason Europeans were freed, as were the Orthodox of the Greeks and Russia, it is why America became all she was by Christian success, now degenerate by Jesuit, Islam, Jewry and Witchcraft in now suffering the curses of the Law for abandoning the Gospel.

    It is not fashion to speak out about these realities of the past and the present, but the Reformation was brought by God to save His People from the Whore of Rome who saddles for power the regimes of the world.

    It was these Christian Martyrs who Martin Luther paved the road back to Christ upon, and the reality is as Christians are slaughtered and persecuted in the world today, that more martyrs are coming as Prophecy predicts.

    When your time comes, will it be because you stayed silent now in the whoredoms of Rome, Mecca, Wailing Wall and forest grove, or will you be silent yet then denying Christ to save your souls for the Lake of Fire as it awaits the whore and her followers.

    For true and righteous are His judgments: for He hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of His servants at her hand.

    Revelation 19:2

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    So reports are out that Sweden is burning not from global warming, but from Muslim terrorists they let into Sweden.

    resentment in Sweden has built over the influx of more than 600,000 immigrants over the past five years.

    Now Donald Trump has noted the problem in Sweden and even noted that Eisenhower deported 1.5 million criminals invading America.

    Trump: Eisenhower deported 1.5 million immigrants | PolitiFact

    ... Moved 1.5 million illegal immigrants out of this country, ... Trump said President Eisenhower "moved 1.5 million illegal immigrants out of this ... Per Year. One ...

    But the reality check is what President Donald Trump says is not what Donald Trump is engaged in, as President Donadl Trump is bringing in 1.5 million Visa Vermin a year, is promising more slave labor and 1.8 million citizen dump foreigners.

    Poll: Voters Show Massive Support for Trump Immigration ...

    ... or is it better for the government to continue to automatically bring in new immigrants each year ... 1.5 million a year, ... Year High; Donald Trump: ...

    Trump plan offers citizenship path to 1.8 million immigrants

    WASHINGTON ‚ÄĒ President Donald Trump is proposing a plan that provides a path to citizenship for 1.8 million ... Trump's plan would only allow immigrants ... per ...

    OK it probably is time to review this data in Sweden brought in six hundred thousand vermin over FIVE YEARS, and Donald John just brought in 3 million more in his two years as President, made them all legal, is adding 1.8 million more and is promising more of them.

    Sweden is burning with 8 times LESS vermin than America has brought Trump's two years.

    With that reality, the Lame Cherry now returns your deadbeat non donor asses to what the future holds for each of you.

    Oh one more thing.........John Kelly legalized all these criminals for America for Mr. President, but it is Omaroso who is out of the White House and Mr. President is calling Omaroso the wacko in this alternative universe.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    As this blog has proven I have an inherent genetic weakness in whether it is Lawrence Sinclair being politically terrorized by Joe Biden for Obama and now Omarosa having the entire world ganging up on her after the political rape of John Kelly unleashed on her, I am moved as John Adams was in defense of innocent British troops on trial in America, that everyone deserves to be protected against being lynched.

    Here is the point on the Trump hand.

    Donald Trump is President.
    He is the most powerful person in the world.
    He has a billion dollars.
    He has nuclear weapons.
    He has the Secret Service.
    He has the IRS
    The has the US military
    He has the entire police state
    He has loads of political skinheads like his bikers to bully people

    Then there is Omarosa.

    She has nothing.

    How would you like what Donald Trump tweeted about Omarosa, tweeted about you, and carried by major publications so they all now think you are a wacko?

    Would you pleased with that or not?

    This is another very stupid Trump reaction, but it is a learning curve for those who do not praise the Donald even after he screws them over, to take the 15,000 dollars a month or face the Trump smear campaign.

    Again you have one woman now having the entire United States regime beating her ass like a slave behind the shanty. This is stupid Trump politics. If Trump were intelligent he would have said, "Yeah I used the word Nigger. Everyone has in weak moments and I regret it."

    As for Omarosa, John Kelly should have handled the situation with an understanding that people who feel misused appear later, amplifying things and when engaged in book deals, distortions occur. I hope her book is a success and it brings closure to her."

    As for this blog who has been mistreated in being left in the brier patch, I sympathize with millions of Americans still unemployed like Omarosa, who feel threatened by the deep state which John Kelly is a part of, and have seen their Freedom Caucus Conservatives hammered by the President and time and again witnessed his broken promises from Obamacare to bad relations with Russia.

    If this was an Edward Lansdale operation, I would be pleased as it would be Trump finding a way to sack John Kelly, but that is not the extent of this in Donald Trump is beating up a Black woman, a woman, a woman with fans and a woman who still has Americans who think chivalry is not dead and men should not be beating up on a woman who appears to be telling the Truth........because she has the recordings to prove she was smeared by John Kelly and the Trump White House

    Sarah Sanders is now stuck attacking another woman. The problem for Sarah Sanders is she is like Maddy Albright being sent out by Bill Clinton calling Monica Lewinsky a liar for not sucking presidential cock.

    Seriously, would you ever expect Ronald Reagan to beat up a woman? How about Richard Nixon? No one ever has gone after a civilian the way Donald Trump has, and this has entered the world of a presidential abuse of power.

    Omarosa on the details of John Kelly committing political rape against her, has been proven honest. That appears to be why the Trump Demolition Squad has gone after Omarosa as she has more honesty with proof. From the unnamed sources quoted, it sounds like the Trump appointees were all worried they had been caught saying things they should be fired for or a federal law enforcement investigation should be begun.

    There needs to be an FBI investigation into Omarosa, not for her trying to protect herself with a recorder, but for John Kelly threatening an American in the White House.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    BREAKING: FBI Finally Fired Peter Strzok MONTHS After Rabid, Trump-Hating Texts Revealed Plot to Stop Trump Presidency

    But not to worry as he is still receiving his CIA paychecks like John Brennan from the deep state with full security clearance and running the operation in overthrowing the United States.


  • The land predator won this time....

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    As it is about that time of year that ice is moving out, northern pike are on the prowl and Canada is gaining open water, it is a venture to discuss poor man's fishing in how to catch the members of that snake like pike family headed by the northern.

    The most proficient way is shore fishing, preferably at a small creek or stream flowing into a lake, as it is there the northern lurks like a vulture waiting to eat what has died and is laying at the bottom of the lake. This works wonders actually all through the year to pick up pike, but in spring it is a matter of purchasing some 6 to 10 inch smelt, hooking up a quick strike rig, casting it out and waiting for the northern to attack.

