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  • Jeff and Christian welcome their old friend Garnett Lee back to the show to celebrate the 300th episode of DLC. They discuss the "Netflix of video games", Xbox's strategy, Nee for Speed Heat's reveal, WoW Classic getting queue times, and more! The Playlist:
  • Horace looks back on the dawn of the Apple Card age, considers how its adoption may differ outside of the US and tells us about his new wallet.
  • Fat Bob is explored. The Personal Privates™ bonus content is available here for those who support our work.
  • John and Dan discuss John's idea of the true nature of humanity. The Secret Private Personal After Show can be found here.
  • This week we dive into controversy! Universal's amazing decision to postpone "The Hunt" - Walt's weird feeling about "Jojo Rabbit" and all the "Coming to America" love you can handle! PLUS - our take on the "Candyman" reboot, and a bunch of TV stuff for some reason. Co-host: Dan Richardson
  • DISCUSSED: Merlin has a little visitor today. Dan has some thoughts on conference scheduling. This leads to a broader discussion of the sensitivities we may or may not have to other peoples' limitations and constraints. It's nice to meet people. For some reason, religion, churches, and clergy are discussed. "This is what Peter did say!" Finally, the guys answer a listener question about working from home. Merlin poses a challenge.
  • Scott Hanselman is a programmer, teacher, speaker, technologist, podcaster, writer and a diversity advocate. He joined Britt to explain how Ruby on Rails on Windows can now be an excellent experience. Windows runs Linux at near-native speeds with an actual shipping Linux Kernel using WSL2, Ruby on Rails folks using Windows should do their work in WSL2.
  • Jeff and Christian welcome Parris Lilly from Gametag Radio to the show this week to discuss whether No Man's Sky is fully redeemed, the next step of the streaming platform wars, loot box odds notifications, and more! The Playlist: Mario Maker 2, Destiny 2, Witcher 3, Children of Morta, Wolfenstein Youngblood, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 VR Talk: Valve Index Parting Gifts!
  • This week we dive into some rumors about the future of Tarantino, what reboots are coming from the Disney+ app (and how much it's going to cost ya), and some really startling news about 'Event Horizon'! Plus Andy Serkis taking over 'Venom 2' and Ghostbusters stuff! This week I talk to Jonathan McMahon! Movie enthusiast. Star Wars guru. Legion M lover. Co-host: Dan Richardson
  • Sean Devine returns to the podcast to discuss a new feature he just shipped (Automatic Production Incident Detection) for XBE. Brittany and Sean discuss the technical implementation, why features should be built and automating your software to use the software you've already written.
  • Dan and Merlin explore the complexities of personal style. Not personal style as in fashion, but as in preferences, identity, and modes of interaction. How do we let others know how we are? How do we derive a sense of what works best for us, and why is it such a shameful struggle to effectively communicate that to others? What do AirPods, Snapchat, and Bloomberg Terminals potentially have in common? And, would it be cool if I just listen to this podcast instead of talking about my blouse and the weather?
  • Jeff and Christian welcome Adam Leonhardt from Mega Dads Blog to the show this week to discuss gun violence in the real world and in video games, E3 leaking info, Ninja leaving Twitch, Ghostbusters The Video Game getting a remaster, Call of Duty Multiplayer reveals, and more! The Playlist: Sea of Solitude, Wolfenstein Youngblood, Warframe, A Plague Tale: Innocence
  • Horace discusses AAPL earnings, a shift in perception and takes some wonderfully #CriticalQuestions.
  • Get a taste of what you're missing by not supporting Road Work. This is an episode of our bonus content that only our Patreon supporters have access to. We're sharing it with you here in the hopes that you will enjoy it enough to consider supporting our work. Enjoy!
  • John talks about App Applegate.
  • This week: Weird "Tom & Jerry" casting news... because that's a thing. Jason Momoa's new Netflix project, DC's 'New Gods', and 'It Chapter Two' Info. PLUS: Star Wars rumors, What Matt Damon is doing in the Jay and Silent Bob reboot, and what Emma Stone wants to do EVERY decade. Plus more! Co-host: Dan Richardson
  • DISCUSSED: the admirable candor of B.B. King; the simple joys of the Ordinary Night; movies that are or are not dated and how that affects your enjoyment; how sci-fi seemed to mostly miss the internet; our embarrassment of media options; tech in media and what it means for plot stuff; technology adoption curves are definitely speeding up; doing everything you can not to use your phone as a phone; more generational stuff; how time and context changes our perception; should they take all the smoking out of movies and tv?; remember: you're not making errors—you're adding information; and, finally, Dan has an exciting announcement and a wet notebook.
  • Jim and Dan talk about 5G, secret Siri recordings, Apple's acquisition of Intel's smartphone modem business, laptops new and old, Audio Hijack, UA Apollo and Arrow, and more.
  • Jeff and Christian welcome Luke Lohn from the Xbox Drive to the show this week to discuss Jedi the Fallen Order and Sekiro being similar, the Fortnite World Cup winners being young, and feedback about smoking in video games. The Playlist: Gears 5, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Wolfenstein Youngblood, Vectronom, Doom 3 Parting Gifts!
  • John just wants to see his daughter's artwork hanging on the fridge. Please find the special bonus content for this episode here. Only people who care enough to support the show will have access.
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