    There are variations in this rig, but it basically is hooking a front hook into the head of the smelt, and a back hook treble into the tail of the fish.

    I will not fish pike with the new wonder lines which are supposed to be steel tough, but instead prefer wire or cable leaders as pike teeth cut anything to shreds and that includes fishing line. I do not have time to tie there wonder trolling rigs or other nonsense as if I could afford a fishing license and gas, it would be to catch fish to eat and not have it saw off the line in being modern line clever.

    This is tail hook rig version of the quick strike, but the basis of this is always the same, in a pike picks up the dead smelt and carries it off. You should wait until the predator stops, as that is when it is positioning it to swallow it, and that is when you set the hook for your supper.

    Most people do not have to worry about the setting too soon as they have their rods with baits strung out in 2 to 4 rods, depending on the state and when you see the line going out, you run over to the rod, and the line has usually stopped going out, you pick up the rod, set the bail, take up the slack carefully and then set the hook hard and enjoy the pike fight.

    The set up below is more for a bobber fishing a suspended smelt, but there are rules in quick strike fishing. First is you ALWAYS leave the bail open or else a pike is going to swim away with your rod and reel.

    Second, I never used a bobber, but instead utilized a piece of Styrofoam about 1 by 2 inches, as that white shows up wonderfully well and it is cheap. It also slips line through when you are fighting the fish, and you do not have to dink around with a bobber.

    Third, you really need a net to land the fish and it helps in shore fishing to have those rubber knee boots so you tenner shoes are not soaking wet as it is always cold in this fishing

    To rig this, you should have a slip sinker away from this with a swivel to let line through and for further casting. This is the Lindy type rig out of Minnesota for fishing walleyes in the spring too. This is about as close as you can get to what the set up should look like and the presentation as the pike eats from the head to the tail.
    I prefer big hooks as pike are big and will bend small hooks. It is less hassle using a pliers to get a big hook out.
    Watch out for the pike teeth.

    This system will work on a number of fish from bullheads, catfish, walleye to northerns to carp. The baits just change to worms for bullheads, but sometimes you never quite know what you are reeling in.

    I used to read a number of old outdoor magazines my Beloved Uncle had, and the eastern sportsman always was in quest of the Muskellunge which is the big pike in this family. The pikes are all pretty from the leopard spotted ones in Europe to the spotted in America, or the silver green of the Muskies.
    I read constantly of a fisher hiring a musky guide, getting his bucktail spinner and wasting years for their first pike. I read in Outdoor Life when it was a good magazine about some dolt who was discovered fishing for muskie with a bobber the size of a tennis ball, a big live chub on a hook and the hick was catching them right along. Yes the experts were using bucktail spinners and not catching anything and the local dimwits were catching the fish using methods the purists frowned upon.

    Someday, when the big donations come in, I am going to take TL fishing for pike in the spring. We will set up on shore and probably bring things along as the fishing gets slow at times, but it is poor man's fishing in no boat, no motor and no expensive accoutrements, other than the necessity of beer and something to chew on to break up the monotony of it all.

    I just do not have the time now to enjoy anything as most days we eat lunch or dinner at 3 pm as that is how far I am running behind. Someday though I will be fishing again just like my Grandpa did in quest of Northern Pike

    Pike attacking a hooked Walleye


  • Sebastian Kurz: The Continental Leader

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    There is something historic which needs to be stated about Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of the emerging European Super State under his leadership. For it is from Dublin to Tallinn, from Stockholm to Nicosia, Sebastian Kurz governs a continent.

    No Caesar accomplished this. Charlemagne did not accomplish this. Adolf Hitler did not accomplish this. It has only been Sebastian Kurz who rose to the legal position of Chancellor of Austria and in a few short months rose to the legal position of leader of Europe, by ballot and not bullet, in no one in history has gained control over a continent for the good of the people, as rapidly and peacefully as Sebastian Kurz.

    Adolf Hitler never achieved half of what Chancellor Kurz has when Heir Hitler was Chancellor starting in 1933. Vladimir Putin of Russia never accomplished in months what Sebastian Kurz has. The dictator of China in Xi controls a population who if allowed to vote would reject him in one nation which is not all Asia. Sebastian Kurz governs Europe as a free people who elected him willingly.

    The same can not be stated of Donald Trump who spends times in twitter wars or trade wars, in a divided American people to be exploited as Canada pisses on America and Mexico shits on America. With Sebastian Kurz there is security without police state and prosperity without sanctions.

    Why the world has not noted this monumental achievement by a 32 year old man who literally has accomplished more than Alexander the Great in the vast territory he governs not by conquest, but ballot is a great mystery of the jealousies of the press and politic. Where the horde schemes, Sebastian Kurz has risen to rank by ability with a steady progression for the volk, always the volk in progressing for the people their national prosperity and security.

    This the Austrian German work ethic of the joy of work, provides strength to the individual, the family, the community, the nation and the continent. This is the flowering of the children of Gothe if they had been left to advance in peace and not be attacked in two world wars and slandered for their right of self defense to keep the Saxon cowed and subordinate to those peoples who have wasted their nation's resources on debauchery and indulgence. Austria weathered the socialist and communist storm and this son of Danube Pioneers has now risen as the 22nd century leader in the 21st century.

    In a few short months, Sebastian Kurz has eclipsed the combined world leadership combined. This is Pan Europa in it's Germanic essence in the melodic cadence of self assured leadership in the expression of Chancellor Kurz.

    Can it be said anywhere else that the people of Ireland, Greece, Estonia, Germany, Spain, France, Norway, Poland, Hungary, Czech, Romania, England, thee entire continent of Europe look to America or Donald Trump. Yet Europe looks to Austria in Sebastian Kurz.

    Sebastian Kurz has led the way and now the Kurz Model is electing Kurz leaders in Italy, Spain, Hungary, Greece, with others to follow in this model of progressing Europe off the addiction of Russian energy and American welfare, to become an independent super state, which enjoys it's own energy independence from North African colonial management and builds Europe to the greatness of her past, liberated from both Russia and America.

    This is truly the stuff of legend, the Camelot of Europe.

    Sebastian Kurz governs over 320 million Caucasians in peace. He is bigger than the United States and Russia. He is continental in scope. No other leader in history has governed a continent and rose to that position in a few short months in being elected as Chancellor of Austria.

    The leftist media impugns such greatness by terming it far right in fearmongering in American fake news press.

    New York Magazine

    Is secure borders, good jobs for citizens, people's protected. safe travel from Ireland, to Germany to Latvia to Italy, a far right thing to fear or a natural right which Americans embraced in electing Donald Trump in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, and Mr. Trump has failed to deliver.

    That is the reality of Sebastian Kurz, in he has not failed to deliver. His government is called the Turbo, as it keeps moving to monumental accomplishments which none other has brought to Europe by pen and ballot.

    Sebastian Kurz keeps his promises as others like Theresa May of England defy their voters on Brexit

    Soft Brexit?

    May bids to assuage Macron to save Brexit plan

    Theresa May is to dine with Emmanuel Macron at his holiday residence in Fort de Bregancon, southern France, later on Friday in a bid to soften his approach to Brexit.
    The British Prime Minister is meeting the French President as part of a wider strategy to build support for her embattled 'soft Brexit' Chequers plan.
    May has already met her German counterpart, Angela Merkel, and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on their home turf as part of her diplomatic drive.

    That is something that Chancellor Kurz would never betray Europeans with in defying their will for liberty, freedom and self governance. That is the trait of this true leader from Austria in he leads where the people are yearning, and does not like Macron, May, Merkel and now Donald Trump, stand in the way of the will of the People.

    Nuff Said


    Als eine andere Lame Cherry ausschließlich in Materie gegen Materie.

    Es gibt etwas Historisches, das √ľber Kanzler Sebastian Kurz vom aufstrebenden europ√§ischen Superstaat unter seiner F√ľhrung gesagt werden muss. Denn von Dublin nach Tallinn, von Stockholm nach Nikosia, regiert Sebastian Kurz einen Kontinent.

    Kein Caesar hat das geschafft. Karl der Gro√üe hat das nicht geschafft. Adolf Hitler hat das nicht geschafft. Es war erst Sebastian Kurz, der sich in die Rechtsstellung des √∂sterreichischen Bundeskanzlers erhob und in wenigen Monaten durch Stimmzettel und nicht durch die Kugel in die Rechtsstellung des F√ľhrers Europas aufstieg, in der niemand die Kontrolle √ľber einen Kontinent f√ľr sich gewonnen hat das Wohl der Menschen, so schnell und friedlich wie Sebastian Kurz.

    Adolf Hitler hat die H√§lfte von dem, was Bundeskanzler Kurz zu Beginn des Kanzlerantritts 1933 Kanzler Kurz war, nie erreicht. Wladimir Putin von Russland hat in Monaten nie erreicht, was Sebastian Kurz hat. Der Diktator Chinas in Xi kontrolliert eine Bev√∂lkerung, die, wenn sie w√§hlen sollte, ihn in einer Nation ablehnen w√ľrde, die nicht ganz Asien ist. Sebastian Kurz regiert Europa als freies Volk, das ihn willig w√§hlt.

    Dasselbe kann man nicht von Donald Trump behaupten, der sich mal in Zwitscherkriegen oder Handelskriegen aufhält, in einem gespaltenen amerikanischen Volk, das ausgenutzt wird, weil Kanada auf Amerika pisst und Mexiko auf Amerika scheisse. Mit Sebastian Kurz gibt es Sicherheit ohne Polizeistaat und ohne Sanktionen.

    Warum die Welt diese monumentale Leistung eines 32 Jahre alten Mannes nicht bemerkt hat, der w√∂rtlich mehr erreicht hat als Alexander der Gro√üe in dem riesigen Gebiet, das er nicht durch Eroberung regiert, aber Abstimmung ist ein gro√ües Geheimnis der Eifers√ľchte der Presse und der Politik. Wo die Hordenschemata sind, hat sich Sebastian Kurz nach F√§higkeiten mit einer stetigen Progression f√ľr das Volk erhoben, immer das Volk, das f√ľr die Menschen ihren nationalen Wohlstand und ihre Sicherheit vorantreibt.

    Diese √∂sterreichisch-deutsche Arbeitsethik der Arbeitsfreude gibt dem Einzelnen, der Familie, der Gemeinschaft, der Nation und dem Kontinent Kraft. Dies ist die Bl√ľte der Kinder von Gothe, wenn sie in Frieden gef√ľhrt und nicht in zwei Weltkriegen angegriffen und f√ľr ihr Recht auf Selbstverteidigung verleumdet wurden, um die Sachse einzusch√ľchtern und den V√∂lkern unterzuordnen, die die Ressourcen ihrer Nation verschwendet haben auf Ausschweifung und Nachsicht. √--sterreich hat den sozialistischen und kommunistischen Sturm √ľberstanden und dieser Sohn der Donaupioniere ist jetzt als F√ľhrer des 22. Jahrhunderts im 21. Jahrhundert aufgegangen.

    In wenigen Monaten hat Sebastian Kurz die kombinierte Weltspitze in den Schatten gestellt. Das ist Pan Europa in seiner germanischen Essenz in der melodischen Kadenz der selbstsicheren F√ľhrung im Ausdruck von Kanzler Kurz.

    Kann man anderswo sagen, dass die Menschen in Irland, Griechenland, Estland, Deutschland, Spanien, Frankreich, Norwegen, Polen, Ungarn, Tschechien, Rum√§nien, England, den ganzen Kontinent Europa nach Amerika oder Donald Trump schauen. Dennoch blickt Europa in Sebastian Kurz auf √--sterreich.

    Sebastian Kurz hat die Richtung angef√ľhrt und jetzt w√§hlt das Kurz-Modell die F√ľhrer von Kurz in Italien, Spanien, Ungarn, Griechenland und andere, um in diesem Modell des Fortschreitens Europas von der Sucht nach russischer Energie und amerikanischem Wohlstand zu einem unabh√§ngigen Superstaat zu gelangen , die ihre eigene Energieunabh√§ngigkeit von der nordafrikanischen Kolonialverwaltung genie√üt und Europa zur Gr√∂√üe ihrer Vergangenheit macht, befreit von Russland und Amerika.

    Das ist wirklich das Zeug zur Legende, das Camelot of Europe.

    Sebastian Kurz regiert √ľber 320 Millionen Kaukasier in Frieden. Er ist gr√∂√üer als die Vereinigten Staaten und Russland. Er ist kontinental im Umfang. Kein anderer F√ľhrer der Geschichte hat einen Kontinent regiert und ist in wenigen Monaten zu dieser Position aufgestiegen, als er zum √∂sterreichischen Kanzler gew√§hlt wurde.

    Die linksgerichteten Medien widersetzen sich dieser Größe, indem sie sie in der amerikanischen Fake-Presse als Furcht erregend bezeichnen.

    Die Rechtsextremen wollen n√§chstes Jahr die Kontrolle √ľber die Europ√§ische Union √ľbernehmenNew York Magazin

    Ist sichere Grenzen, gute Arbeitspl√§tze f√ľr die B√ľrger, Menschen gesch√ľtzt. eine sichere Reise von Irland nach Deutschland, von Lettland nach Italien, eine rechtsextreme Sache, die man f√ľrchten muss oder ein nat√ľrliches Recht, das die Amerikaner 2016 im Jahr unseres Herrn bei der Wahl von Donald Trump gew√§hlt haben, und Mr. Trump hat versagt.

    Das ist die Realität von Sebastian Kurz, in der er nicht versagt hat. Seine Regierung wird "Turbo" genannt, da sie sich immer mehr zu monumentalen Errungenschaften bewegt, die kein anderer durch Brief und Wahl nach Europa gebracht hat.

    Sebastian Kurz hält seine Versprechen, während andere wie Theresa May von England ihren Wählern beim Brexit trotzen

    Soft Brexit?

    May bietet an, Macron zu beruhigen, um den Brexit-Plan zu speichern

    Theresa May ist am Freitag mit Emmanuel Macron in seiner Ferienresidenz in Fort de Bregancon, S√ľdfrankreich, zu Abend, um seine Einstellung zum Brexit zu mildern.

    Der britische Premierminister trifft die franz√∂sische Pr√§sidentin als Teil einer umfassenderen Strategie, um Unterst√ľtzung f√ľr ihren hart umk√§mpften "weichen Brexit" -Checker-Plan aufzubauen.

    Der Mai hat bereits ihre deutsche Amtskollegin Angela Merkel und den √∂sterreichischen Bundeskanzler Sebastian Kurz im Rahmen ihrer diplomatischen Bem√ľhungen auf ihrem Heimatmarkt getroffen.

    Das w√ľrde Bundeskanzler Kurz den Europ√§ern niemals verraten, wenn sie ihrem Willen zur Freiheit, Freiheit und Selbstkontrolle trotzen. Das ist der Zug dieses wahren F√ľhrers aus √--sterreich, er f√ľhrt dort, wo die Menschen sich sehnen, und mag Macron, May, Merkel und jetzt Donald Trump nicht, steht dem Willen des Volkes im Weg.

    Nuff sagte

  • I told Aunt Jemima that I was putting my syrup on her pancake...

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    OK I will give TL credit for noticing this, and this is an exclusive of links, and you can read between the line to finger it out.

    So the lovely Omorosa has been beat like an uppity Nigger trying on Miss Scarlet's bloomers in the press.

    Now we find out that Omorosa was being smeared by the Trump White House and threatened by John Kelly, to the extent that Kelly said the White House staff were his employees and no one worked for Donald Trump.

    Omorosa releases purported secret recording
    of Chief Of Staff John Kelly ¬īthreatening¬ī her
    in the Situation Room

    Fox News, by Gregg Re Original Article
    Omarosa Manigault-Newman, the ex-reality star and former Trump aide who has since acccused the president of racism, on Sunday released what she claimed was a secret recording of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly "threatening" her in the White House Situation Room. (Snip) "The very idea a staff member would sneak a recording device into the White House Situation Room, shows a blatant disregard for our national security -- and then to brag about it on national television further proves the lack of character and integrity of this disgruntled former White House employee," White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

    So Donald Trump asks John Kelly to stay on past 2020 as head of the Trump White House, which beat Omorosa in the Situation Room like an uppity Nigger taking Massa in Miss Kitty's bed.

    The same John Kelly who deliberately created an enemy of Omorosa, and as we now know in Trump staff leaks, everyone knew that Omorosa had a tape of Donald Trump saying how much he loved them Niggers.

    Trump asks John Kelly to stay as chief of staff through 2020 ...

    President Trump has asked John Kelly to stay on as White House chief of staff through 2020, multiple sources told Fox News Tuesday.

    So Omorosa after John Kelly created a Trump nemesis who had a tape of Trump saying how much he loved Niggers and called them Niggers out of affection, got a book deal from Gallery books, owned by Simon and Schuster, a Jew outfit......which just happens to be owned by Trump hating Sumner Redstone of CBS.

    Simon & Schuster
    Simon & Schuster, Inc., a subsidiary of CBS Corporation, is an American publishing company founded in New York City in 1924 by Richard Simon and Max Schuster. As of 2016, Simon & Schuster publishes 2,000 titles annually under 35 different imprints.More at Wikipedia
    Parent company:CBS Corporation
    Founders:Richard Simon, Max Schuster

    Run by Les Moonves who hates Trump too, but just as soon as he got the Omorosa book deal, Les started having women coming forward who said he tried raping them by locking them in his office......almost as if the same intelligence group which has been running the Weinstein Operation did not like this CBS operation.

    Les Moonves........

    CBS must fire CEO Les Moonves - Business Insider

    Politics Military & Defense ... CBS CEO Les Moonves has been accused by multiple women of ... Business Insider Intelligence Exclusive On Artificial Intelligence.

    Then we have Gloria Steinem relating how the CIA runs all these media groups through Mockingbird.

    The CIA¬īs "Project Mockingbird" involved the direct infiltration of the corporate media, a process that often included direct takeover of major news outlets. "By the early 1950¬īs," writes Deborah Davis, in her book Katharine the Great : Katharine Graham and Her Washington Post Empire, the CIA owned respected members of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS and other communication vehicles, plus stringers, four to six hundred in all."

    OK so in review, we have John Kelly who is running Donald Trump for the DIA, which made Donald Trump, just created a Nigger Backwash deliberately against Donald Trump by infuriating Omorosa, who after looking for a book deal, and giving up a bribe of 15,000 a month to work for the Trump campaign, ended up with CBS which is notoriously money pumped by the CIA in order to brainwash those who watch it.

    Now in reading this, you should be able to figure out that the Trump WWE with Kayne and Kim was making plantation headway for the Trump mansion to elect him in now being neutralized by Trump saying how much he loves Niggers by calling them Niggers.

    And if you notice when Donald had his dirty biker bullies in, the press kept hounding Donald John about that Nigger tape, meaning like Trump's lawyer in Cohen, they have heard Trump in the pussy grab vocabulary again.

    Hence the White House is going scorched earth on Omorosa.

    White House explodes at Omarosa's 'lack of character and integrity' by threatening national security and smuggling her smartphone into secure Situation Room to record her own firing

    If you still need a translation in this, John Kelly knew about this Nigger tape by Trump, and Kelly was given DIA orders to activate Omorosa by literally politically raping her in the White House, so this woman would go outrage, and walk right into the CIA CBS bunker doing the lords and the priests work of defusing the red trend for 2018 to create a bigger Republican majority than they are supposed to win, because that would mean they would have to pass MAGA and start appointing Conservative judges in mass.

    In knowing this, you know Donald Trump if he was his own man should fire John Kelly, in fact request that the FBI open a criminal investigation against Kelly, but Trump keeps Kelly in power and more to the point, Trump is so weak that he can not remove John Kelly, the very operative of the DIA who created this scenario to keep the Obamastate in power and to allow more blackmail leverage on Donald Trump who seems to be now bending at the waist for John Kelly sufficiently.

    All the links and all obvious, so do not be diverted by the diversion and pay attention to the reality of what is taking place.

    Massa Kelly teaches them Nigs to know their Place

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I wanted to thank the three people who suggested what was the television series which had Nixon and Johnson in them. A clip was sent and this is the one I was talking about in Nixon and Brezhnev.

    Unfortunately Johnson was not in this movie, so now I don't know what the hell I was watching as what I was watching had both of these crazy scenes in them and it was upon network television, and I remembered thinking a young historian, how absolutely slapstick all this stuff was.

    So thank you sincerely for all your help. I don't know if I was watching some version which was really uncut or what, but nothing comes up on any search engines, including the guy I thought was playing Johnson in the fine actor, Chelcie Ross, an American Hero from Vietnam. Thank the Holy Ghost as I was grousing about him tonight in not knowing his name, and then it popped into my mind by the Holy Ghost that he was in the Last Boy Scout playing a crooked Senator.
    So God got that part right and I am going to be satisfied that I got half the story I was looking for. I had dismissed The Final Days because LBJ was not listed in this series.

    I know I am one of the few people with all the things Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon did that I like both of them as President. They were both self made men who were dirt poor and were maestros of human psychological manipulation. Both would have been just fine without the deep state working against them.

    This just in, TL actually found the other movie which appeared 2 years before in J. Edgar Hoover. Broderick Crawford played Hoover and Rip Torn played LBJ.

    You can see why I mixed up Rip Torn and Chelcie Ross. Still have no idea about the melding, unless I watched some later compilation someone spliced together.

    Thank all though kindly for solving this as I like knowing Lane Smith portrayed Nixon as he has always been a wonderful actor to watch.

    Nuff Said


  • See here Donald, it says in Bullshitter 27 verse 49,
    And the trump will be sounded......
    See Donald that is turn over American money and troops to us..

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Liberty Daily featured a post by Tuly Weisz who does not deserve the title of Teacher, as the "prophecies" which are stated in being fulfilled in the Bible in "Israel" today are not in the least what this person is propagandizing in order to sucker Christians to keep sucking the green Jewaid.

    This is what happens when you have people not Inspired by God's Holy Ghost twisting Scripture for their own political means like the Pharisees and Sadducees who put Jesus to death.


    Ok these are the four "prophecies" which Weisz is quoting:

    We start out first with his bogus statement:

    When President Donald Trump moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem many people of faith quickly recognized the biblical significance of such a move. Trump, like King Cyrus before him, fulfilled biblical prophecy, by recognizing that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish state and that the Jewish people deserve a righteous, free and sovereign Israel.

    No where in Scripture does it state that Jerusalem is the "ETERNAL" capital of the Jewish people and that Jews DESERVE a righteous, free and sovereign Israel.
    Prophecy states that instead that nations gather against Jerusalem in Christ's return, that a part of the city falls, and that Temple Mount splits open and a river pours from it to revive the Dead Sea. Nowhere is Jerusalem eternal. Scripture states in the New Testament that a New Jerusalem descends from Heaven and it is a cube around 200 miles.
    What is in Judea now is NOT going to be eternal ever!
    Furthermore, Scripture states that God's wrath will fall on Jewry again for denying Jesus the Christ, as the Two Witnesses are murdered in the streets of Israel and left to rot for three days as the world celebrates, before they are risen from the dead and called up to Heaven.

    The first Scripture noted is taken completely out of context, as it deals with God sending war upon the rebellious Jews and Israelites and if Ezekiel does not warn them, then their sins will fall on Him. For my children, they might recognize that part as part of my commission from God and why I was stuck telling you all what horses asses you are, much to my poverty and your not donating.

    This Scripture is out of context and has nothing to do about Jewry being dumped in Judea. It simply makes the rebellious more concentrated to be wiped out in Armageddon.

    It says in Ezekiel 34:13, "And I will bring them out from the peoples and gather them."
    This month, for the first time Israel has overtaken America to become the world's largest Jewish population center.

    Next up Ezra is quoted. The problem is Ezra is NOT a Prophet. Ezra is of the Scribe class like Nehemiah who returned under the Cyrus decree. Cyrus was not a Christian, so only a liar could twist Scripture and somehow link this verse from a history record in linking Jews and Christians together.
    It is particularily disgusting in this Jew can not even call CHRISTIANS by their Name, and instead dumps them in as inferior non Jews.

    Spiritual Partnership Between Jews and Christians
    The State of Israel, however, was not born through Jewish toil alone. Rather, as prophesied in Ezra 6:14 -- "And according to the decree of Koresh, and Daryavesh, and Artachshasta king of Paras" -- the State of Israel was birthed out of a spiritual partnership between Jews and non-Jews.

    Again this Jew misquotes the Prophet Isaiah, as chapter 49 is speaking to JACOB, that is not Jewry. Jacob is the 13 tribes of Israel and in this case the Lost 10 Tribes which do not include the House of Judah. 49 speaks of JESUS and the return of the Israelites, not Judahites to THEIR LANDS in what is Israel.
    This is an American, Australian and western European Prophecy, not a Jewish prophecy. Again if Jewry was not denying Christ and His Holy Spirit, the Jew would know what these verses are stating.

    We read in Isaiah 49:22, that the Lord will "beckon to the Nations, I will lift up my banner to the Peoples. They will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their hips." This prophecy is being fulfilled by the unprecedented number of non-Jews who visit, support and pray for Israel.

    The last "prophecy" misquotes the Prophet Zephaniah, in somehow this Jew says we all have to speak Hebrew for God to hear us.

    The Revitalization of the Hebrew Language
    The prophet Zephaniah describes how in the end of days all the nations of the world will have "purity of speech." "For then I will make the peoples pure of speech, so that they all invoke Hashem by name and serve Him with one accord" (Zephaniah 3:9). We understand from Zephaniah that all the nations of the world will study Hebrew to call out the name of God together in His holy language.

    The real verse is the King James translation is this:

    9 For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent.

    A pure language is VERURAH, it has nothing to do with Hebrew or any language. It is noting instead that people will speak to God respectfully, guarded, solomnly. It is the intent of the speaking from the heart to be completely humble before God.

    It is this kind of Judeo Christian nonsense which is deceiving far too many idiots and morons. For this Jew to twist Scripture as satan would is disgusting and repulsive, and yet again no one will call these liars out, except the popular girl who gets stuck with this job for now.

    This blog alone informed you that Donald Trump is no Cyrus. He is a Jehu, as was posted here of his coming long before he even announced, and this Jehu has all of the shortcomings of the original, who was made to bow before the Assyrians, and the Assyrians are on the rise again, having shook off American dominance in the modern Germanic Peoples of Europe.

    Again, only this blog has informed you of these realities and again, where are the big donations past due from all the wealthy people who have done nothing but let the poor few shoulder the burden here.

    Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


  • Not the Bully Pulpit, but the Bully with Hog Pimps

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    This is embarrassing the power of this blog, as the NSA peers into the drafts to see what is about to be published and moves drones away from spying on me, in I begin posting what an Ivory Tower Elephant Donald John is, pointing out what a difference there is in a real Nationalist like Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of Europe is among his people, and just like Donald in the Box, you have FOX blaring Trump meets with Supporters on the Sabbath and then BizPac is showing off Donald Trump with a bunch of grubby bikers.

    Volkmeister Sebastian Kurz - Elitist Donald Trump

    The Trump Course

    Please not to close skinhead as your plumes of sweat stink are peeling the paint

    Look I have nothing in common with weird ass old people who have to validate themselves looking asphalt tough as their days of bouncing off the pavement from a crash would not leave enough smudge to donate to the hospital organ transplant team.

    Yesterday I witnessed some of this trash in fat ugly women in nigger green t shirts riding around in sweat with a bunch of fat and disgusting males who I would never let in the house.

    I mean this hog heaven was sweaty wet to begin with, God hosed them down, Trump invited them into the golf course, so you can imagine what perfumed body odor smelled like with the aura of their main food group of taco and beer. Am surprise the EPA toxic warnings did not go off and HAZMAT did not appear to save the President by putting him on oxygen.

    It all comes down to the evidence in the Lame Cherry has valid political points, and when the Lame Cherry publishes, the President of the United States jumps like a Donald in the Box. You name anyone else who pulls Donald John's string and he jumps that high.

    All I want is for the President to keep his PROMISES and pay off what he owes to the American voters who trusted him. Not these fat stinkers who got 10,000 dollars to spend on a cock extension with a motor as Harley has shipped the bikes all overseas as Donald's economy sucks chit.
    Yes you never hear that in a story now from bikers do you as Trump Clappers.

    The story is though the effectiveness of this blog for you, you non donating deadbeats. This White House propaganda team had to let in more rich stinking fat people to try and prove that Donald Trump is like Sebastian Kurz.
    The difference is Sebastian Kurz's people do not have emotional issues of small peckers and need an engine sized vibrator between their nethers to get off.

    Who do you think is presenting the most wholesome and politically inviting reality. Sebastian Kurz with the future in smiling families or bully bikers?

    Nuff Said




  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I actually in another act of Faith for the day God moves some rich person to make the big donation as Paul says it is quite doable from the rich in taxation things, talked TL into splurging 40 dollars for a Minnesota apple, which I had ordered as a tot from Gurney's when it was still owned by South Dakotans.
    It was a two for one sale or you buy one and the other for a penny.

    My old man was tight with the money unless it was for himself. He would no more buy a rhubarb plant or an apple tree to plant, than a rich person would make a donation instead of robbing me. He would instead wait around for someone to give him things, which absolutely sucked so I am the one who used birthday money or work money to squander on plants that would die.
    I reside in the brier patch and things just die here as their destiny in life, unless you are very careful with them in the blast furnace summers.

    The lessons I purchased in plants taught me how to have things die and work out ways to have them live. The red apple I purchased was saddled by voles and died. I should have cut it off below the chewing, but I did not know and that was before the internet had information a click away. I wrapped it with plastic though and kept it going a year.

    The yellow appled was a Honeygold, and I was thrilled as it was a dwarf and it produced apples even after half of it died from scab or rust, or whatever is that black chit that kills apple trees, especially Spitzenbergs.
    The last crops was huge, and it broke the little tree off, so that was the end of the Honeygolds. To describe the Honeygold I had is easier to say that Evercrisp apples taste like eating deer sheet which has been feeding on pine needles all winter, compared to ambrosia.
    Honeygold are a cross with Haralson, but they make Honeycrisp taste sour, and somehow make Yellow Delicious more crisp, more sweet, and mild up the Haralson, for an almost spicy hint of the most pretty and wonderful apple on the planet.

    The plan in Faith is to grow this tree, and to obtain rootstock of the Geneva 11 or Malus line for semi dwarf and T bud the grafts on for my own use. Also when apple appear to save the seeds and sprout them to my content to see what God came up with.

    None of this though is an expose' on how shitty Evercrisp guilds are in monopolies in extoring money from growers or the wonders of the Honeycrisp. The story is of what you need to look out for in jackass nurseries.

    See I wanted semi dwarf and dude who runs the nursery tells me that his supplier sent KandyKane from Minnesota and it was just like Honeygold.
    No it is NOT or there would not be two varieties. KK is a different yellow apple and a late introduction in the Minnesota sifting through old varieties as their pattent ran out on brittle Honeycrisp which the public is going to be raising hell about in a few more years as their brittle trees break off and all their sour Honeyscrisp in the stores make them cringe like Red Delicious once did.
    So I sorted through and I found a standard Honeygold, which I think pissed the old dude off, but at 40 bucks I am not buying shit I do not want. Worse of this is the reason why I do not buy apple trees any more, as 40 bucks is out of my price range and why I sprout seeds.

    So I am looking at this really nice tree, and I notice the plastic planter he has it planted is, is tall but it seems not so big. I am not paying much attention to it, as I save planters and intend to put it into a larger one as this is for when the uber rich donate the big donation for all they stole from God here.
    Anyway, I let it dry a bit from the mud it was in the container to not disrupt the roots as it started to bud, and tonight with TL made the transfer, when I could get the tree out of the container.
    I nigger measure it with my hand and I think it was about a 10 inch across container and when I got the tree out as the dirt fell out, I saw he had packed the roots into a twisted ball to stuff it all into this shitty container.
    Yes a beautiful apple tree of deluxe quality and this horses ass is saving a few pennies by stuffing them into smaller containers, which is harmful to the tree.

    See if you buy a tree like this with the roots all wrapped around, and are not aware of it, then you put in your dirt ball and wonder why in the hell the tree has no vigor. It is like stuffing a tall kid into a small bed. He just ain't going to grow proper. This is something you have going to have to watch in your tree purchases as this horse shit is bullshit in nurseries saving on dirt, space and containers are jamming root systems into too small of container, grinning at you selling them to you, and you wonder what the hell the problem is.

    Somehow I helped kill one of TL's tropical plants so we had that large planter which the tree can grow into, even with it's now circled roots, but in that it has room to grow and room to be removed from the container.

    See most big shots will cut these containers and burn them as they are rich. Most normal people will try to unpot them as I did, and the problem is when you have a tree with leaves on, it is going into June, is hot, and you try and get the tree out, and it is stuck in the container it was jammed into.
    You end up ripping off roots, dislodging the all important hair roots and wonder why this nice tree suddenly droops and does not do a thing all summer as it tries to die.

    So PAY ATTENTION to the containers and make an issue of it. I fully intend to tell people about this, and by word of mouth this is going to bite this horses ass right in the ass as he gets testy and tries to explain that people do not know what they are talking about, but the Truth is, this cheap bastard is hurting nice trees and everyone should make sure the trees they purchase are in containers that you wonder why in hell you are lifting on them.
    It is it light, perhaps that purchase is not right.

    That is the million dollar Lame Cherry lesson for today. I see my two odd Red Delicous apples which were sprouted last year made it through the winter and are about to amaze me as they are planted on Mom's.
    I have three more Pink Lady's to put out too as I am not going to water them all year again in hoping for some big donation and having them die. Odd thing about Pink Lady is they seem to be very prone in the seeds in storage to sprout. This one had like 5 sprouted and 3 did not make it, but the two that did one is a forest giant and the other is getting along too. I will just see what they do with real winter as all I have invested in them is time.

    That about wraps it all up.

    .......and yes back in the day from the 1930's to the 1950's, Minnesota breeders did produce the best apple varieties on the planet. Honeycrisp is a step back and you will find in time that Evercrisp will have you cringing too as the apple breaks out of it's nursery stage of fancy apples to sell the product.
    Is why I have my seed supply and am working on Honeygold.

    Nuff Said


  • Yes I can see God makes beautiful creations......beautiful.......

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    There is now a reality that Donald Trump as President requires God and Christians who elected him in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord to return to the ballot box in the midterms and vote Donald Trump a firewall against his adversaries.

    This is a President who put zero Christians into positions of power in the White House, and I define the world REAL Christians who would have kept Mr. Trump's promises and never have leaked or caused a problem for the President.

    With Trump Impeachment at Stake, Will Evangelical Voters Show up for the Midterm Elections?

    The reason for Mr. Trump's need for Christians again, is he has not yet built his sodomite socialist rebuild of the Republican Party, or more to the point making the GOP into an Erick Erickson nutso fringe party, while he welds together millennial, blacks and sodomites into a coalition split off the old Hillary Clinton wing of the democratic party.

    I am reminded of Jesus drawing in the dirt the 10 Commandments when confronted about politics, and by them convicted those who brought a woman to be stoned. In examining those Commandments, the best Donald Trump does is break even. I did not vote for Donald Trump because I was seeking a replacement Jesus, but I did expect more from this man, than charges of adultery, being a sodomite promoter, a foul mouthed blow hard, someone who did not stop aborticide, but who seemed to have kept honoring his parents.

    The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:2-17 NKJV)

    1 "I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me.
    2 "You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My Commandments.
    3 "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.
    4 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.
    5 "Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.
    6 "You shall not murder.
    7 "You shall not commit adultery.
    8 "You shall not steal.
    9 "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
    10 "You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor's."

    Hello there beefcake butt...........

    As a Christian, Donald Trump has not earned the Christian vote, nor my vote in the midterms or in 2020 AD in the year of our Lord. If this Obama, Clinton or Kennedy, I would be retching at the keeping of the greatest abominations against Christ. There is zero difference in a Muslim promoter in Obama and a Jew promoter in Trump, as both deny Christ as thee only begotten Son of God.

    Donald Trump is more pro-LGBT than Barack Obama, gay ...

    Donald Trump is more pro-LGBT than Barack Obama, gay Republican group ... Court rules you can't fire someone for being gay, after Trump administration claims it ...

    Donald Trump's foul mouth is just a cover for his ignorance ...

    Donald Trump's foul mouth is just a cover for ... Trump has brought the language and sensibilities of cable TV to ... a publication of The Washington Post, ...

    Donald Trump has five months to earn the votes of Evangelicals as he has not earned their votes in the past 19 months of marginalizing the Faith. I am not interested in crumbs like using Jesus Name, which only appeared after this blog pointed out all of Trump's speeches read like Jews wrote them in trying to sucker Christians.
    Abroad Donald Trump enables the worst Christian persecuting nations from Saudi Arabia to China to the Jewish state. Christian human rights are never mentioned in all of these Trump relationships with Saud's, Xi or Netanyahu.

    As I type this, I return to old posts in I always tried to help people, all people in guidance here, but with Donald John, I simply can not think of one thing he could do to rebuild the trust. In reverse speech with David John Oates, the President basically said that Americans are dolts and he could ignore them as they do not pay attention.
    For me after the work engaged in to elect him as President, my returns have been people who will not donate, because they are upset I pointed out the facts what Trump policy would bring ruin with, and it has dawned on them that Donald John has screwed their dreams over and they want no part of this anymore.
    Couple that with Trumpflation as he allowed oil barons to jack up American oil prices which is robbing all of us across the board, and I am once again going backwards on all fronts.
    It is a point that I am supposed to trust Donald Trump for midterm votes when I am still held Obamacare hostage, and the blackmail is either I vote for these Trump socialists or Obamcare comes full bore back. I do not like extortion and having been around this game enough times, I know just as the President blamed the Freedom Caucus, I know Christians will be blamed for not showing up and blamed for showing up.

    Ask yourself what difference there would have been if Hillary Clinton had stolen this election. It would have been the same Gary Cohen tax policy. It would have been the same bad relations with Russia. It would be the same high gas prices. It would be the same Obamacare. It would be the same Gorsuch sodomite protecting invaders on the Supreme Court.
    The only thing which would have remained the same is the impeachment talk, but it would be the frauds on the right in Congress and media calling for Hamrod's conviction to sucker you for support again.

    I am the forgotten American by Bush, Clinton and Obama, but with Trump I have been brushed aside for being in the way. I am worse off under Donald Trump and that is the reality as he owns this past all the rhetoric of all these people working and all this prosperity, and never informs people it is not the 95 million not working Americans, but the Visa Vermin Trump is dumping into America for low paying jobs to make Wall Street profits bigger.

    Donald John Trump has 5 months to convince me to vote for him, but he has been nothing but all talk and WWE distractions intended to get the mob up and rallying around him and his sodomite socialists.
    At this point I got nothing while others got the 30 pieces of silver I worked for and I am not selling the Spirit in me for this President promoting queers and Jesus haters.

    Five months to convince Christians to vote for the President, in such a performance that we will forget that come 2020 in the new Trump party of the sodomites socialists, we will all be replaced as thee American Genocide continues.

    Forgotten and pushed aside..........


  • Sebastian Kurz, Volkmeister to all Europeans

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Do you know what Sebastian Kurz does when he goes on "vacation" in Croatia? He works to protect Europe from Trump tariffs.
    Do you know what Chancellor Sebastian Kurz does endlessly in Europe? The Chancellor is out among the volk, the common people hiking, and listening to their concerns to make their lives better.

    The Lame Cherry will produce this photo essay to make the point of how the leader of Europe treats his people, and then you can assess how the leader of America treats his folk.

    Here is the Chancellor meeting a constituent in order to help her in his office.

    Dogs love Chancellor Kurz.

    Children genuinely beam with joy in meeting Chancellor Kurz as the educational staff is thrilled to have him with them to address their concerns.

    This is Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in a sea of Austrians, completely safe, and the center of their adoration as he is a leader who cares about his volk, in being the Volkmeistser of Europe who they turn to and trust.

    Now for some photos of President Donald Trump on his vacation, behind locked gates, where only billionaires get to sit down in his multi millionaire resort and gain audience with him.

    This is Trump Gauche in the worst Maralargo let them eat cake.

    This is Donald Trump's table. No common working Americans are allowed. Their concerns are never heard, because they are never invited in, and the locked gates and armed guards by Donald Trump choice keep American from him.

    Here is another billionaires meeting that Donald Trump is serving food to and you are paying for. Wait for the punchline in what Donald Trump promised these elitists as that promise will genocide each American reading this as this is now Trump official policy, and for a hint, Obama was engaged in the very same thing and Donald Trump vowed to stop it.

    On Tuesday evening, he welcomed more than a dozen CEOs, their spouses and staffers for an animated dinner that included frank discussions of trade, immigration and other issues.

    Read the following quote and note the part in BOLD PRINT, as your concerns, needs and necessary wants did not even factor into what Donald Trump promised the nation rapists at his table.

    John Catsimatidis, a billionaire businessman and radio host who owns a New York City supermarket chain and attended the CEO dinner, described Trump as in a "great mood" as he promoted the economy and fielded questions, including several on immigration. The president told those in attendance that he was considering signing an executive order to make it easier for top-performing foreign students to stay in the U.S. as well as for companies to hire the foreign workers they need.

    "Whatever's needed in America, whether it's truck drivers or programmers, whatever's needed for American companies," Catsimatidis said Trump told him.

    Did you get that? Did you get that Donald Trump is now going to replace truck drivers, computer programmers who can not program, keeping foreigners in America and more to the point bringing in more low wage foreigners to replace American workers, as it is the Nazi Conglomeratists the Socialism Conglomerates who are being given priority and not the 95 million Americans still out of work, as US businesses are still collapsing, debt is rising and Trumpflation is strangling American' future.

    Now remember that sea of shining faces in the Austrian countryside surrounding Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, whose first actions allowed workers to increase their working from 30 hours a week so they could benefit from higher wages, his first action was to employ only Europeans, his first action was to stop foreign invasion, his first action was to shut off paying foreigners high Austrian welfare. This is what a leader working for his people from the bottom first and then the top looks like, and you can witness it in the beaming faces of his common people.

    Compare the above Volkmeister Sebastian Kurz to President Donald Trump among his people.

    It is still your right to Trump Clap all you desire in being deluded over Donald Trump factoring you into anything he does as a working American, sick American or retired American, because the reality is Donald Trump locks the doors to you and only invites in the very nation rapists enslaving you.
    By comparison, Sebastian Kurz, Chancellor of Austria is non stop among the people of Europe. He is moving to protect and prosper them first, and there is no making any mistake in this, because the people can touch him, thank you and speak with him face to face, as Sebastian Kurz is a man of the people.

    The day Donald Trump proves he is an advocate for Americans by meeting with them, listening to them and making it easier for Americans to obtain firearms easier, promote Christianity as the religion of America, get off of rationed death Obamacare, do not have to pay extortion prices on their own gasoline and can find a job where a foreigners nattering in majority in what should be American jobs, is the day this blog will gladly point that out. Until then, each of you look at what a real nationalist leader is, in the form of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz who is not phobic about meeting White working Citizens, as that is what Donald Trump promised each of us, and all he has done is meet with the slave masters while locking all of us out of MAGA.

    Sebastian Kurz is MEGA, Making Europe Great Again. Donald Trump is MASSA, Making America a Slave State Again.

    If you don't like the pictures, it is not my fault, as I am not the White House only serving the nation rapists.

    Nuff Said


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